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eLearningCurve makes discounted pricing for our classes available via a variety of programs. Our goal is to make training available and economical to the widest range of people possible. Below is the list of currently offered programs. Please, note that some programs may not be combined with other offers.

EDM Council

We have partnered with the EDM Council to deliver our comprehensive online education and certification programs at significant savings to Council members, including Corporate and Enterprise options. Learn More.


If you are currently unemployed and have worked in information management, or are considering it as a career, you may be eligible for a scholarship from eLearningCurve of either $500 towards a CIMP or CDS package, or $1000 towards a CIMP Ex, CDS Ex, or multi-track package. Learn More.

Volume Purchase Discount

If you are purchasing two or more courses, you are eligible to a volume purchase discount of 10% or more. To take advantage of this program, simply e-mail

Public Servant and Educator Discount

Employees of governmental and higher education institutions receive a 20% discount on all courses or additional 4% discount on all Education Packages.
To request your discount coupon, e-mail

Professional Associations

We partnered with several professional associations to provide their member with our education at a discount:
DAMA members receive a 10% discount on all courses and 4% on all packages.
DataQualityPro members receive a 10% discount on courses and 4% on packages in our data quality curriculum.
ECCMA members receive a 20% discount on courses in our data quality curriculum (packages not included).
To request your discount coupon, e-mail

Education Packages

Education Packages allow you to purchase bundles of online courses and earn CIMP and CDS designations at up to 35% discount.
Whether you are looking for a comprehensive information management education covering all disciplines, or want to focus on a specific topic or job role, there is a program for you.

Enterprise Solutions

eLearningCurve Enterprise offers significant group discounts, flexible purchasing options, and more. Whether your team or department work in the same office, or are on the other side of the world from each other, you can train them on time and on budget with eLearningCurve Enterprise.

Referral Program

The referral program is designed to reward those individuals who spread the word about our exciting online education and certification program.
Simply refer your colleagues or friends and receive a free course for every five courses they purchase! Click here for details.