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CDMC Curriculum

The CDMC curriculum is a structured comprehensive list of topics comprising the Cloud Data Management Capability Framework from the EDM Council. It was developed as the cross-industry standard best practice for managing data in could, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments.

The CDMC Certification Program includes a comprehensive online course and education packages covering all topics in the Cloud Data Management Capabilities Framework as well as a professional certification.

Governance and accountability

  • Cloud Data Management business cases are defined & governed
  • Data ownership is established for both migrated and cloud-generated data
  • Data sourcing & consumption are governed and supported by automation
  • Data sovereignty & cross-border data movement are managed

Cataloguing and classification

  • Data catalogs are implemented, used and interoperable
  • Data classifications are defined and used

Accessibility and usage

  • Data entitlements are managed, enforced and tracked
  • Ethical access, use and outcomes of data are managed

Protection and privacy

  • Data is secured and controls are evidenced
  • A data privacy framework is defined and operational

Data lifecycle

  • The data lifecycle is planned and managed
  • Data quality is managed

Data and technical architecture

  • Technical design principles are established and applied
  • Data provenance and lineage are understood