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Enterprise Data Literacy

Data literacy is a differentiator between companies that thrive and those that struggle to survive. Recent studies find that organizations with aggressive data literacy programs outperform those who have not prioritized data literacy. Data is viewed by many as the most valuable commodity of the 21st century. Companies that fail to harness their data will quickly lose relevance, reputation, and revenue.

A data literate workforce is fundamental to creating value from data. Collectively the workforce must have all of the skills to understand, find meaning, interpret, and communicate with data. Every individual needs to have working knowledge of where data comes from, how it is processed, how it is organized, how it is managed, and how it is used. Data Literacy Certification (DLC) helps to identify and fill knowledge gaps, and to assure that your workforce is a valuable and effective contributor to success as a data-driven enterprise.

Our Solutions
eLearningCurve offers flexible solutions to meet the data literacy education and certification needs of various organizations. Whether your employees work together in the same location or are globally distributed, you can ensure their understanding of business-critical data literacy topics, and demonstrate your commitment to a high-standard of managing, using, and analyzing data.

For pricing and further details, please contact Director of Enterprise Solutions, Arkady Maydanchik at 1 (630) 242-1659.