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eLearningCurve takes pride in presenting instructional material from some of the most sought-after names in the industry. If you have been to a big data conference or checked an information management bookshelf you will recognize many of these experts, corporate training gurus, and top consultants. With eLearningCurve you can benefit from their expertise without leaving your home or office.

If you are an instructor or expert in information management and would like to teach for eLearningCurve, please contact Arkady Maydanchik at

Sid Adelman

(Click to view Sid Adelman's courses) Sid Adelman is a principal in Sid Adelman & Associates, an organization specializing in assessing existing data warehouses, planning and implementing data warehouses and in establishing effective data architectures and data strategies. He consulted with... - More -

Angelo Bobak

(Click to view Angelo Bobak's courses) Angelo Bobak is a seasoned data architecture professional and published author with over 20 years’ experience in Business Intelligence, Data Architecture, Data Modeling, Master Data Management, and Data Quality. - More -

Mike Brackett

(Click to view Mike Brackett's courses) Mr. Brackett retired from the State of Washington in June, 1996, where he was the State's Data Resource Coordinator. He was responsible for developing a common data architecture for the State that spans multiple jurisdictions, such as state agencies, local jurisdictions, Indian tribes, public utilities, and Federal agencies, and includes multiple disciplines, such as water resource,... - More -

Barry Devlin

(Click to view Barry Devlin's courses) Dr. Barry Devlin is a founder of the data warehousing industry, defining its first architecture in 1985. A foremost authority on business intelligence (BI), big data and beyond, he is respected worldwide as a visionary and thought-leader in the evolving industry. - More -

Jake Dolezal

(Click to view Jake Dolezal's courses) Jake Dolezal has over 16 years experience in the Information Management field with expertise in business intelligence, analytics, data warehousing, statistics, data modeling and integration, data visualization, master data management, and data quality. - More -

Jonathan Geiger

(Click to view Jonathan Geiger's courses) Jonathan Geiger has over forty years of management and hands-on experience in information management, including data warehousing, customer relationship management, quality assurance, data governance, application development and support, productivity management, and training ... - More -

David Haertzen

(Click to view David Haertzen's courses) David Haertzen is chief instructor for First Place Learning (, is webmaster of, and has over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field. David has provided training and consulting services to many organizations including... - More -

Andy Hayler

(Click to view Andy Hayler's courses) Andy Hayler is one of the world's foremost experts on master data management. Andy started his career with Esso as a database administrator and, among other things invented a "decompiler" for ADF, enabling a dramatic improvement in support efforts in this area. He became the youngest ever IT manager for Esso Exploration before moving to Shell. As Technology Planning Manager of Shell UK... - More -

Steve Hoberman

(Click to view Steve Hoberman's courses) Steve Hoberman is a trainer, consultant, and writer in the field of data modeling. He balances the formality and precision of data modeling with the realities of building software systems with severe time, budget, and people constraints. Steve focuses on templates, tools, and guidelines to reap the benefits of data modeling... - More -

Cindi Howson

(Click to view Cindi Howson's Courses) Cindi Howson is the founder of BI Scorecard®, a resource for in-depth BI product reviews, based on exclusive hands-on testing. She has been advising clients on BI tool strategies and selections for more than 20 years... - More -

Kathy Hunter

(Click to view Kathy Hunter's courses)

Kathy always says she has data in her blood. She started her interest in data when she was studying for her Summa Cum Laude Mathematics degree. In those days it was about numbers and logic and finding the correct solutions to problems. Her working career brought new aspects to... - More -

Theresa Kushner

(Click to view Theresa Kushner's courses) Theresa Kushner is presently the Vice President of Enterprise Information Management for VMware, Palo Alto. She joined in October 2012 to help the fast growing software company develop a firm data foundation on which to build their future business. Before joining VMware she was the Director of Customer Intelligence within the Strategic Marketing organization of Cisco Systems in San Jose ... - More -

John Ladley

(Click to view John Ladley's courses) John Ladley is a Business Technology Thought Leader with 30 years experience in project management, improving IT organizations and successful implementation of information systems. John Ladley is a widely-known data warehouse pioneer and a recognized... - More -

Deanne Larson

(Click to view Deanne Larson's courses) Dr. Deanne Larson is an active practitioner and academic focusing on business intelligence and data warehousing with over 20 years of experience. Dr. Larson completed her doctorate in management in information technology leadership. Her doctoral dissertation research focused on a grounded theory qualitative study on establishing enterprise data strategy. - More -

Arkady Maydanchik

(Click to view Arkady Maydanchik's courses) For more than 20 years, Arkady Maydanchik has been a recognized leader and innovator in the fields of data quality and information integration. As a practitioner, author and educator he has been involved in some of the most challenging projects industry has seen. These projects were often the result of major corporate mergers and the need to consolidate and integrate databases of enormous variety...

William McKnight

(Click to view William McKnight's courses) William is president of McKnight Consulting Group, which includes service lines of Master Data Management, IT assessment, Data Warehousing, and Business Intelligence. He functions as Strategist, Lead Enterprise Information Architect, and Program Manager for sites worldwide. Many of his clients have gone public with their success stories ... - More -

Dorothy Miller

(Click to view Dorothy Miller's courses) Dorothy is a consultant, trainer and author in the field of Information Management. Over thirty years experience in business, finance and information technology have given her a unique perspective in the effective management of Business Intelligence. Dorothy has extensive experience as a... - More -

Mark Peco

(Click to view Mark Peco's courses) Mark Peco is an experienced consultant, educator, practitioner and manager in the fields of Business Intelligence and Process Improvement. He provides vision and.... - More -

Kevin Petrie

Kevin's passion is to decipher what technology means to practitioners. He has invested more than 20 years in technology, as a strategy analyst, instructor, product marketer and services leader. A frequent public speaker and accomplished writer, Kevin has nearly a decade of experience in data management and analytics... - More -

Bonnie Politano

(Click to view Bonnie Politano's courses) Bonnie Politano is an experienced information technology practitioner and executive. She has worked with some of the largest private and public sector customers in all aspect transformational systems. .... - More -

Tom Redman

(Click to view Tom Redman's courses) Dr. Thomas C. Redman (the Data Doc) is an innovator, advisor, and teacher. He was first to extend quality principles to data and information, in the late 80s. Since then he has crystallized a body of tools, techniques, roadmaps, and organizational insights that help organizations .... - More -

Rick Sherman

(Click to view Rick Sherman's courses) Despite the risk of sounding like an old geezer, Rick Sherman will admit that he's been doing data warehousing since before it was even called data warehousing. Before we get into his checkered past, here's what he's up to now.... - More -

Eric Siegel

(Click to view Eric Siegel's courses) Eric Siegel, Ph.D., is a seasoned consultant in data mining and analytics, an acclaimed industry instructor, and an award-winning teacher of graduate-level courses in these areas. He is the founding conference chair of Predictive Analytics World.... - More -

Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen has over 30 years of experience in working with Master Data Management and Data Quality. Henrik has been a speaker at a wide range of data management conferences and has also been engaged at the Danish School of Public Administration teaching Information Technology... - More -

K-Y Su

(Click to view K-Y Su's courses) K-Y Su is a freelance locational data analyst with analytical experience in a variety of sectors and subjects, primarily nonprofit, and an interest in providing location intelligence services for business. - More -

Maria C. Villar

(Click to view Maria Villar's courses) Maria C. Villar is a leader, consultant and writer in the field of enterprise information management, IT management and software development. She has held senior executive positions in both the technology and financial sector. As a leader in enterprise information management... - More -

Dave Wells

(Click to view Dave Wells' courses) Dave Wells is a consultant, teacher, and practitioner in the field of Information Management. He brings to every endeavor a unique and balanced perspective about the relationships of business and technology. This perspective - refined through a career of more than thirty-five years that encompassed both business and technical roles - helps to align business and... - More -

George Williams

(Click to view George Williams' courses) George Williams is a multi-disciplinary professional with nearly 30 years of experience as a Data Analyst, GIS Analyst, Geoscientist, and Project Manager. - More -