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eLearningCurve takes pride in presenting instructional material from some of the most sought-after names in the industry. If you have been to a big data conference or checked an information management bookshelf you will recognize many of these experts, corporate training gurus, and top consultants. With eLearningCurve you can benefit from their expertise without leaving your home or office.

If you are an instructor or expert in information management and would like to teach for eLearningCurve, please contact Arkady Maydanchik at

Dean Allemang

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Dean Allemang has over 20 years of research and deployment of semantic solutions, including expert systems, knowledge management systems, rule-base systems. Dean specializes in Semantic Web consulting and training. He has been an invited keynote speaker at several Semantic Web conferences. - More -

Diana L. Ascher, PhD, MBA

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Diana Ascher works at the intersection of information practice and policy. She is the director of the IS Lab at UCLA and founder of the Information Ethics & Equity Institute, which bridges information studies research and praxis through accredited programming for data and information workers. - More -

Natasha Balac

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Natasha Balac received her master's and PhD in computer science from Vanderbilt University with an emphasis in machine learning from large data sets. She's currently directing the Interdisciplinary Center for Data Science (ICData) at Calit2/Qualcomm Institute, and lectures in the area of big data and data science. - More -

Angelo Bobak

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Angelo Bobak is a seasoned data architecture professional and published author with over 20 years experience in Business Intelligence, Data Architecture, Data Modeling, Master Data Management, and Data Quality. - More -

John Bottega

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John is a senior strategy and data management executive with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Over his career, John has served as Chief Data Officer in both the private and public sectors, serving as CDO for Citi and Bank of America, as well as for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. - More -

Mike Brackett

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Mr. Brackett retired from the State of Washington in June 1996, where he was the State's Data Resource Coordinator. He was responsible for developing a common data architecture for the State that spans multiple jurisdictions, such as state agencies, local jurisdictions, Indian tribes, public utilities, and Federal agencies, and includes multiple disciplines, such as water resource,... - More -

Jake Dolezal

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Jake Dolezal has over 16 years of experience in the Information Management field with expertise in business intelligence, analytics, data warehousing, statistics, data modeling and integration, data visualization, master data management, and data quality. - More -

Colin Gibson

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Colin Gibson is a senior executive and consultant with 30 years’ experience in financial services. He specialises in architecture, data governance and data management, most recently as head of data architecture for the investment banking divisions of RBS and HSBC and as head of enterprise architecture for Willis Towers Watson... - More -

David Haertzen

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David Haertzen is the chief instructor for First Place Learning (, is the webmaster of, and has over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field. David has provided training and consulting services to many organizations including... - More -

Steve Hoberman

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Steve Hoberman is a trainer, consultant, and writer in the field of data modeling. He balances the formality and precision of data modeling with the realities of building software systems with severe time, budget, and people constraints. Steve focuses on templates, tools, and guidelines to reap the benefits of data modeling... - More -

Kathy Hunter

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Kathy always says she has data in her blood. She started her interest in data when she was studying for her Summa Cum Laude Mathematics degree. In those days it was about numbers and logic and finding the correct solutions to problems. Her working career brought new aspects to... - More -

Theresa Kushner

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Theresa Kushner is presently the Vice President of Enterprise Information Management for VMware, Palo Alto. She joined in October 2012 to help the fast-growing software company develop a firm data foundation on which to build their future business. Before joining VMware she was the Director of Customer Intelligence within the Strategic Marketing organization of Cisco Systems in San Jose ... - More -

John Ladley

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John Ladley is a Business Technology Thought Leader with 30 years of experience in project management, improving IT organizations, and successful implementation of information systems. John Ladley is a widely-known data warehouse pioneer and a recognized... - More -

Deanne Larson

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Dr. Deanne Larson is an active practitioner and academic focusing on business intelligence and data warehousing with over 20 years of experience. Dr. Larson completed her doctorate in management in information technology leadership. Her doctoral dissertation research focused on a grounded theory qualitative study on establishing enterprise data strategy. - More -

Jennifer Leo

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With over 15 years of experience conducting research and evaluation in community-based settings, Jennifer brings insight into what it means to conduct research beyond academia. She received her PhD with expertise in research methods, exercise, physical activity, and sport for people with and without disabilities. - More -

Evan Levy

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Evan Levy is an acknowledged consultant and speaker in the areas of Enterprise Data Strategy, Data Management, and Systems Integration. Evan has spent his career leading both practitioners and executives in delivering a range of technology solutions, from software product development to industry-focused strategic consulting services to organizational leadership sessions. - More -

Arkady Maydanchik

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For more than 20 years, Arkady Maydanchik has been a recognized leader and innovator in the fields of data quality and information integration. As a practitioner, author and educator he has been involved in some of the most challenging projects industry has seen. These projects were often the result of major corporate mergers and the need to consolidate and integrate databases of enormous variety... - More -

Olga Maydanchik

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Olga Maydanchik is an experienced practitioner and educator in the field of Information Management. As a part of Chief Data Offices in Citi, AIG, Deutsche Bank, and Voya Financial Olga was focusing on designing and implementing the enterprise-wide Data Quality, Master Data Management, Metadata Management, and Analytics programs... - More -

William McKnight

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William is president of McKnight Consulting Group, which includes service lines of Master Data Management, IT assessment, Data Warehousing, and Business Intelligence. He functions as Strategist, Lead Enterprise Information Architect, and Program Manager for sites worldwide. Many of his clients have gone public with their success stories ... - More -

Mark McQueen

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Mark McQueen is the best practice and process management expert for the EDM Council. He joined the Council in 2016 and now leads the Best Practice Program to develop Data Management industry standard processes for executing the DCAM™ Capability Framework... - More -

Mark Peco

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Mark Peco is an experienced consultant, educator, practitioner and manager in the fields of Business Intelligence and Process Improvement. He provides vision and.... - More -

Kevin Petrie

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Kevin's passion is to decipher what technology means to practitioners. He has invested more than 20 years in technology, as a strategy analyst, instructor, product marketer and services leader. A frequent public speaker and accomplished writer, Kevin has nearly a decade of experience in data management and analytics... - More -

Tom Redman

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Dr. Thomas C. Redman (the Data Doc) is an innovator, advisor, and teacher. He was first to extend quality principles to data and information, in the late 80s. Since then he has crystallized a body of tools, techniques, roadmaps, and organizational insights that help organizations .... - More -

Asha Saxena

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Asha Saxena is a strategic, innovative leader with a proven track record of building successful tech businesses for the last 25 years. With a strong academic background, creative problem-solving skills, and an effective management style, she has been instrumental in building business models for success. - More -

James Serra

James Serra works at Microsoft as a big data and data warehousing solution architect where he has been for most of the last nine years. He is a thought leader in the use and application of Big Data and advanced analytics, including data architectures - More -

Rick Sherman

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Despite the risk of sounding like an old geezer, Rick Sherman will admit that he's been doing data warehousing since before it was even called data warehousing. Before we get into his checkered past, here's what he's up to now.... - More -

Eric Siegel

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Eric Siegel, Ph.D., is a seasoned consultant in data mining and analytics, an acclaimed industry instructor, and an award-winning teacher of graduate-level courses in these areas. He is the founding conference chair of Predictive Analytics World.... - More -

John Singer

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John Singer has 4 decades of experience in a variety of data architecture–related roles. John’s past accomplishments include implementing metadata management solutions, data modeling processes and governance... - More -

Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen has over 30 years of experience in working with Master Data Management and Data Quality. Henrik has been a speaker at a wide range of data management conferences and has also been engaged at the Danish School of Public Administration teaching Information Technology... - More -

K-Y Su

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K-Y Su is a freelance locational data analyst with analytical experience in a variety of sectors and subjects, primarily nonprofit, and an interest in providing location intelligence services for business. - More -

Jed Summerton

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Jed Summerton is a senior practitioner of enterprise data strategy and improving business performance through data analytics. As a consultant he has served over 100 companies in 18 industries to develop and execute large-scale data programs and analytic ecosystems. - More -

Michele Valentini

(Click to view Michele Valentini's courses)
Michele Valentini is a highly accomplished professional and instructor specializing in the field of data management. Holding a Ph.D. in Mathematics and a CDMP Master-level certification in Data Management by DAMA International, Michele possesses a strong academic background and extensive expertise in the subject matter. - More -

Maria C. Villar

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Maria C. Villar is a leader, consultant, and writer in the fields of enterprise information management, IT management, and software development. She has held senior executive positions in both the technology and financial sectors. As a leader in enterprise information management... - More -

Dave Wells

(Click to view Dave Wells' courses)
Dave Wells is an advisory consultant, educator, and author dedicated to building meaningful connections throughout the path from data to business value. He works at the intersection of information management and business management, driving business impact through data literacy, data culture, data architecture, data analytics, and active data management. - More -

George Williams

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George Williams is a multi-disciplinary professional with nearly 30 years of experience as a Data Analyst, GIS Analyst, Geoscientist, and Project Manager. - More -
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Data Literacy Basics Data Literacy Basics

This 5-hour data literacy study material covers the basics of data literacy based on the Data Literacy Body of Knowledge. This material is only available as part of the Data Literacy Certification.

Instructor: Deanne Larson, Mark Peco, Dave Wells

Data Literacy for Data Managers Data Literacy in Data Management

This 4-hour data literacy study material covers topics such as managing data knowledge, data governance, data resource consolidations, managing the data resource, and using the data resources. This material is only available as part of the Data Literacy Certification.

Instructor: Mark Peco, Dave Wells

Data Literacy for Data Analysts Data Literacy in Data Analysis

This 4-hour data literacy study material covers topics such as finding and evaluating data, data preparation, data analysis techniques, data visualization, and taking analysis to action. This material is only available as part of the Data Literacy Certification.

Instructor: Deanne Larson, Mark Peco, Dave Wells

Data Literacy Primer Course Data Literacy Primer

In this 83 minutes introductory course, David Wells covers a broad scope of topics at a high level to familiarize you with the concepts, terminology, and process of working with data.

Instructors: David Wells

The Data Model Scorecard - online training course The Data Model Scorecard

A frequently overlooked aspect of data modeling is quality of existing data models. We often build data models quickly and with the singular goal of database design. This 3-hour course presents Data Model Scorecard®, which provides the tools needed to measure and manage data model quality.

Instructor: Steve Hoberman

Our Price: $285.00
Data Governance for Business Leaders - online training course Data Governance for Business Leaders

Most of the burden for data governance success falls on business users of information. This 3-hour course covers basic data governance concepts that business participants need to understand and describes the steps that they can take to make governance a successful business initiative.

Instructor: John Ladley

Our Price: $285.00
Curating and Cataloging Data - online training course Curating and Cataloging Data

This 3-hour online training course will explore how curating and cataloging work together to meet the data needs of business and data analysts, to provide self-service data to complement self-service analytics, and to realize the promise of democratizing data analytics.

Instructor: Dave Wells

Our Price: $290.00
Data Integration Techniques for Designing an ODS - online training course Data Integration Techniques for Designing an ODS

Business data integration is a complex problem that must be solved when organizations change or enhance their internal structures. This 3-hour online course presents a simple yet thorough process that describes the challenges of building an Operational Data Store (ODS) and the solutions to these challenges.

Instructor: Angelo Bobak

Our Price: $295.00
Data Mining Concepts and Techniques - online training course Data Mining Concepts and Techniques

This 3-hour online course will give you insight into the data mining process, explain models and algorithms, and give an understanding of how to match the right data mining models to the right problems.

Instructor: Deanne Larson

Our Price: $295.00
Fundamentals of Machine Learning  - online training course Fundamentals of Machine Learning

In this 3-hour course, students learn about machine learning and the data preparation workflow. The course begins with a portfolio of case studies to provide an overview, then covers the fundamental machine learning tasks and algorithms.

Instructor: Asha Saxena

Our Price: $295.00
Web Analytics - online training course Web Analytics

This 3 hour online training course provides an overview of Web analytics, as well as analytics techniques and applications that are suitable to the context of Web data.

Instructor: Jake Dolezal

Our Price: $305.00
Framing and Planning Analytics & Data Science Projects - online training course Framing and Planning Analytics & Data Science Projects that Drive Business Impact

This 3-hour online course addresses how to scope, plan, and choose a project approach for analytics project success and clearly identify the problem and opportunities to be analyzed.

Instructor: Deanne Larson

Our Price: $305.00
Putting the Science in Data Science - online training course Putting the Science in Data Science: Fundamentals of Research Methods

This 3-hour online course provides an overview of the scientific method within the context of solving business problems with the goal of introducing the key concepts, tools, and skills for practice.

Instructor: Jennifer Leo

Our Price: $305.00
Modernizing Data Governance - online training course Modernizing Data Governance

This 3-hour online training explores how governance fits within modern data ecosystems, from point of ingestion to reporting and analysis.

Instructor: Dave Wells

Our Price: $305.00
Streaming Data: Concepts, Applications, and Technologies - online training course Streaming Data: Concepts, Applications, and Technologies

This 3-hour course covers the concepts, applications, and business and technical drivers for streaming data adoption, including an in-depth discussion of Apache Kafka.

Instructor: Dave Wells and Kevin Petrie

Our Price: $305.00
Analytical Modeling, Evaluation, and Deployment Best Practices  - online training course Analytical Modeling, Evaluation, and Deployment Best Practices

This 3-hour course focuses on how to match the business problem to candidate algorithms, produce comparable models, choose the best performing model, and once in production, what to do to address ongoing value.

Instructor: Deanne Larson

Our Price: $305.00
Big Data Fundamentals - online training course Big Data Fundamentals

This 3.25-hour online course addresses the technical community as well as the user community, providing guidance on how to penetrate and benefit the enterprise. This practical session will help you make the most of big data and make the best choices to ensure information remains an unparalleled corporate asset.

Instructors: William McKnight and Jake Dolezal

Our Price: $320.00
Data Understanding and Preparation for Analytics & Data Science - online training course Data Understanding and Preparation for Analytics & Data Science

This 3-hour online course addresses how to translate the problem statement into data sources, explore the data for relationships and recognize patterns, identify the starting inputs for the model, preparing data, and validating it for the model fitting process.

Instructor: Deanne Larson

Our Price: $320.00
Metadata Management for Data Stewards - online training course Metadata Management for Data Stewards

The objective of this 4-hour course is to provide an overview of the fields of data modeling and metadata management with the goal of building strong fundamental knowledge for Data Stewards. It covers the the essential tools to collect, record, and organize metadata.

Instructors: David Wells, Mike Brackett & Arkady Maydanchik

Our Price: $325.00
Organizing for Data Quality - on-line training class Organizing for Data Quality

Much like any other important endeavor, success in data quality depends on having the right people in the right jobs. This 3.5-hour course works through three case studies, while teasing out the principles needed to create successful data quality organizations.

Instructor: Tom Redman

Our Price: $330.00
Conceptual Data Modeling - online training course Conceptual Data Modeling

In this 3.5-hour course you will learn the secrets of successful conceptual data modeling through an effective mix of presentation and exercises. You will gain valuable insights into the job and responsibilities of the data modeler as well as the responsibilities of other data modeling contributors.

Instructor: David Haertzen

Our Price: $335.00
Data Mining in R - online training course Data Mining in R

This 3.5-hour course provides an introduction to R basics, working with data frames, data reshaping, basic statistics, graphing, linear models, non-linear models, clustering, and model diagnostics

Instructor: Deanne Larson

Our Price: $345.00
Crafting the Business Case for Data Quality - on-line training class Crafting the Business Case for Data Quality

Bad data harms almost all organizations, adding cost to operations, angering customers, and increasing risk. This 3.5-hour online course offers a comprehensive analysis of benefits of high-quality data and costs of poor data quality, capped with the process for developing and delivering a powerful and effective business case.

Instructor: Tom Redman

Our Price: $355.00
Data Visualization and Storytelling - online training course Data Visualization and Storytelling

This 3.5-hour online course describes how to continue the final stretch of the data analysis journey by visualizing data and using data storytelling to engage, excite, energize, and motivate.

Instructor: Mark Peco

Our Price: $355.00
Introduction to NOSQL - online training course Introduction to NoSQL

This 3.5-hour online course addresses the emerging class of NoSQL technologies for managing operational big data. This includes key-value, column stores, document stores and graph databases. Learn about the ideal workloads for NoSQL in enterprises and where NoSQL adds value to an enterprise information strategy. Learn how to get the projects started or dropping the “not in production” label.

Instructors: William McKnight

Our Price: $360.00
Root Cause Analysis - on-line training class Root Cause Analysis

Understanding why things happen is a fundamental management skill. Through this 4-hour course you will discover the art and science of knowing why. Learn to apply linear thinking, lateral thinking, systems thinking, and critical thinking – independently and in combination – to get to the core of even the most vexing problems.

Instructor: David Wells

Our Price: $370.00
How to Deploy and Sustain Data Governance - on-line training class How to Deploy Data Governance: Part 1

This 3-hour 45-minute course provides the insights and methods to develop your approach start or re-energize your data governance program. It covers the needs, interests, and responsibilities of business management challenged by data issues and data leaders who are tasked with managing a data strategy.

Instructor: John Ladley

Our Price: $375.00
Metadata Management Fundamentals - online training course Metadata Management Fundamentals

This 4-hour course is designed to provide the foundational metadata knowledge needed by anyone who has data management roles and responsibilities. It covers metadata basics such as the types and purposes of metadata, and explores core metadata disciplines of data modeling, data profiling, and data cataloging.

Instructors: David Wells and Arkady Maydanchik

Our Price: $385.00
Diagnostic Analytics Using Statistical Process Control - on-line training class Diagnostic Analytics Using Statistical Process Control

This 4-hour course provides an introduction to the concepts, techniques and applications of SPC within the context of information management. The theory of SPC is introduced and the design of control charts is discussed as a basis for describing how a diverse range of data and process quality management challenges can be addressed.

Instructor: Mark Peco

Our Price: $385.00
Data Quality Specialist - on-line training class Data Quality Specialist

The Data Quality Specialist course, grounded in DAMA International’s Data Management Body of Knowledge (DMBOK) framework provides a comprehensive exploration of Data Quality fundamentals. This 3-hour 51-min course provides fundamental and essential knowledge for everyone with data quality responsibilities, as well as those preparing for certification.

Instructor: Michele Valentini

Our Price: $400.00