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Why eLearningCurve Enterprise?

  • Comprehensive educational solution from a single provider
  • Employees can take the courses they need when they need them
  • Ensure all team members are trained to the same high standard
  • Train employees no matter what their geographic location
  • Achieve unlimited scalability
  • Acquire comprehensive education and certification
  • Minimize disruption to the business
  • Maximize your employee training ROI
  • Achieve 100% information comprehension
  • Stretch your training budget
  • Combine online learning with "live" sessions
  • Access to "Information Management 101" series of mini-courses
  • Get solutions for your specific needs

For more information about eLearningCurve Enterprise Solutions,
contact Arkady Maydanchik at 1 (630) 242-1659 or

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Today more than ever companies are watching expenses and looking for ways to streamline processes, make training convenient, and create a consistent learning environment. eLearningCurve Enterprise is a flexible, convenient and cost-effective way to train your employees and ensure that all team members have access to information management training they need when they need it. Whether your team or department work in the same office, or are on the other side of the world from each other, you can train them on time and on budget with eLearningCurve Enterprise.

eLearningCurve Enterprise Benefits

PARTNERSHIP: Comprehensive educational solution from a single provider.
eLearningCurve will be your educational "partner-for-life" providing all employees with continuous information management education they need over the course of their careers. You can be sure that all employees, including new hires and transfers, come up to speed quickly and learn from a common state-of-the-art set of courses.

FLEXIBILITY: Employees can take the courses they need when they need them.
Educational needs vary from employee to employee and project to project. eLearningCurve’s flexible program allows your employees to take the courses they need when they need them to best suit their role, projects, backgrounds or interests.

CONSISTENCY: Ensure all team members are trained to the same high standard.
Ensure that your employees learn the same methodology, techniques, and terminology. Train your existing team, and set up courses for new hires and transfers. Get all employees on the same page so they can interact and do their jobs more effectively.

SCALABILITY: Select an Education Partner who truly understands scalability.
eLearningCurve Enterprise is 100% scalable. Roll out to a few employees, or your entire organization. If your team or department grows, it’s no problem. Our solution can quickly and effortlessly accommodate groups of all sizes, even if they are geographically dispersed.

BREADTH: Acquire comprehensive education and certification.
We offer more than just a collection of courses, we offer information management education. Whether its data quality, data governance, MDM or another information management discipline or function we have you covered with a comprehensive set of courses, exams, and certification programs designed to impart knowledge, test understanding, and validate learning.

LOCATION: Train employees no matter what their geographic location.
Overcome geographical barriers to training. With eLearningCurve Enterprise you can train your entire team whether they are in the same office, or on the opposite sides of the world. Everyone can access our online courses from any place at any time.

LOGISTICS: Minimize disruption to the business.
Training takes time, but business doesn’t have a pause button. It’s not realistic for an entire department to take time off en masse for training. eLearningCurve’s online format allows employees to study from their office or home, allocate full training days or study an hour a day during lunch breaks.

ROI: Maximize your employee training ROI.
With eLearningCurve Enterprise every dollar you spend is used toward actual education. No need to worry about paying for flights, hotels and other travel expenses. 100% of what you spend goes towards learning, thus achieving top quality education at a fraction of cost of in-person training.

RESULTS: Achieve 100% information comprehension.
Learn from top industry experts in data quality, data governance, master data management, data modeling, data warehousing, and business intelligence. Study at your own pace, listen to the material many times, and test your knowledge through CIMP certification exams.

SAVINGS: Stretch your training budget.
We offer various pricing options including volume discounts, pay-as-you-go model with increasing discounts, and other alternatives. For teams and enterprise customers, there is no “one size fits all” solution. We try to understand your needs and budget constraints, and meet them in the best way possible.

"LIVE" INTERACTION: Spend time with our instructors.
Organize question and answer meetings (via Webinar) with course instructors for groups of students who complete online courses.

Gain access to our series of Information Management 101 mini-classes, a great way to introduce your team to new concepts and topics in preparation for more in-depth learning. As a benefit to our enterprise customers we offer a certain number of complimentary licenses. Please contact us for more information.

CUSTOM COURSEWARE: Get the courses you need.
Even though we are constantly developing new courses, we recognize the information management field is so broad that we may not have all the training you need. Tell us which courses your organization needs the most. We work with the top instructors in the industry and will try to meet your needs in the most expedient manner.