eLearningCurve Certification Programs

Take the inside track to success with one of our professional certification programs! An eLearningCurve certificate makes a clear statement that you have learned from the industry leaders and have demonstrated thorough understanding of specific information management disciplines by passing several challenging exams.

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The Certified Information Management Professional (CIMP) credential is earned by those who qualify based on a combination of education and demonstrated knowledge in information management foundations or a specific information management discipline. CIMP is specifically designed for information management professionals and practitioners who are recognized for their knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge in one or more of several information management disciplines. CIMP certification shows employers, colleagues, and collaborators that you are committed to your profession, that you are well trained and that they can have confidence in your abilities and knowledge. Learn More

Data stewardship is a critical role in modern data management. In the digital age, we have experienced rapid growth in volume and types of data, users and uses of data, and regulations for data privacy and protection. Data stewards are the “feet on the ground” who align day-to-day data practices with the principles and policies for maximum data value with minimum risk. The mission of the Certified Data Steward (CDS) Program is to formalize the role of data stewardship and to drive recognition of Data Steward as a professional designation. Learn More

Data literacy has become an essential skill set for everyone who works in business today, and a must for every organization to remain competitive. eLearningCurve's Data Literacy certification (DLC) provides a solid foundation to understand the many dimensions of data ranging from data and databases to data management, data analysis, and data science. DLC helps you to gain the right level of knowledge across the entire data literacy body of knowledge and then provides a respected credential affirming your data knowledge and skills. Learn More

Whether your role is business or technical, management or functional staff—data analysis is a valuable and important skill set. You can be sure that the demand for data analysis skills will increase at a rapid pace through the coming years. Data Analysis Certified (DAC) is a professional designation that affirms your data analysis knowledge and skills. The DAC designation makes a clear statement that you have learned from leaders in the industry and that you have demonstrated depth of understanding and ability to apply the concepts and techniques in one or more of three data analysis subject areas: business analysis, data analytics, and advanced analytics. Learn More

In our information-dependent world, and with the exponential growth of the volume, types and uses of data, effective and strategic data management is critical for any organization. DCAM (the Data Management Capability Assessment Model) was developed as the cross-industry standard best practice for data management and analytics by EDM Council Members. Data professionals who are certified in DCAM are recognized as qualified experts in establishing, enabling and sustaining mature data management and analytics programs to ensure their firms’ successful use of one of their most valuable assets – their data. Learn More

The CDMC (Cloud Data Management Capabilities) Framework is the world’s first best practices, assessment and certification framework for effectively managing data in the cloud and accelerating adoption of cloud and hybrid cloud ecosystems. It encompasses business, operation, and technology best practices for cloud data management. It incorporates standards and best practices for cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud implementations, incorporating automated key controls for managing and protecting sensitive data. Learn More

Choosing a Program

Whether you are a business or technical professional, whether in a leadership, practitioner, or business functional role, there is an eLearningCurve certification program that is right for you. Use the diagrams below to get an overview of our programs, then look at recommendations by specific job role. This can be either your current role or a role that you aspire to. Certification is not only a great way to show your employer that you have expertise in your current role, but also to signal that you are willing and able to put in the work to take on a new role or position.


Once you have identified a program that looks like it meets your needs and that you are interested in, return to the top of this page and click through for more information. If you have any questions about certification or certification programs email us at support@elearningcurve.com.