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Data Literacy (DLC) Rulebook

How do I become DLC certified?

There are three levels of data literacy certification. DLC, DLC Expert, and DLC Mentor. To earn a DLC designation you must pass the Data Literacy Basics exam. DLC Expert requires the Data Literacy Basics exam, and either of Data Literacy for Data Managers or Data Literacy for Data Analysts exams. DLC Mentor requires passing all three exams.

How do I prepare for an exam?

Each DLC certification package includes a collection of modules corresponding to the topics of the DLC BOK. Studying these materials is sufficient to prepare for the exams. Additional resources are available for students who wish to learn more.

How do I pass an exam?

To successfully pass an exam you must achieve a 70% or better score. However, for DLC Mentors, the requirement is a 75% average across all three exams.

Do I have to review all the study materials before taking the exam?

You do not have to study all the materials if you are confident in your knowledge in some areas. However, our study materials cover all topics of the Data Literacy Body of Knowledge, so studying them in their entirety will guarantee that you are prepared for the exams.

Can I take an exam multiple times?

You can take each exam up to six times. However, each exam license that you purchase entitles you to three attempts. If you fail on all 3 attempts, you can purchase an additional exam license, and thus make up to three more attempts, by contacting We believe that attempting an exam more than 6 times is not productive.

Is DLC certification associated with a particular version of DLC?

DLC certification is associated with the current version of DLC (currently v1). Although we will regularly update the material between versions, a new version will be released when there has been a significant change to the subject. We will announce new releases by emailing students, on our website, and in our newsletter.

How long is my certification valid?

Your certification is tied to the version of the DLC exam that you successfully completed. When a new version is released it is your choice to get re-certified in the new version.

How do I get re-certified once a new version is released?

Students who wish to re-certify on the most current version of DLC must take and pass the exam for that version. To prepare for the exam students will have the opportunity to take an updated version of the DLC certification package at a significant discount.