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  • What a pleasure it was to have my expectations exceeded when I took the training for CIMP Data Quality. My initial motivation for taking these courses was to have a credential I could put on my resume to validate my many years of experience identifying and solving data quality issues in various work settings. Now, after experiencing the high calibre of the eLearningCurve training, I’m looking forward to taking more classes just for the pleasure of it. The instructors were very knowledgeable and obviously had tons of practical experience. I’ve been wanting to expand from finance and operational analytics into new realms in the world of data. I expect that more ELC training will help me get there, and I’m sure I’ll have a very interesting time along the way; for me, some of the instruction was just plain fun!

    Debbie Caruso, CIMP – Data Quality

  • Coming from both Shared Services and HR background, I have dealt with different kinds of information/data. Coming into my current role about 2 yrs ago, I have encountered a lot of more in-depth Data Analysis for HR Data. Then, my manager mentioned that enrolling to the CIMP program will help me in my daily tasks and improve the way I work. Although hesitant at first, I am glad I was able to finish the modules which I can say is very informative. It is very challenging but completing the course is very helpful, especially for someone who did not have a formal training in Data Quality and Analysis before.

    Cieri Celi-Rojo, CIMP – Data Quality, Philippines

  • My company purchased this training when I first started in Data Quality. I had years of experience in database design and GUI development but this was my first opportunity to research data strictly for quality sake. The Data Quality courses are not necessarily for beginners although each topic is from a bottom up approach. I was unable to really grasp the info until over a year later (thankfully the courses are good for 2 years) when I had experience in projects that did data consolidation. When I returned to the courses, I found them extremely relevant and they filled in all the blanks and completed the big picture that I needed to move forward as a Data Quality Professional. The tests were very challenging and certainly provided validation that I had learned the material. I feel there is no question that I’m prepared for more complex and in depth projects now.

    Kenneth Uber, CIMP – Data Quality, United States

  • Initially when I was asked by my manager to do the CIMP track for IMF , I was not very much keen to. But gradually as I moved I found the courses are really interesting, informative and challenging . Especially in Australia (where the IT industry is very tiny) it is very hard to get training from industry leaders like Andy Hayler, Arkady Maydanchik, David Wells and many more who are available (online) to us by eLearningCurve. The exams are really tough , so you need proper preparation – which helped me to brush up my knowledge. And on top of everything the certificates are “Industry recognized acknowledgement” for the knowledge I have.

    Saugat Dey, CIMP - Data Quality, MDM, IM Foundations, Australia

  • I found the CIMP course to be informative, challenging and helpful to my new career in Capacity Analytics at Citibank. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in your program and expect to use the material learned throughout my career. Thanking you again for your assistance throughout the program. I was able to complete all courses for the Data Quality Specialist in over 3 months.

    Ana Garcia Navarro, CIMP Ex - Data Quality, United States

  • I have recently completed my certifications in Data Quality and Master Data Management along with the Certified Data Steward certificate program. Soon I will have completed the Data Governance and Data Integration certifications. The certification courses at eLearning Curve are unlike any other on-line courses that I have taken in my 30 years in IT. The courses are thorough and professionally presented by industry experts. If you are “serious” about obtaining new data administration skills and knowledge then these courses are for you. My suggestion is to take one hour every day and sit through a topic, print out the slides and take notes on them. This will help you in learning, retaining and being successful on the exams. I always look forward to the email from Arkady giving me my exam results, usually in less than one day!

    Gary Deffendall, CDS, CIMP - Data Quality, MDM, United States

  • I have recently obtained the Certified Information Management Professional Ex (CIMP) and Certified Data Steward (CDS) accreditations with eLearning curve. I can highly recommend these training packages as they offer high quality materials presented by knowledgeable, articulate experts. The online presentation allows you to work at your own pace and offers the flexibility to fit the training into your schedule. The exams are interactive, challenging and rewarding. I will certainly recommend these courses to my colleagues and look at eLearning curve for future developmental requirements.

    James Dawson, CIMP Ex - Data Quality, CIMP - Data Governance, CDS - Certified Data Steward, England

  • I'm happy to say I've completed 22 courses and 6 certifications in 6 months. I learned much more than I expected and found myself looking forward to sneaking in another 60 minutes on a course before work or after dinner daily for months. I really doubt there is any other way to gain as much practical industry knowledge as economically at your own pace in this domain. The courses are well laid out, build on each other, and are rich in practical content and advice. As a 30 year veteran IT developer and IT manager I admit I was on occasion humbled by the tests too. And, I am 30 year IT developer and IT manager veteran who thought I had seen everything.

    Steve Lutter, CIMP Ex - Data Quality, DM and Metadata, IM Foundations, Business Intelligence, Data Governance, MDM, United States

  • Having completed the Data Quality certification through eLearningCurve, I decided to enhance my understanding of the discipline by adding the Certified Data Steward (CDS) training and certification. My decision paid off: I came away with a better depth of comprehension of the Data Quality space, as well as of the complementary roles that other activities (such as Metadata Management and Data Modeling) have in the overall world of Data & Information Management. These courses are a great way to expose the trainee to new concepts, while also improving their understanding of related fields that are often only partly explored. I hope to continue on and complete the “ex” training in each.

    Lynn David Bauman, CIMP - Data Quality, CDS - Certified Data Steward, United States

  • The topics covered by the CIMP program have proven to be both comprehensive and practical as far as my role in Data Quality measurement is concerned. The relevance and timeliness of the concepts made me appreciate my current tasks in Citi more.

    Jojo M. Fuerte, CIMP - Data Quality, Philippines

  • I was very impressed by the applicability of the training program in my day to day activity – much more than I expected! At the first sight, you might think that there is a huge amount of material to digest and that you will never make it, but as you are accumulating information, everything is puzzling and in the end a great learning and practicing experience is what you are going to get out of it.

    Miheala Dumitru, CIMP - Data Quality

  • This is an interesting program for data management tools and techniques, explained in a well unified form, easy to understand and practice. Exams were well organized and it was a challenge to display our level of understanding. I suggest to all Data management professionals to give it a try.

    Muhammad Jabir, CDS - Certified Data Steward, United Arab Emirates

    CIMP was a refreshing step back into the classroom. Its seems to be increasingly rare to find training that engages, enlightens, and enhances you as a person and an employee. I am excited to go through the next chapter of the course.

    Matthew Streubert, CIMP - Data Quality

  • Just received my CIMP certification in Data Governance from eLearningCurve. I am now embarking for the second level of CIMP – CIMP Ex, as these courses triggered my learning appetite and will be very useful in my next career path. The fact you can take these classes at anytime from anywhere are very helpful to fit into busy agendas. I would highly recommend eLearningCurve to anyone looking for a greater understanding of the data profession.

    Rita Van Gorp, CIMP Ex - IM Foundations, CIMP - Data Governance, Belgium

    I was very pleased with the courses and the certification process with eLearningCurve. The individual courses were very well prepared and clearly presented. I believe that this knowledge is critical for both novice and experienced data management professionals.

    Clarence W. Hempfield, Jr., CIMP – Data Quality, United States

  • I recently completed my CIMP certification in Data Quality. I was thoroughly satisfied with the course content and the certification process. The course content was well organized, well paced and had good depth of knowledge. The exams were challenging and well designed to test the ability to absorb the content as well as test how well one is able to apply it to real world incidents. Would like to thank the presenters, who were very knowledgeable and had good experience implementing the concepts covered in the course and were able to provide examples on how we would apply the concepts practically. The ability to take the course at my own pace and at a time suitable for me was of great help. I would recommend this training to anyone focusing on Data management.

    Geeta Jegamathi, CIMP - Data Quality, India

  • The CIMP Ex IM Foundations package has proven to be an excellent introduction to the fundamentals of all areas of information management. The courses are well structured, provide a good depth of knowledge, and are clearly presented by individuals with strong backgrounds in the subjects. Courses are presented in a mix of theory and real world examples which facilitates understanding. The exams accurately reflected the materials presented in each course, in well described and easy to follow questions.

    I would highly recommend this package for anyone who is new to the world of IM, who finds themselves involved in projects related to IM, or for any organization who want to introduce the concepts of IM to their employees. The knowledge gained from these courses would be beneficial to anyone who wanted to contribute to an IM program or project.

    James Doyle, CIMP Ex - IM Foundations, Canada

  • In addition to the course materials, the challenging exam associated with each course provides me a great opportunity to go through what I learn from each course. Every single exam has several application problems where I have the chance to apply the knowledge to real scenarios. This is the most enjoyable part I have when taking exams since it indeed helps me identify the areas I need to further improve by accumulating more practical experience in the future.

    Finally, I would like to give my sincerest appreciation to all my online training instructors for their well-prepared presentation about the materials, for the time and efforts they put together to answer my questions, and their willing to help. I would recommend these courses to anyone who dedicates himself/herself to data quality.

    Chuan Shi, CIMP Ex - Data Quality, United States

  • I recently completed my CIMP certification in Data Quality. I found the course content to be exactly what I was looking for, with a good balance between theory and real-world examples. Being able to cover the content at my own pace and as time allowed was of enormous value. I feel that I can put the knowledge I have gained during the training into immediate effect in my role in Data Integration. I would recommend this training to anyone who has an interest or involvement in Data Quality.

    Gus McEachen, CIMP - Data Quality, Ireland

    I just received my CIMP certification in Data Quality from eLearningCurve, and I am very happy and grateful for the material and knowledge provided. The courses are well structured, instructors presented in a clear way all the themes and I consider content is essential for any professional who wants to work on Data Quality.

    Cecilia Izquierdo, CIMP Ex - Data Quality, Mexico

  • During last three years my position is Data Quality analyst and before I worked as programmer, software developer, analyst for finance data and participated in few big migration projects. I recently certified in CIMP Data Quality via eLearningCurve with selecting the following modules: data quality fundamental, data profiling, data quality assessment, data integration, and root cause analysis. My only concern with the courses is that I would like to have it few years earlier. In this case we could have much better and mature data management system.

    The instructors and courses material are really of great value. Very clear, well-structured, with interesting examples and based on extended practical experience. I would certainly recommend the certification for any professional interested in gaining a better understanding of Data Governance and definitely for any data quality practitioner.

    Tatyana Loctionova, CIMP – Data Quality, Russia

  • I have recently completed a CIMP EX in the disciplines of Data Quality and Master Data Management and was pleased to have the opportunity to expand my knowledge of Master Data Management and Data Quality. Having over 20 years of experience within the data management field, I know that it's a challenge to find comprehensive resources for disciplines like DQ and MDM, but the structured approach of the CIMP certification course allows business/IT professionals to update their skills using in-depth understanding of underlying fundamental concepts.

    I found the courses to be very well well organized in terms of content and delivery; the exams were challenging and the best thing about this online learning is that you can listen to the content at your own convenient time. The course instructors were very knowledgeable and provided interesting real life examples. I would recommend the certification for any professional interested in gaining a better understanding of Data Quality and MDM and to learn different approaches for its implementation.

    Purvi Ramchandani, CIMP Ex – Data Quality, MDM, United States

  • My feedback is long overdue, but I won’t waste my chance in thanking you for arranging the CIMP module in Data Quality for us. I have enjoyed taking the trainings and the challenging exams! The training materials are well put and thought of and the speakers are very knowledgeable about the subject matter. The courses have indeed helped me and my team hone our skills and knowledge base to improve our Data Quality process further. I look forward to taking more courses in the future. Thanks again!

    Marianne Nazarea, CIMP - Data Quality, United States

    The CIMP certification in the Data Quality track has provided me a strong foundation for further developing my role in information and data management. The courses are well organized, practical and provide a good depth of knowledge. I was also impressed with the certification process including the responsiveness and support by the eLearningCurve team.

    Jeremy Peters, CIMP - Data Quality, MDM, United States

  • I just completed my CIMP certification in Data Quality. The course content was very thorough, practical and informative. I was extremely impressed with the instructors knowledge base. These courses have provided me with the foundation needed in my current role and for future endeavors considering the concepts apply to real world situations.

    Tsahai Brown, CIMP - Data Quality, United States

    I just completed my CIMP certification in Data Quality. The course content was very thorough and challenging. The knowledge gained from these courses will reinforce my confidence on future projects. The instructors are very talented and listed real world examples. I would recommend this course to anyone performing any IT roles.

    Michael Holloman, CIMP - Data Quality, United States

  • I just completed my CIMP certification in Data Governance. I was impressed with the course content, the tests were very helpful to reinforce the content. It reinforced where we stand in connection with Data Governance, Data Stewardship, Data Quality and Information Management.

    Having the formal training allows me to perform my Data Governance job with confidence. I would recommend this course to anyone performing Data Stewardship, Data Quality or Data Governance roles.

    Kimberly Herron Farmer, CIMP - Data Governance, United States

    The elearningCurve courses on MDM and Data Profiling were very informative & helpful. I recently completed the CIMP in MDM track. The content was very practical and implementable. Key concepts were presented very clearly too. The course instructors were very knowledgeable & had deep hands-on experience in the subject areas. Will recommend elearningCurve to others with no reservations.

    Paul Jeyasingh, CIMP - Master Data Management, United States

  • I recently completed my CIMP certification in Data Quality and I think it was definitively worth the effort. The courses cover all the relevant areas of data quality, with the right depth and scope. The classes are delivered at a comfortable pace and the material is clear and of consistent quality. It is evident that a thorough and considerable effort has gone into the preparation of this program. I’d also like to highlight the effort by the eLearningCurve team who were always available to provide sound advise on course selection and preparation.

    Alfredo Parga O'Sullivan, CIMP Ex - Data Quality, Ireland

    I recently received my CIMP certification in Data Governance from eLearningCurve. I’m just starting an effort to implement Data Governance and Data Quality practice, so I found it very useful, since I had never had a formal training in Data Management. I found all the classes to be of high quality, with very talent instructors. These courses allowed me to have a common language with data experienced people in my organization who are also taking this certification. I would highly recommend this program to people related to data management, no matter how experienced they are.

    Marilu Lopez, CIMP Ex - Data Governance, CIMP - Data Quality, IM Foundations, Mexico

  • Having started the certification program with a very limited knowledge base in the area of data quality, I was a little intimidated and unsure of what to expect. My concerns were quickly alleviated by the quality of instructors and course materials and the superb delivery method of the classes. Classes in the curriculum built upon each other, giving you a great base in the topic and then continuing to build on that foundation. There were no "throwaway" classes in that principles were taught and reinforced as you progressed along your journey to certification.

    I would highly recommend eLearningCurve to anyone thinking of getting their certification in the data field and to anyone looking for a greater understanding of the data profession. I could not be happier with the courses and knowledge that I gained through this program.

    Joseph Fagnoni, CIMP Ex – Data Quality, CIMP - Data Governance, United States

  • I recently certified in CIMP Data Governance with eLearningCurve. My role is primarily BI-focused but more and more we are focusing on data governance and MDM. The courses gave me the bridge I needed to understand the wider sense of data governance and MDM and how we can implement such initiatives in our business.

    I particularly liked the depth of the courses which even went into the financial aspect of projects, business cases, benefits, etc. This is always a barrier to getting projects approved. I would certainly recommend this certification path to anyone thinking about or embarking on such projects.

    Justin Warburton, CIMP – Data Governance, United Kingdom

  • I liked CIMP certification a lot. In my previous job I was a business user and IT used to develop lot of tool sets for us to use on the data we collected. By taking courses I did realize that our approach of data integration was wrong, we did not have the right priorities setup at the beginning and mainly because no one ever thought about data quality and data integration.

    Now when I started taking courses to finish CIMP in Data Quality for my new job at Citi, I learned so much out of the courses that I wanted to continue my learning even beyond the basic requirement of my current job. I have completed CIMP in three areas and I learned a good deal about data management, data quality, foresight needed to embark on data projects and how to integrate business and IT. I am still learning and will continue to learn in this area as this is an upcoming area and more and more companies will be starting their data quality initiative in near future as and when they learn about the sorry state of their data

    Jagmeet Singh, CIMP Ex - Data Modeling & Metadata Management, Data Quality, Data Governance, IM Foundations, MDM, United States

  • I recently acquired a certification in Master Data Management from eLearningCurve. The coursework was well organized and well prepared. It now resides among my reference library. The instructor’s deep knowledge of the course material was evidenced in the value-added by the narrative. Care was given to providing the placement of each topic in relation to topics within the subject area, in my case MDM. The training received through eLearningCurve has jump-started my movement into the area of MDM.

    I’d like to commend the people who comprise eLearningCurve. Through several interactions concerning coursework, course selection and assistance in plotting a strategy to meet my training goals I offer these people, individually and collectively, my highest praise. Whether the discussions were in the area of education of directions within the IT industry their responsiveness and willingness to engage a student have been admirable.

    David Egge, CIMP - Master Data Management, United States

  • I recently received my CIMP certification in Data Quality from eLearningCurve and I’m working to obtain CIMP in Data Governance. I have over 15 years of experience in Information Management and I found the courses very useful and very well designed. The instructors are experienced and provide real life examples. It’s remarkable how knowledge and all concepts are defined, structured and presented.

    Data Governance is a growing discipline and requires trained professionals. I highly recommend CIMP Data Quality and Data Governance programs for all professionals interested in Information Management regardless of previous experience.

    Alejandro Gonzalez Costes, CIMP Ex - Data Quality, CIMP - Data Governance, Mexico

  • I have completed a CIMP in the discipline of Data Governance and was pleased to have the opportunity to expand my knowledge of Data Governance. Having over 20 years of experience within the data management field, I know that it can be a challenge to find comprehensive resources but the structured approach of the CIMP certification and the support available through the course allow business professionals to update their skills using high-quality tools.

    I found the courses to be very well designed; they were intellectually stimulating and challenging, but the workload was manageable. The course instructors were very insightful, and were very knowledgeable with the great hands-on experience and provided interesting real life examples. I would recommend the certification for any professional interested in gaining a better understanding of Data Governance and to learn different approaches for its implementation.

    Marina Severinovskaya, CIMP Ex - Data Governance, CIMP - Data Quality, MDM, IM Foundations, Data Modeling & Metadata, United States

  • In Australia, it is not often you get the chance to study under international industry thought leaders and gurus. Actually, I misspeak, it is often. It is whenever you like thanks to eLearningCurve's online delivery!

    These days it is common place for professionals to learn tools and software but not focus on methodology. The selection of classes available through eLearningCurve have provided me incredible insight and more information on best practice and methodology than any other conference or training course I have attended thus far in my career. The material is challenging, thought provoking, and extremely informative. The tests require focus and understanding beyond the point of remembering the words said - they push you to apply the principles. You get plenty of time to access and review the material, so anyone can fit this in around their busy schedule.

    Stuart Brown, CIMP Ex - Data Governance, Australia

  • The Data Governance and Data Quality classes I took formalized and reinforced many of the concepts I learned through the years as a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence architect and the accompanying CIMP certifications validate my commitment to the concepts, techniques, and practices within information management.

    The courses within the eLearningCurve curricula are well organized and are of great value to anyone who is engaged in the quickly maturing Information Management areas of Data Governance, Data Stewardship, and Data Quality. The instructors are industry recognized experts who present the material with a balance that speaks to beginners and experienced professionals. Furthermore, the exams are well thought out to ensure those taking the test have the necessary level of knowledge to earn a passing grade which promote a level of integrity for CIMP certifications.

    Patrick DeKenipp, CIMP Ex - Data Quality, CIMP - Data Governance, United States

  • I recently received my CIMP certification in Data Governance from eLearning Curve. I found all the classes to be of high quality and loaded with plenty of content. I thought the material was well presented and I give high marks to all the instructors for their subject matter knowledge and delivery style.

    Not having had any formal training in Data Governance, I feel the CIMP certification gives me the foundation I need to be highly successful in my current role. I look forward to utilizing what I have learned as I continue my career path as a Data Governance professional.

    I would recommend eLearningCurve’s CIMP Data Governance certification to anyone who wishes to learn more about Data Governance or wants to pursue a career in Data Governance.

    Steve DelBianco, CIMP - Data Governance, United States

  • CIMP certification has helped me rationalize and affirm my understanding of the data quality management. The courses are well structured to simplify the data management concepts, techniques and deployments. The comprehensive classes and online trainings have wealth of information from real life scenarios. Appreciate all the efforts of the eLearningCurve staff as I can imagine a tremendous amount of hard work is needed to put together these interactive classes and online trainings.

    While studying CIMP, I was able to rearrange my knowledge accumulated over the years of working with data analytics/reporting. While I have finished my Data Quality CIMP Certification, I’m looking forward to continue studying in the areas of Data Governance and Data Stewardship. I‘ve already recommended eLearningCurve to my colleagues and friends in the Information Management discipline.

    Yasar Chaudhry, CIMP - Data Quality, United States

  • I was very impressed with the high quality of the CIMP Data Quality program. I gained extensive knowledge of data quality disciplines and related areas and very much enjoyed my classes which were taught by knowledgeable and professional instructors. Passing the exams required in-depth understanding of the subject matter and was by no means a walk in the park but definitely worth the effort. I was a data quality rookie when I started out but now have a solid foundation to build upon as a professional in the exciting field of data quality management.

    Helle Lindsted, CIMP - Data Quality, Data Governance, MDM, Denmark

  • As a data practitioner with more than 10 years of experience in data strategy, architecture and standards in some global corporations I have come across quite a few on-line and classroom training course over the years. I have taken 6 courses on data quality, governance and strategy so far from eLearningCurve. I am very impressed with the form, content, presentation quality and delivery format of the courses I have taken so far. eLearningCurve has partnered with the best in the industry to develop a comprehensive curriculum. The courses are well designed and will be helpful for someone who is new to the data practice and experienced professionals who wants to use these as refresher as well. I have no hesitation in saying that, these courses are one of the best in the industry I have seen so far.

    Sumanda Basu, CIMP - Data Governance, CIMP Ex - Data Quality, United States

  • I have acquired CIMP in Data Quality recently. I have been working in Data Quality field for 10 years and this certification helped me to deepen and structurize my knowledge. To pass the CIMP examination one needs deep understanding of the subject and ability to apply the knowledge in different everyday situations. I have some colleagues who have recently started their "way in data quality field" and I have recommended them to take the certification. As a team leader I expect this to improve considerably the team performance. I also want to point out the attitude of people working for eLearningCurve - I have always received the necessary support or recommendations whenever asked. This made the learning process not only valuable from knowledge acquirance point of view but also very pleasant from emotional point of view.

    Ilze Smeltere, CIMP - Data Quality, Latvia

  • I have just completed the CIMP Data Quality program. These courses provide extensive and in-depth knowledge of data quality disciplines and even though I work in the Data Management field, I learned new ways of applying data quality management techniques in every course I took. I’ve had the chance to put in practice many of the techniques presented in the courses and the knowledge acquired through the courses enabled me to influence the Data Management discipline at my work place.

    Based on my experience, I look forward to continue my Information Management training with eLearningCurve.

    Nicole Carriere, CIMP Ex - Data Quality, Canada

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