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eLearningCurve primers serve as an introduction to various data management topics. All content is developed by eLC instructors, and delivered in the same elearning environment as full-length eLC courses. Primers are meant to provide a maximum of information in a minimum amount of time, 30 minutes or less!

Topics will be added periodically, so check this page often, or sign up for our newsletter to be notified when new topics are released.

Monte Carlo Simulation [23 minutes]
Instructor: Mark Peco

This primer provides an overview of the Monte Carlo Simulation technique, how it can make a positive business impact, areas where it can be applied, and analytics and data requirements.

Self-Service Data Preparation [14 minutes]
Instructor: Dave Wells

This primer covers the what and why of self-service data preparation, and an overview of tool and technologies.

Streaming Analytics [19 minutes]
Content by: Dave Wells Presented by: George Williams

This primer covers streaming analytics basics, the need for streaming analyitcs, and an overview of streaming analytics technologies.

Finding Meaning in Data Visualization
[16 minutes]
Content by: Dave Wells Presented by: Jennifer Hay

This primer covers the basics of visual language, and how to effectively and accurately read data visualizations.