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DCAM Certification Rulebook

How do I become DCAM certified?

Those who successfully complete the DCAM training course are considered "accredited". The accreditation is aligned to the version of DCAM on which the student is trained, currently DCAM v2.2, and will be active for 12 months after the publishing of the next major DCAM release (students who have received training on a prior version of DCAM will be given the opportunity to complete the new versionís short course to update their accreditation.)

DCAM Certification is awarded upon completion of the DCAM curriculum plus successful passing of the online certification exam with a score of 70% or better.

Can I take an exam multiple times?

You can take each exam up to six times. However, each exam license that you purchase entitles you to three attempts. If you fail on all 3 attempts, you can purchase an additional exam license, and thus make up to three more attempts, by contacting We believe that attempting an exam more than 6 times is not productive.

How do I get enrolled in the program?

The most convenient and cost-efficient method to enroll in one of our DCAM Packages. Some packages allow you to simultaneously earn a CIMP or CDS designation.

Is there a time constraint to complete certification?

You must complete the required exams within 24-months from the time you pass the first one. Please note, in the event the required exams take longer than 24-months to complete, but your qualifications satisfy re-certification rules, you are still eligible for certification (based on eLC's verification of certain requirements.)

For example, you can bypass the requirement to complete the required exams within 24 months if you can demonstrate at least 18 months of verifiable work experience related to the area of certification within the past 3 years. You can find complete re-certification rules at the end of this page.

What do I get upon earning the DCAM designation?

EDM Council issues digital badges for Accreditation or Certification to all students who complete the DCAM v2 Framework training and exam, respectively. These credentials are a validated presentation of accomplishment, skill and quality. They are managed by a third party providing independent validation of the credentials. The recipient can display the badges in their CV, correspondence signature or on profile sites such as LinkedIn. EDM Councilís accreditation and certification of DCAM are well recognized credentials in the data management profession across multiple industries.

Is re-certification required?


Who governs the DCAM Certification Program?
The DCAM Program is governed by the EDM Council. The EDM Council is the global, non-profit association created to elevate the practice of Data Management as a business and operational priority. The Council is the leading advocate for the development and implementation of Data Standards, Best Practices and comprehensive Training and Certification programs, serving data professionals across multiple industries.