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eLearningCurve has partnered with the FIT Academy to deliver our comprehensive online education and certification programs, with significant savings for the Council’s members. Additionally, we work closely with FIT Academy to develop new online courses and certification programs.

About FIT Academy

FIT Academy is a company committed to educating individuals in the field of data. It originated from the desire and intuition of a group of management consulting and professional development specialists. Their goal is to collaborate with corporate executives and managers to develop pragmatic and articulated paths, fostering the creation of internal communities of "Data Management Professionals."

More than mere trainers, FIT Academy constitutes a team of passionate educators with diverse backgrounds, including mathematicians, engineers, project managers, and psychologists. This team possesses a broad spectrum of skills that equip students to elevate their understanding and utilization of data.

FIT Academy professionals firmly believe in the transformative power of education and dissemination. They recognize that the full potential of data can only be realized through individual and collective paths of growth. In collaboration with its clients, Fit Academy constructs its data journey through three distinct sets of services:


FIT Academy is a registered education provider of DAMA (Data Management Association) and EDM Council. Our courses in all the data management fundamental subjects, including Data Governance, Data Quality, and Metadata Management among others, offer the opportunity to prepare internationally recognized high-value certifications. Beyond certification, FIT Academy offers practical courses in various formats, such as deep-dive sessions for in-depth knowledge, hands-on workshops for practical learning, and courses designed for non-experts to leverage their data assets. The "Data Masterclass" holds a privileged space, providing a unique learning experience directly from top internal experts in the data management discipline.


FIT Academy actively supports innovative companies through its "Data Corporate Community" program. Recognizing the exceptional performance that arises from collaborative efforts, this program is designed to foster networks within companies, eliminate organizational silos, and amplify the positive impact of data projects. As leaders in organizing Data Events, FIT Academy has successfully hosted the DAMA EMEA Conference for three consecutive years, bringing together over 1,000 data professionals worldwide. With expertise in organizing digital conferences, FIT Academy provides turnkey solutions that enhance the reputation of companies.

Data Partner

FIT Academy aspires to be the partner of choice for every company on its journey towards becoming a data-driven organization. The Data & Digital Literacy Programs are crafted to introduce the entire workforce to the world of data through immersive experiences. The Data Talents Headhunting service supports HR offices in selecting the best available data professionals in the market. The Professional Development offerings provide a privileged opportunity to connect with international leaders in the data management field, supporting professional growth for both C-Level executives (CDO Mentoring path) and groups of data experts (Data Group Coaching service).

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