Data Literacy Additional Resources

We've gathered a collection of resources to augment your data literacy learning. The resources correspond with the various sections of Data Literacy Body of Knowledge.

Introduction to Data Literacy

The Data Literacy Imperative - Part I: Building a Data Literacy Program

The Data Literacy Imperative - Part II: The Data Literacy Body of Knowledge

The Data Literacy Imperative - Part III: Data Literacy Assessment

The Data Literacy Imperative - Part IV: Developing Data Literacy

Data Fundamentals

Difference Between Data And Information

The Difference Between Operational and Analytical Data Systems

6 Major Benefits of Open Data

What is Open Data?

Data Veracity: a New Key to Big Data

What is the difference between structured and unstructured data?

What’s The Difference Between Structured, Semi-Structured And Unstructured Data?

Qualitative and Quantitative Data

Discrete and Continuous Data

Database Fundamentals

A quick introduction to XML and JSON

Spreadsheet Basic

Excel Formulas and Functions Tutorial

How to Create Macros in Excel Tutorial

Pivot Table Excel Tutorial

Excel: Managing Workbooks and Worksheets

Understanding Relational Databases

Learn SQL in 1 Hour - SQL Basics for Beginners

What are Dimensions and Measures?

What is OLAP?

What is NoSQL?

What is a Graph Database?

Managing Data Knowledge

What is Metadata and Why is it as Important as the Data Itself

All You Need to Know About Metadata

Managing Metadata in the Self-Service Age

An Architectural View of Metadata Management

What is Metadata Management?

Introduction to Data Catalogs

What is a Data Catalog?

How to Succeed with a Data Catalog

Data Catalogs vs. Metadata Management: Key Differences?

The Business Case for an Enterprise Data Catalog

Choosing a Data Catalog

The Future of Data Cataloging

Data Governance

What is Data Governance?

What is Data Governance? How Does it Impact Businesses?

A Best Practices Guide for Data Retention Policies

Data Retention 101: Policies and Best Practices

Guidelines for Developing your Data Retention Policy

What Is Data Risk Management?

Making Data Risk a Top Priority

Data Valuation — What is Your Data Worth and How do You Value it?

Data Valuation: the Holy Grail

Data Security in the Time of Remote Workers

Data Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing

Database Auditing Capabilities for Compliance and Security

Data Security vs Data Privacy

Optimizing Privacy Management through Data Governance – Part I: Understanding Personal Data

Optimizing Privacy Management through Data Governance – Part II: Building Alignment

Optimizing Privacy Management through Data Governance - Part III: Maintaining Awareness

Optimizing Privacy Management through Data Governance – Part IV: Supporting with Technology

Optimizing Privacy Management through Data Governance – Part V: Measuring Success

GDPR Executive Summary: What You Need to Know

GDPR Reference Guide: All 99 Articles in 25 Minutes

A Data Quality Framework for Big Data

Data Quality: Critical For Building Trust

Jason Beard: Data Quality through Process Improvement

A Guide to Hybrid Integration Platforms: Five Must-Have Capabilities for Hybrid Integration

The Data Mesh: Re-Thinking Data Integration

Automating Metadata Management Through Data Catalogs

Expanding Role of Data Governance, Metadata Management, and Data Quality

Business Glossary and Metadata: Small Teams Data Governance

Modern Data Governance: Strategies for Data Policies that Stick

What Is Data Curation?

What Is a Data Catalog?

7 Principles Of Data Quality Management

Main Responsibilities Of A Data Steward

Data Ethics – The New Data Governance Challenge

Managing Ethics in Business Intelligence

The Tribal Knowledge Problem

Data Resource Consolidation

Data as a Resource: Properties, Implications, and Prescriptions

What is Data Consolidation?

Operational Data Architecture

Operational Data Hub – Responding to Data Friction and Technical Debt

Defining the ‘Disparate’ in Disparate Data

3 Ways Disparate Data Processes Could Cost You

Managing the Data Resource

Real Data Warehouse?

Data Warehousing is Still Alive

Data Warehouses: Dead or Alive? Maybe Just Reinvented

Data Warehousing in the 21st Century

Data Warehouse Design – Inmon versus Kimball

Data Lakes Are Cool, But You Still Need A Data Warehouse

What is a Data Lake?

Modernizing Data Management Architecture

Data Lake Architecture: Data Lake vs Data Warehouse in Modern Data Management

Data Lake vs. Warehouse vs. Mart: What's the Difference?

Data Lake VS Data Warehouse

Beginners Guide to Master Data Management (MDM)

What is Master Data Management?

What is Master Data Management (MDM)?

4 Common Master Data Management Implementation Styles

Why Modern Data Integration?

Data Integration 101: What It Means and Why It’s Important

Day in the life of a Data Engineer

Data Engineering Coming of Age

Jeff Magnusson: How To Create A Self-Service Data Platform For Data Scientists

Data Pipeline Design Patterns

Architecting and Automating Data Pipelines: A Guide to Efficient Data Engineering for BI and Data Science

Get Data Preparation Right or Prepare to Fail

Top 9 Data Sharing Challenges and Ways to Overcome Them

Collaboration and Crowdsourcing with Data Cataloging

Using the Data Resource

What is Business Intelligence?

3 Methods on How to Gather Your Business Intelligence Requirements

How To Create a KPI Dashboard in 10 Minutes!

Boost Business Growth With Data Analytics

The 4 Types of Data Analytics

Alan Jacobson: How to Deliver Business Value from Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics Whiteboard

What is Data Mining and Why is it Important?

The 7 steps of machine learning

Data Science In 5 Minutes

Nir Kaldero: Data Science for Executives: Leveraging Machine Intelligence to Drive Business ROI

Finding and Evaluating Data

Top 3 Objectives Before Starting an Analytics Project

The Analytics Value Chain: Framing Analytics with Decision Modeling

The Rise of the Data Marketplace: Data as a Service

Dynamic Data Marketplace: Fast Data for Fast Business

Evaluating Data Sources

Data Preparation

Get Data Preparation Right or Prepare to Fail

What is Data Preparation? / An Introduction to Data Prep

Data Science Methodology 101 - Data Preparation Concepts

15 Data Exploration techniques to go from Data to Insights

Data profiling in the age of big data

What Is Data Discovery?

Enhanced Data Fabric: Innovations in Data Discovery and Integration

How to Do Data Profiling in Excel?

Data transformation: A comprehensive guide to benefits, challenges, and tools

Data Pipeline Design Patterns

Data Sampling Methods

Understanding data deduplication — and why it’s critical for moving data to the cloud

Hidden Costs of Duplicate Data

What Is Data Blending, and Which Tools Make It Easier?

Top 21 Self-Service Data Preparation Software

Data Analysis Techniques

Make An Impact: Hidden Reasons Why Your Data Analysis Has No Value

Excel: Intro to PivotTables

Learn Pivot Tables in 6 Minutes

Descriptive Statistics in Excel

Descriptive Statistics vs Inferential Statistics

Time Series Forecasting in Minutes

Excel for Data Analysis

The Excel Quick Analysis Tool

Difference Between KPI Dashboards And Self-service Analytics Dashboards

Top 4 Data Analytics Tools

Data Visualization

See, Know, Act: How Visual Design Standards Improve Analytical Literacy

The Beauty of Data Visualization

The Data Visualization Catalogue

Descriptive Statistics and Data Visualization

Which is the best chart: Selecting Among 14 Types of Charts

The Other Side of Data Visualization

Reading Data Visualizations

Data Visualization Mistakes to Avoid

TOP 5 Excel Data Visualization Tips (Become a Data Visualization PRO)

Analysis to Action

Data Storytelling: It’s More than Visualization

Data Storytelling, Part I: Telling It Like It Is, And Was, And Will Be

Data Storytelling, Part II: In Medias Res

Data Storytelling, Part III: Knowing Your Subject and What Not to Say

Data Storytelling, Part IV: Know Your Audience

Data Storytelling, Part V: Of MICE and Management

What is the Value of Data?

Insight … So What?

How Data Ecosystems can transform your Business, Part 1: Use Data & Analytics to drive Innovation