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Business Analytics is the science of finding insight in data – exploring data to find patterns and interpreting the patterns to gain knowledge and understanding. Everyone in business management today has an interest in analytics to guide strategy, tactics, and execution. This multi-faceted field encompasses a wide range of analytics goals including descriptive, discovery, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Analysts range from line-of-business managers using self-service visual analysis tools to statisticians and data scientists using advanced statistical analysis techniques.

Effective analysts need the skills to find the right datasets, understand data content and structure, blend and transform data, format data for analysis, visualize data and find patterns, and explain the meanings of the patterns. Analytics practitioners work a continuum from data analysis, to causal analysis, data visualization and data storytelling. Finding insight in data is rewarding, but only the beginning. Turning insight into opportunity and innovation is the pinnacle of analytics achievement.

Business Analytics Catalog

Our Business Analytics curriculum includes eleven online courses. Each course is accompanied by an optional Certified Information Management Professional (CIMP) exam. Click on the course links to explore course details and outlines, learn more about the exams, or watch free Sneak Peeks.

You can purchase the courses individually or enroll in one of our comprehensive Education Packages at a great discount.

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CIMP Ex Business Analytics Package CIMP Business Analytics Package
Our Price: $2,695.00
Our Price: $1,795.00
Online CIMP Ex Business Analytics Certification Package Online CIMP Business Analytics Certification Package

CIMP Ex Business Analytics Package offers comprehensive education in Business Analytics capped with the highest level of Certified Information Management Professional designation (CIMP Ex) in the Business Analytics track at a great discount.

CIMP Business Analytics Package includes courses and exams necessary to earn Certified Information Management Professional (CIMP) designation in Business Analtyics track at a great discount.

Introduction to NOSQL Analytics Fundamentals
Our Price: $360.00
Our Price: $570.00
Introduction to NOSQL - online training course Analytics Fundamentals- online training course

This 3.5-hour online course addresses the emerging class of NoSQL technologies for managing operational big data. This includes key-value, column stores, document stores and graph databases. Learn about the ideal workloads for NoSQL in enterprises and where NoSQL adds value to an enterprise information strategy. Learn how to get the projects started or dropping the “not in production” label.

Instructors: William McKnight

This 6-hour online course provides a foundation to understand the scope and the key success factors of analytics. Concepts and terminology are introduced, and scope of analytics is discussed to set context and provide a frame of reference for topics that follow.

Instructor: Mark Peco and Dave Wells

Root Cause Analysis Diagnostic Analytics Using Statistical Process Control
Our Price: $370.00
Our Price: $385.00
Root Cause Analysis - on-line training class Diagnostic Analytics Using Statistical Process Control - on-line training class

Understanding why things happen is a fundamental management skill. Through this 4-hour course you will discover the art and science of knowing why. Learn to apply linear thinking, lateral thinking, systems thinking, and critical thinking – independently and in combination – to get to the core of even the most vexing problems.

Instructor: David Wells

This 4-hour course provides an introduction to the concepts, techniques and applications of SPC within the context of information management. The theory of SPC is introduced and the design of control charts is discussed as a basis for describing how a diverse range of data and process quality management challenges can be addressed.

Instructor: Mark Peco

Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics Business Analytics Practices and Applications
Our Price: $500.00
Our Price: $285.00
Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics - online training class Business Analytics Practices and Applications - on-line training class

By learning from your abundant historical data, predictive analytics delivers something beyond standard business reports and sales forecasts: actionable predictions for each customer. This 5-hour online course goes from fundamentals and best practices to hands-on discussion of predictive analytics models and their applications.

Instructor: Eric Siegel

Businesses are forever challenged to provide better and better analytics to their stakeholders. This quest for more analytics can often lead to implementation headaches and less actual value added to an organization. This 3-hour course will walk you through the components in today's market to address advanced analytics and a way to look holistically at how to apply these tools.

Instructor: Bonnie Politano

Prescriptive Analytics Using Simulation Models Data Mining in R
Our Price: $415.00
Our Price: $345.00
Prescriptive Analytics - online training course Data Mining in R - online training course

This 4-hour online training course provides an introduction to prescriptive analytics using simulation models applied to areas that are relevant to business analysts, operations planners, decision makers, functional managers and BI team members.

Instructor: Mark Peco

This 3.5-hour course provides an introduction to R basics, working with data frames, data reshaping, basic statistics, graphing, linear models, non-linear models, clustering, and model diagnostics

Instructor: Deanne Larson

Location Intelligence and Geographic Information Systems Web Analytics
Our Price: $410.00
Our Price: $305.00
Location Intelligence and Geographic Information Systems - online training course Web Analytics - online training course

This 4 hour online training course provides an overview of GIS software with the goal of demonstrating how to use the technology to build Location Intelligence.

Instructor: K-Y Su and George Williams

This 3 hour online training course provides an overview of Web analytics, as well as analytics techniques and applications that are suitable to the context of Web data.

Instructor: Jake Dolezal

Data Mining Concepts and Techniques Analytics-based Enterprise Performance Management
Our Price: $295.00
Our Price: $410.00
Data Mining Concepts and Techniques - online training course Analytics-based Enterprise Performance Management - online training course

This 3-hour online course will give you insight into the data mining process, explain models and algorithms, and give an understanding of how to match the right data mining models to the right problems.

Instructor: Deanne Larson

This 4-hour online course will describe how to complete implementing the full vision of analytics-based enterprise performance management to improve organizational performance.

Instructor: Gary Cokins