Certification Programs

Take the inside track to success with one of our professional certification programs! An eLearningCurve certificate makes a clear statement that you have learned from the industry leaders and have demonstrated thorough understanding of specific information management disciplines by passing several challenging exams.

CIMP Certification

eLearningCurve offers a robust certification program, Certified Information Management Professional (CIMP), that builds upon education to certify knowledge and understanding of information management.

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CDS Certification

The mission of the Certified Data Steward (CDS) Program is to formalize the role of data stewardship and to drive recognition of Data Steward as a professional designation.

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DCAM Certification

DCAM® (the Data Management Capability Assessment Model) is the industry-standard, best practice framework designed to assist today’s information professional in developing and sustaining a comprehensive data management and analytics program.

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Data Literacy Certification

Mastering the many dimensions of data literacy is essential for every business professional who uses data on a daily basis and needs to turn data into valuable information. Become certified in data literacy to demonstrate your knowledge of data essentials.

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