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Data Literacy Certification Coming Soon!

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DLC Certification Packages

We've made it easy for you to get the education you need to master the many dimensions of data literacy. Each package below includes all the courses plus exams necessary to earn a data literacy certification, or a combined data literacy and stewardship certification. Please read the information below for more details.

Data Literacy Packages

Data Literacy Certification (DLC)
The Data Literacy Certification Package includes comprehensive course work plus challenging exams covering 12 key topics in data literacy, from the basics to more in-depth explorations for data managers and data analysts. Passing the exams demonstrates that you possess in-demand knowledge and skills in the area of data literacy.

CDS & DLC Package
The CDS & DLC Certification Package includes all of comprehensive coursework in the data literacy certification package, plus in-depth education in data stewardship, and several challenging exams. Passing the exams demonstrates that you possess business-critical knowledge and skills in the area of data literacy and data stewardship.

Each program was designed with a clear objective in mind, with a carefully curated set of data literacy topics. However, we recognize that everyone's needs are unique. If you are unsure if these programs are for you, simply e-mail and tell us what you are looking for, and we will help you select the appropriate courses or program for your needs.