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Evan Levy

Evan Levy is an acknowledged consultant and speaker in the areas of Enterprise Data Strategy, Data Management, and Systems Integration.

Evan has spent his career leading both practitioners and executives in delivering a range of technology solutions, from software product development to industry-focused strategic consulting services to organizational leadership sessions. He has led high-profile systems integration projects for Fortune 500 customers in the financial services, retail, telecommunications, health/life sciences, government, and insurance industries. He’s also been retained as a strategic advisor to various software vendors in the areas of product planning, and continues to counsel the investment community in the use of applying advanced technologies to key business initiatives.

Evan’s prior positions include Sr. VP of Data Management at Envolve Benefit Options and VP, Data Management Services and Consulting at SAS. Evan was also the co-founder of a boutique consulting firm (Baseline Consulting) acquired by SAS.

As an executive, he has led high-profile data integration projects for Fortune 500 customers in the financial services, retail, telecommunications, health/life sciences, and insurance industries. As a consultant, Evan is often retained to “roll up his sleeves” and deliver services in a manner that mentors team members on best practices to improve their productivity.

Evan has been published in a wide array of industry magazines and is a featured speaker and instructor at industry events (Data Architecture Summit, Enterprise Data World, Gartner’s Data & Analytics Conference, Hadoop Summit, MDM Summit, and Strata). He is a faculty member of The Data Warehousing Institute and is a Best Practices judge in areas of Analytics and Data Management.

Evan was the co-author of the book, Customer Data Integration: Reaching a Single Version of the Truth, which describes the business breakthroughs achieved with integrated customer data, and explains how to make Master Data Management work. The book features case studies from Royal Bank of Canada, Intuit, AARP,, and Amgen, among others

Evan has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Duke University.

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