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Onsite Education + eLearning: a Perfect Combination

eLearning is quickly becoming the most popular mode for enterprise information management education due to its superior scalability and cost effectiveness. However, there are situations where interacting with an instructor face-to-face is preferable.

Still, "live" learning also has its challenges. Students get one shot to absorb the material, and everyone, regardless of background and learning style, is forced to learn at the same pace. Enter eLearningCurve OnsitePlus, a unique combination of onsite and online education.

Bring eLearningCurve’s information management courses to your place of business for interactive and engaging live sessions with our world-class instructors where students can dig down into complex topics in a team environment. After the session, each student is enrolled in the online version of the course to review the material and go more in-depth into the topic on their own.

This combination of live instruction with online study will solidify comprehension and boost information retention, providing you superior value over other onsite education programs at a comparable cost.

You may also enroll students in online CIMP exams which is a great way to gauge comprehension of course material, get detailed feedback, and identify areas for further review. The exams ensure that your company’s money was well spent, and that the students genuinely understand the topic.

Most eLearningCurve's online courses are available for OnsitePlus in North America. Our enterprise solutions customers qualify for special extra discounts.

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