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New! Data Quality Specialist

This course provides fundamental and essential knowledge for everyone with data quality responsibilities, as well as those preparing for certification. The Data Quality Specialist course begins with an overview of the DMBOK Framework, then positions data quality as a core discipline of data management before examining the concepts, tools, techniques, and activities of data quality management.

Designing & Implementing Data Analytics Architecture

This course explores modern data management challenges, describes modern practices and data architecture design patterns, and describes a step-by-step process to get from business requirements to a modern data management architecture that is sustainable and adaptable to the future changes that are sure to come.

Certification Programs

eLearningCurve offers accredited certifications that have become an important tool for professionals and employers seeking to hire the most qualified people.

CIMP Certification

eLearningCurve offers a robust certification program, Certified Information Management Professional (CIMP), that builds upon education to certify knowledge and understanding of information management.

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CDS Certification

The mission of the Certified Data Steward (CDS) Program is to formalize the role of data stewardship and to drive recognition of Data Steward as a professional designation.

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DCAM Certification

DCAM ® (the Data Management Capability Assessment Model) is the industry-standard, best practice framework designed to assist today’s information professional in developing and sustaining a comprehensive data management and analytics program.

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Data Literacy Certification

Mastering the many dimensions of data literacy is essential for every business professional who uses data on a daily basis and needs to turn data into valuable information. Become certified in data literacy to demonstrate your knowledge of data essentials.

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CDMC Certification

The CDMC (Cloud Data Management Capabilities) Framework is the world’s first best practices, assessment and certification framework for effectively managing data in the cloud and accelerating adoption of cloud and hybrid cloud ecosystems.

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DAC Certification

DAC (Data Analysis Certified) makes a clear statement that you have learned from industry leaders and demonstrated your ability to apply concepts & techniques in one or more subject areas: business analysis, data analytics, and advanced analytics.

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Kenneth Uber

CIMP - Data Quality, United States

"My company purchased this training when I first started in Data Quality...I found them extremely relevant and they filled in all the blanks and completed the big picture that I needed to move forward as a Data Quality Professional. The tests were very challenging and certainly provided validation that I had learned the material. I feel there is no question that I'm prepared for more complex and in depth projects now."

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Whether you're an individual looking to propel forward in your career or a corporate group hoping to expand your knowledge on information technology, eLearningCurve has the learning solution to fit your needs. Our catalog of data management courses can help you become quickly and efficiently CIMP certified in a number of disciplines, ranging from Business Intelligence (BI) to Master Data Management (MDM). We have thousands of satisfied students from over 70 countries worldwide, who report enjoying our interesting and challenging approach to information management classes online.

Big Data online courses don't need to be intimidating. Our instructors are knowledgeable and experienced in their fields. We'll be with you every step of the way as you gain new knowledge, a new certification, and new confidence via a dynamic information technology course. We've got all the tools. Take a step forward today.

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