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Kathy Hunter

Kathy always says she has data in her blood. She started her interest in data when she was studying for her Summa Cum Laude Mathematics degree. In those days it was about numbers and logic and finding the correct solutions to problems. Her working career brought new aspects to information – spreadsheets, mainframes, actuarial analyses and even a short spell using Fortran - something that will not be repeated!

She moved from the US to the UK in the late 80’s, having found romance on an early version of the internet (but that is another story!). Her love affair with data continued as well, and soon was responsible for the support of several relational databases. At the mobile telecoms company, One2One (now T-Mobile), she was Application Support Manager for their finance systems and their data warehouse, the unfortunately named ‘Pandora’. As was the case with most large databases in those days, all these systems had information quality problems that were costing the company vast amounts of money. She started looking for ways to overcome these issues and that is how she started her information quality journey, a voyage which continues to this day.

Twelve years ago she attended a training course in Information Quality Improvements and felt that she had finally found the way forward. Soon after, she instituted an Information Quality Division at One2One where, in their first three months of operation, she and her team managed to recover £10 million in lost annual earnings, thus providing a quick 800% return on investment against the team’s two year budget and that was only the beginning.

Since then she has been building expertise in information management. Joining Harte-Hanks in 2002, she built an information management practice and, with her highly skilled team, was responsible for instituting their highly successful Global Data Management solution set which provided data management capabilities to multi-national organizations who wanted to build international databases with data from as many as 238 countries.

From information quality and data governance through to providing global data solutions and guidance she attained a reputation for expert knowledge and successful delivery in global information management to her clients - some of the largest companies in the world.

A popular speaker at information quality and international marketing events around the world, Kathy is known for her pragmatic approach to topics, providing helpful hints and practical examples in order to solve tough problems.

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