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CDS Registry

Individuals listed as "CDS" and "CDS Ex" met all the requirements of the respective certification, including experience requirements for "CDS Ex". Individuals listed as "CDS +" have earned the CDS designation and met the academic requirements, but had not yet fulfilled the experience requirements of CDS Ex. Individuals listed as "In Progress" have either earned at least one CDS credit or successfully completed the Data Stewardship Fundamentals course and may go on to pursue the CDS designation. To learn more about certification requirements visit the CDS Rulebook.

An asterisk (*) next to certification indicates this student's certification term has expired. Please note, this does not necessarily mean that their certification is no longer valid. It simply means that we have not been able to verify their their re-certification credentials.

This table is updated on a monthly basis. If you need to verify any information related certification please contact us at If you wish to remove your name from this list please contact

NameCertification Cert Date Country
A, PadmajaCDS16-JulINDIA
Abdul Hadi, Abdul HafizCDS20-Dec
Adeva, ElenaCDS16-JunIreland
Agrawal, AkhilCDS18-OctUnited States
Ahmed Amanullah, SuhailCDS Ex16-OctKUWAIT
Al Hanaei, AmeenaCDS *13-OctUnited Arab Emirates
Albert, MaryanneCDS16-MarUnited States
Ali, TabassumCDS16-FebUnited States
Allakki, SandeepCDS Ex13-DecUnited States
Archer, RochelleCDS21-Jan
Awingan, JoyCDS13-DecThe Philippines
Bader, DinaCDS13-SepUnited Arab Emirates
Badzri, ShaizimahCDS20-Sep
Barrett, JamesCDS *18-MarUnited States
Barry, JustinCDS17-NovUnited States
Basur, GobindCDS18-Jul
Bauman, LynnCDS13-DecUnited States
Bebnowski, TomaszCDS13-DecPoland
Becker, SteveCDS20-AprUnited States
Bellin, Nancy JoyceCDS19-OctUnited States
Benedict, Diane VirginiaCDS16-MarUnited States
Bettaglio, RobertoCDS19-MarUnited States
Bhatiani, HarpreetCDS21-May
Bhatt, AsitCDS17-NovUnited States
Bodenstein, ChristianCDS Ex20-JunGermany
Boehme, HeatherCDS15-DecUnited States
Boerrigter, DanielleCDS16-MarUnited States
Boniecki, LukaszCDS18-NovPoland
Bosse, AnniaCDS18-NovUnited States
Brahler, KristenCDS16-MarUnited States
Brock, RobertCDS19-DecUnited States
Broshears, JustinCDS20-Aug
Burgess, JeffCDS18-OctCanada
Burlacu-Timofte, AncaCDS *14-SepRomania
Byham, NickCDS21-Jan
Caggainello, DavidCDS18-OctUnited States
Campbell, LyndaCDS *17-FebCanada
Carlson, TammyCDS Ex21-Jan
Case, EthanCDS18-May
Castellano, Caterina LCDS19-MayUnited States
Castillo Asuncion, LynleeCDS16-JunUnited States
Champagne, AustinCDS20-JanUnited States
Chang, HenryCDS17-Oct
Chater, SimonCDS Ex19-JanSingapore
Chaudhry, YasarCDS18-MayUnited States
Chen, CeleneCDS *16-AprUnited States
Chen, IvyCDS16-JanUnited States
Chick, TeresaCDS18-MarUnited States
Ching, LilyCDS20-Nov
Ching, RoyceCDS21-May
Chow, Wai PunCDS17-AugSingapore
Chrysler, JamesCDS20-Jul
Coleman, JeniferCDS20-JunUnited Kingdom
Cortes, RhinaCDS *14-NovUnited States
Cromie, MarianCDS20-Nov
Cuneo, SarahCDS19-DecUnited States
D'Andrea, RosirCDS21-JanUnited States
Daniels, SusanCDS *15-DecUnited States
Daruvala, MerziCDS13-SepUnited Arab Emirates
Davis, AmberCDS21-Feb
Dawson, JamesCDS13-DecEngland
Delaney, JamesCDS17-FebUnited States
delos Reyes, RichardCDS *15-DecPhilippines
Deltufo, CarolCDS16-Nov
Desmarais, YvetteCDS17-NovUnited States
Diong, JulietCDS20-MayUnited States
Distelhorst, SherryCDS14-JunUnited States
Dooling, ElizabethCDS Ex17-MarUnited States
Doran, TracyCDS +20-FebUnited States
Doyle, LauraCDS17-Aug
Drozd, DeeCDS15-JunUnited States
Duffy, JosephCDS Ex14-MayUnited States
Dunklee, Charles RCDS18-Jul
Dussa, RadhaCDS Ex19-AprAustralia
Duvvuri, ShravanCDS17-MarUnited States
Esposito, DonnaCDS18-Oct
Feldmane, KristineCDS20-Jan
Fillner, LayceCDS *14-MarUnited States
Firican, GeorgeCDS14-JunCanada
Foster, LaniCDS16-NovUnited States
Fournier, PamelaCDS21-Mar
Franck, JessicaCDS *14-AprUnited States
Frankel, ElliotCDS *13-SepUnited States
Fuerte, JojoCDS16-FebThe Philippines
Fuller, LindaCDS15-AugUnited States
Galbraith, JonathonCDS18-SepNorth Ireland
Gallagher, Nichola J.CDS18-SepUnited States
Georgie, ShirleyCDS13-OctUnited Arab Emirates
Ghosh, GargiCDS19-DecUnited States
Giambrone, NicoleCDS20-FebUnited States
Giannattasio, MichaelCDS *17-NovUnited States
Giles, IanCDS Ex20-Oct
Gillis, JudithCDS21-Feb
Giordano, BrunoCDS21-May
Glennon, LindaCDS15-DecUnited States
Godfrey, StefanieCDS Ex20-OctUnited States
Gomez, MathieuCDS *13-NovUnited States
Gopalakrishnan, GopiCDS18-OctUnited States
Gordon, LarissaCDS16-Nov
Gottel, SaraCDS Ex20-MayUnited States
Grier, AlexCDS20-Dec
Grobler, NatalieCDS Ex18-JanUnited States
Gurzaliyeva, UlkarCDS20-May
Gutierrez, LorenzoCDS18-AugUnited States
Gutmanis, RaivisCDS21-Jan
Hameed, TahirCDS *13-JunUnited States
Hardwick, JoyCDS17-DecUnited States
Harper, AnnetteCDS20-Sep
Heirdorn, LaraCDS21-Apr
Hepburn, CyleCDS17-MarUnited States
Higdon, JoshCDS20-Nov
Hoffpauir, JenniferCDS17-Oct
Horton, DarylCDS *14-MayUnited States
Houston, BenitaCDS14-AprUnited States
Howard, RussellCDS16-MarUnited States
Hufstetler, TimothyCDS Ex20-OctUnited States
Hughes, NickCDS14-JunJapan
Hyunjin, KimCDS18-OctUnited States
Iannone, RobertCDS18-OctUnited States
Imre, BalazsCDS *13-DecHungary
Isaacs, SheikCDS17-DecUnited States
Ismail, Mohd IkhwanCDS20-Jun
Jabir, MohammadCDS *13-OctUnited Arab Emirates
Jagger, JeeteshCDS16-AugUnited States
Janiec, GrzegorzCDS18-AprPoland
Javier, IrisCDS *17-AugPhilippines
Jen, ChristopherCDS18-OctUnited States
Jeziorski, LukaszCDS18-NovPoland
Jhawar, ShreyashCDS18-OctUnited States
Johnson, MelissaCDS *15-DecUnited States
Jones, ShawnCDS Ex21-Feb
Kaim, SebastianCDS15-AugPoland
Kaladjian, MichaelCDS18-OctUnited States
Kalinin, XeniyaCDS18-JunUnited States
Kampen, PaulCDS14-OctUnited States
Kanhere, AnandCDS18-AprIndia
Karam, GeorgeCDS *16-OctUNITED STATES
Katason, MeghanCDS19-MarUnited States
Kaur Jaggi, JaspreetCDS Ex19-MarUnited States
Keenan, MichelleCDS21-Jan
Keiffer, SandraCDS Ex21-Feb
Kelly, DanielCDS +21-Feb
Kelly, KevinCDS *18-MarUnited States
Khan, AnayatCDS21-Apr
Khan, NaziaCDS *16-OctUAE
Kim, YounghwaCDS *17-DecSingapore
Kindya, NancyCDS15-NovUnited States
King, CharlesCDS19-JanUnited States
Kleinberga, JanaCDS18-DecLatvia
Kocijan, KristinaCDS16-JunCROATIA
Koiksaar, VirgeCDS18-DecEstonia
Kompella, JayaCDS17-JanINDIA
Kooiman-Hockenstein, BenjaminCDS18-OctUnited States
Kosior, PiotrCDS *13-DecPoland
Krawczyk, PawelCDS13-DecPoland
Krinninger, ScottCDS Ex18-JulUnited States
Ku, JoannaCDS17-Aug
Kumar, ShambhaviCDS *17-DecSingapore
Kuta, MarcCDS20-Jul
Kyaw, OkkarCDS14-SepSingapore
Lai, Yong-LongCDS20-Dec
Laicane, IevaCDS18-DecLatvia
Lamkhade, DheerajCDS21-May
Langford, SoniaCDS Ex20-AugAustralia
Langston, JessicaCDS *17-Jul
Lash, DouglasCDS20-May
Le, JamesCDS Ex19-SepCanada
Leung, WinnieCDS17-OctAustralia
Leverette, ThomasCDS20-NovUnited States
Lively, MarkCDS20-Sep
LoGiudice, JohnCDS20-Jul
Louie, BillCDS18-OctUnited States
Lucas, MaryCDS19-MarUnited States
Lui, KenCDS17-MayCanada
Luo, SylvieCDS19-MayUnited States
Lutter, SteveCDS Ex15-JunUnited States
Lyn, KatherineCDS14-JulUnited States
Madabattula, MurthyCDS18-JunUnited States
Mak, ReginaCDS19-SepUnited States
Marasia, JenniferCDS *14-AugUnited States
Margand, DrewCDS19-JunUnited States
Mariano, Maria ElenaCDS14-DecThe Philippines
Marin, MarivelCDS *13-DecUnited States
Massaro, MarkCDS16-FebUnited States
Maydanchik, OlgaCDS Ex13-SepUnited States
McBride, ClayCDS19-SepUnited States
Md Yusof, Dr MazniCDS20-Sep
Melloy, KenCDS Ex20-Aug
Millican, BarbaraCDS Ex17-DecUnited States
Mohammad, HamadCDS *13-OctUnited Arab Emirates
Mooney, RobertCDS15-MarIreland
Mouchka, DorineCDS Ex20-SepUnited States
Mozuraitis, PovilasCDS19-JanLithuania
Mudigonda, SuryaCDS19-JulUnited States
Mulligan, KevinCDS16-DecUnited States
Murphy, Michael T.CDS16-FebUnited States
Murray, MaureenCDS *18-MarUnited States
Nath, Shiva VrataCDS18-MayINDIA
Nichols, KeshaCDS16-SepUnited States
Nims, PamCDS15-MarUnited States
Noor, Noorma MohdCDS20-Sep
Oberemok, AndreyCDS14-JulRussia
Ogabang, DongCDS17-Sep Philippines
Okoko, MichaelCDS *15-NovKenya
Olon, MarieCDS20-AugUnited States
Orias, CindyCDS15-OctPhilippines
Paine, TaraCDS20-Nov
Papaeconomou, DeborahCDS19-Jan
Parekh, ZainabCDS18-OctUnited States
Parrotta, PatCDS18-OctUnited States
Pasman, ArnoCDS18-AugNetherlands
Patel, ChaitaliCDS17-Jul
Patel, RajeshCDS19-JulUnited States
Peters, MichaelCDS Ex20-Aug
Phillips, Mary A.CDS *18-MarUnited States
Poh, CarolineCDS +19-JanSingapore
Potnuru, SumanthCDS14-AugUnited States
Power, DanCDS17-Aug
Price, RogerCDS13-JunUnited States
Psotny, DusanCDS14-JunCzech Republic
R, Saravana KumarCDS Ex15-DecIndia
Ramune Herman, RomaCDS20-Jun
Ranganathan, ShankarCDS21-Mar
Rapaka, RaniCDS19-MayUnited States
Ravech, RobinCDS20-Apr
Ravins, TomassCDS20-JulLatvia
Rawat, RichaCDS21-MayIndia
Reid, TracyCDS Ex16-MayUnited States
Reinhard, DanielCDS *15-AprUnited States
Reitmeier, TaylorCDS18-MarUNITED STATES
Renner, DeborahCDS14-NovUnited States
Richmond, JohnCDS21-Jan
Rich-Shea, LewisCDS17-AugUnited States
Riley, LoisCDS18-Jun
Robbins, ErinCDS19-DecUnited States
Roberts, DeniseCDS14-SepUnited States
Rodriquez, MayraCDS20-Nov
Russell, DarrenCDS20-MarUnited Kingdom
Sahib, DavidCDS15-JunUnited States
Saifuddin, KartinaCDS17-AugUnited States
Salamani, RachelCDS15-MarUnited Arab Emirates
Saldanha, GodfreyCDS *16-Feb
Sarao, StephenCDS14-NovUnited States
Sarmiento, MarsCDS16-JulPhilippines
Savasta, LauraCDS16-Jan
Save, NayanaCDS13-SepUnited Arab Emirates
Savedra, AndrewCDS18-OctUnited States
Schreiber, PhilipCDS18-OctUnited States
Seabolt-Brown, BethCDS19-DecUnited States
Severinovskaya, MarinaCDS13-SepUnited States
Shanmugasundaram, ThirusenthilCDS *17-NovSingapore
Sharma, LokeshCDS18-MaySingapore
Sharma, SatyendraCDS16-MarUnited States
Shehab, MarwaCDS13-AugUnited States
Shenkin, BrianCDS16-JanUnited States
Sherman, DouglasCDS13-DecUnited States
Shimpi, PoojaCDS19-JanSingapore
Simwa, RogerCDS14-JanUnited States
Singh, JagmeetCDS Ex13-SepUnited States
Skudutyte, AineCDS20-Sep
Smith, CourtneyCDS16-OctUnited States
Smith, DavidCDS19-MayUnited States
Smith, HelenCDS20-JunUnited Kingdom
Smith, MikeCDS18-OctUnited States
Solikhin, Nadiah AhmadCDS20-Sep
Sortemos, AstridCDS17-DecDenmark
Staunton, MichaelCDS Ex20-MayIreland
Stevens, MichaelCDS18-JunUnited States
Stevens, StewartCDS Ex19-SepUnited Kingdom
Stormo, BrianCDS18-JulUnited States
Sujka, MarcinCDS Ex14-AugPoland
Sy, BrianCDS15-OctThe Philippines
Syazwani, IlinaCDS20-Sep
Szafarz, RadoslawCDS19-MarPoland
Talbot, JohnCDS20-SepUnited Kingdom
Tallant, SabrinaCDS18-JulUnited States
Tan, JonathanCDS18-OctUnited States
Tatke, AnishCDS15-OctIndia
Tautges, MichaellaCDS +15-NovUnited States
Terapane, BrianCDS16-FebUnited States
Ternullo, SalvatoreCDS17-AprUnited States
Thammaboosadee, SotaratCDS20-JanThailand
Thejaswi, RajCDS16-JunUnited States
Therien, SylvainCDS16-MarCanada
Tonk, SachinCDS21-Apr
Tucker, KennethCDS20-Dec
Tuteja, DeeptiCDS20-MarUnited States
Tuvilleja, MichelleCDS19-MarPhilippines
Twardzik, ShannonCDS Ex18-Jul
Tzivelekas, MarcCDS21-Apr
Ulbricht, StevenCDS18-OctUnited States
Ulyanov, EgorCDS13-NovRussia
Urrutia, DarianaCDS15-SepMexico
Van Eyck, MalcolmCDS Ex21-JanThe Netherlands
Vasil, JosephCDS *16-OctUnited States
Velez, PatricioCDS14-JulUnited States
Vieleers, KickCDS18-SepThe Netherlands
Voight, PatriciaCDS Ex15-MarUnited States
Voyles, LisaCDS21-Feb
Walewski, PawelCDS13-DecPoland
Wang, HollisCDS19-FebUnited States
Watson, WendyCDS *17-MarUnited States
Westray, JudithCDS16-JanUnited States
Whynacht, JanetCDS16-Feb
Wieckowski, MariuszCDS *18-AprPoland
Willows-Rough, RobinCDS21-Apr
Winters, MaryCDS Ex19-AprUnited States
Wyer, StevenCDS Ex20-AprNetherlands
Xu, XiaocunCDS15-DecUnited States
Yap, JennyCDS +19-JanSingapore
Yeo, KarenCDS +19-JanSingapore
Yoder, BrianCDS19-JunUnited States
Zakaria, Noor FazilahCDS20-Oct
Zhao, AngelaCDS20-May
Zhao, Bao GangCDS17-DecSingapore
Ziritt-Hauser, GabriellaCDS17-Oct
Zubel, MartaCDS15-JanPoland