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Mike Brackett

Mr. Brackett retired from the State of Washington in June 1996, where he was the State's Data Resource Coordinator. He was responsible for developing a common data architecture for the State that spans multiple jurisdictions, such as state agencies, local jurisdictions, Indian tribes, public utilities, and Federal agencies, and includes multiple disciplines, such as water resource, growth management, and criminal justice. He is the founder of Data Resource Design and Remodeling and is a Consulting Data Architect specializing in developing integrated data resources.

Mr. Brackett has been in the data management field for over 40 years, during which time he developed many innovative concepts and techniques for designing applications and managing data resources. He is the originator of the common data architecture concept, the data resource framework, the data naming taxonomy and data naming vocabulary, the five-tier five-schema concept, the data rule concept, the business intelligence value chain, the data resource data concept, and the architecture-driven data model concept, and new techniques for understanding and integrating disparate data.

Mr. Brackett has written six books on the topic of application design, data design, and common data architectures. His books on Data Sharing: Using a Common Data Architecture and The Data Warehouse Challenge: Taming Data Chaos explain the concept and uses of a common data architecture for developing an integrated data resource. His latest book on Data Resource Quality: Turning Bad Habits into Good Practices explains how to stop the creation of disparate data. He is currently writing a book: Data Resource Integration to Resolve Data Disparity. He has written many articles and is a well-known author, speaker, and trainer on data resource management topics.

Mr. Brackett has a BS in Forestry (Forest Management) and an MS in Forestry (Botany) from the University of Washington, and an MS in Soils (Geology) from Washington State University. He is a charter member and an active member of the Seattle DAMA-PS Chapter; served as Vice President of Conferences for DAMA International; served as the President of DAMA International for 2000 through 2003; and served as Past President of DAMA International for 2004 and 2005. He is the founder and first President of the DAMA International Foundation, an organization dedicated to developing a formal data management profession, and is currently Past President of the DAMA International Foundation. He is currently the Editor – Production of the DAMA-DMBOK Guide.

Mr. Brackett received DAMA International’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006 for his work in data resource management, the second person in the history of DAMA International to receive that award. He taught Data Design and Modeling in the Data Resource Management Certificate Program at the University of Washington and has been a member of the adjunct faculty at Washington State University and The Evergreen State College. He is listed in Who's Who in the West, Who's Who in Education, and International Who's Who.

Mr. Brackett can be reached at

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