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Data Integration

Data Integration (DI) is an essential information management capability that provides the foundation for enterprise-wide views of consistent, connected, and trusted business information. The alternative to data integration is data disparity which leads to miscommunication, misunderstanding, confusion, uncertainty, and misinformed business decisions and actions. Data integration is important, but it is complex and challenging. The variety of reasons for data integration (data warehousing, master data management, data migration, etc.), the increasing scope of data sources (enterprise data, external data, big data, web data, etc.), and the growth in data integration techniques and technologies (ETL, ELT, federation, virtualization, etc.) all contribute to data integration complexities. From defining integration requirements to acquiring and unifying data the integration choices are abundant. Effective and sustainable data integration systems depend on skilled and educated data professionals from architects to implementers.

Our DI curriculum includes 11 online courses listed below. Each course is accompanied by an optional Certified Information Management Professional (CIMP) exam. Click on the course links to explore course details and outlines, learn more about the exams, or watch free Sneak Peeks.

You can purchase the courses individually or enroll in one of our comprehensive Education Packages at a great discount.

Data Integration Catalog
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Metadata Management Fundamentals - online training course Metadata Management Fundamentals

This 4-hour course is designed to provide the foundational metadata knowledge needed by anyone who has data management roles and responsibilities. It covers metadata basics such as the types and purposes of metadata, and explores core metadata disciplines of data modeling, data profiling, and data cataloging.

Instructors: David Wells and Arkady Maydanchik

Our Price: $385.00

Big Data Fundamentals - online training course Big Data Fundamentals

This 3.25-hour online course addresses the technical community as well as the user community, providing guidance on how to penetrate and benefit the enterprise. This practical session will help you make the most of big data and make the best choices to ensure information remains an unparalleled corporate asset.

Instructors: William McKnight and Jake Dolezal

Our Price: $320.00

Data Warehousing Fundamentals - online training course Data Warehousing Fundamentals

This 4.5-hour This course re-defines the scope of the “modern” data warehouse. The need for planning and the role of architecture are described and clarified, followed by a discussion about the challenges related to gathering useful information requirements. This is followed by a discussion of design approaches, development, testing and quality management techniques.

Instructor: Mark Peco

Our Price: $445.00
Streaming Data: Concepts, Applications, and Technologies - online training course Streaming Data: Concepts, Applications, and Technologies

This 3-hour course covers the concepts, applications, and business and technical drivers for streaming data adoption, including an in-depth discussion of Apache Kafka.

Instructor: Dave Wells and Kevin Petrie

Our Price: $305.00
Ensuring Data Quality in Data Integration - cnline training course Ensuring Data Quality in Data Integration

Data errors multiply and spread like viruses through data consolidation processes and ongoing data interfaces. This 5-hour course discusses various practices that can be put in place to maintain high data quality through data integration.

Instructor: Arkady Maydanchik

Our Price: $525.00

Data Profiling - online training course Data Profiling

Data profiling is the process of analyzing actual data and understanding its true structure and meaning. It is one of the most common and important activities in information management. This 5-hour course teaches all practical skills necessary to succeed in a data profiling initiative.

Instructor: Arkady Maydanchik

Our Price: $520.00

Data Parsing, Matching and De-duplication - online training course Data Parsing, Matching and De-duplication

To take advantage of the worldwide marketplace, businesses need to manage data globally. This reality poses very specialized and unique kinds of problems in data management. In this 4.5-hour course you will learn to identify and avoid the pitfalls of global information.

Instructors: Kathy Hunter, William McKnight, Henrik Sørensen

Our Price: $435.00

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Data Modeling - online training course DW and BI Data Modeling

This 4-hour course includes a mix of data modeling concepts, best practices, applications and practical examples that will help you build effective data warehouse and business intelligence applications.

Instructor: Rick Sherman

Our Price: $420.00

MDM Fundamentals - online training course MDM Fundamentals: Architecture and Implementation

This 4.5-hour course provides a comprehensive view of the critical elements for MDM success including business, architectural, people, process, project, and technology considerations. Learn from the real-world experiences of the instructor what it takes to make MDM work.

Instructor: William McKnight

Our Price: $460.00

Data Integration Techniques for Designing an ODS - online training course Data Integration Techniques for Designing an ODS

Business data integration is a complex problem that must be solved when organizations change or enhance their internal structures. This 3-hour online course presents a simple yet thorough process that describes the challenges of building an Operational Data Store (ODS) and the solutions to these challenges.

Instructor: Angelo Bobak

Our Price: $295.00

Introduction to Graph Databases - online training course Introduction to Graph Databases

This 4-hour online course will provide an overview of property graph database technology and teach the student how to translate business requirements to a property graph database design that can be implemented on any modern property graph database.

Instructor: John Singer

Our Price: $435.00