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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business intelligence and analytics are essential to modern data-driven businesses. BI is core competency of smart business. BI connects people with data and information, making it possible for decision-makers to access, analyze, and act on information. Business Analytics is the science of finding insight in data – exploring data to find patterns and interpreting the patterns to gain knowledge and understanding.

Everyone in business management today has an interest in BI and analytics to guide strategy, implement tactics, and support day-to-day execution and operation. BI enables business capabilities for measurement, monitoring, and tracking with tools such as dashboards and scorecards. Analytics encompasses a wide range of analysis goals including descriptive, discovery, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

Working together, BI and analytics answer a broad range of business questions from what has happened, to why does it happen, what does the future hold, and what should we do. BI and Analytics is a multi-disciplinary field that demands attention to dimensions of technology, data, people, and organizational culture. Putting the pieces together in the right ways – building, operating, using, and evolving BI systems – is a complex undertaking that involves many people and many skills.

Business Analytics Catalog

Our Business Intelligence & Analytics curriculum includes eleven online courses. Each course is accompanied by an optional Certified Information Management Professional (CIMP) exam. Click on the course links to explore course details and outlines, learn more about the exams, or watch free Sneak Peeks.

You can purchase the courses individually or enroll in one of our comprehensive Education Packages at a great discount.

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Data Science Fundamentals - online training course Data Science Fundamentals

This online course will cover the key concepts and practices needed for a successful data science program.

Instructors: Mark Peco and Natasha Balac

Our Price: $480.00
Fundamentals of Business Intelligence - online training course Fundamentals of Business Intelligence

In this 5.5-hour course you will learn basic terminology, concepts, purpose and capabilities of BI, get introduced to the common challenges and risks encountered in BI implementations, and understand the role of people, information, technology and business objectives in BI success.

Instructor: Mark Peco

Our Price: $560.00
Big Data Fundamentals - online training course Big Data Fundamentals

This 3.25-hour online course addresses the technical community as well as the user community, providing guidance on how to penetrate and benefit the enterprise. This practical session will help you make the most of big data and make the best choices to ensure information remains an unparalleled corporate asset.

Instructors: William McKnight and Jake Dolezal

Our Price: $320.00
Introduction to NOSQL - online training course Introduction to NoSQL

This 3.5-hour online course addresses the emerging class of NoSQL technologies for managing operational big data. This includes key-value, column stores, document stores and graph databases. Learn about the ideal workloads for NoSQL in enterprises and where NoSQL adds value to an enterprise information strategy. Learn how to get the projects started or dropping the “not in production” label.

Instructors: William McKnight

Our Price: $360.00
Analytics Fundamentals- online training course Analytics Fundamentals

This 6-hour online course provides a foundation to understand the scope and the key success factors of analytics. Concepts and terminology are introduced, and scope of analytics is discussed to set context and provide a frame of reference for topics that follow.

Instructor: Mark Peco and Dave Wells

Our Price: $570.00
Data Understanding and Preparation for Analytics & Data Science - online training course Data Understanding and Preparation for Analytics & Data Science

This 3-hour online course addresses how to translate the problem statement into data sources, explore the data for relationships and recognize patterns, identify the starting inputs for the model, preparing data, and validating it for the model fitting process.

Instructor: Deanne Larson

Our Price: $320.00
Streaming Data: Concepts, Applications, and Technologies - online training course Streaming Data: Concepts, Applications, and Technologies

This 3-hour course covers the concepts, applications, and business and technical drivers for streaming data adoption, including an in-depth discussion of Apache Kafka.

Instructor: Dave Wells and Kevin Petrie

Our Price: $305.00
Designing and Implementing Analytics Data Architecture- online training course Designing and Implementing Analytics Data Architecture

This 4.5 hour course explores modern data management challenges, describes modern practices and data architecture design patterns, and describes a step-by-step process to get from business requirements to a modern data management architecture that is sustainable and adaptable to the future changes that are sure to come.

Instructor: Dave Wells and Jed Summerton

Our Price: $430.00
Root Cause Analysis - on-line training class Root Cause Analysis

Understanding why things happen is a fundamental management skill. Through this 4-hour course you will discover the art and science of knowing why. Learn to apply linear thinking, lateral thinking, systems thinking, and critical thinking – independently and in combination – to get to the core of even the most vexing problems.

Instructor: David Wells

Our Price: $370.00
Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics - online training class Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics

By learning from your abundant historical data, predictive analytics delivers something beyond standard business reports and sales forecasts: actionable predictions for each customer. This 5-hour online course goes from fundamentals and best practices to hands-on discussion of predictive analytics models and their applications.

Instructor: Eric Siegel

Our Price: $500.00
Data Mining in R - online training course Data Mining in R

This 3.5-hour course provides an introduction to R basics, working with data frames, data reshaping, basic statistics, graphing, linear models, non-linear models, clustering, and model diagnostics

Instructor: Deanne Larson

Our Price: $345.00
Location Intelligence and Geographic Information Systems - online training course Location Intelligence and Geographic Information Systems

This 4 hour online training course provides an overview of GIS software with the goal of demonstrating how to use the technology to build Location Intelligence.

Instructor: K-Y Su and George Williams

Our Price: $410.00
Web Analytics - online training course Web Analytics

This 3 hour online training course provides an overview of Web analytics, as well as analytics techniques and applications that are suitable to the context of Web data.

Instructor: Jake Dolezal

Our Price: $305.00
Data Mining Concepts and Techniques - online training course Data Mining Concepts and Techniques

This 3-hour online course will give you insight into the data mining process, explain models and algorithms, and give an understanding of how to match the right data mining models to the right problems.

Instructor: Deanne Larson

Our Price: $295.00
Analytics-based Enterprise Performance Management - online training course Analytics-based Enterprise Performance Management

This 4-hour online course will describe how to complete implementing the full vision of analytics-based enterprise performance management to improve organizational performance.

Instructor: Gary Cokins

Our Price: $410.00
Data Visualization and Storytelling - online training course Data Visualization and Storytelling

This 3.5-hour online course describes how to continue the final stretch of the data analysis journey by visualizing data and using data storytelling to engage, excite, energize, and motivate.

Instructor: Mark Peco

Our Price: $355.00