Skills for Analytics: The Language of Data Visualization

Data visualization is at the heart of analytics. It's the thing that lets us take large volumes of complex data and make it understandable and be able to analyze it effectively. Yet, data visualization is frequently misunderstood.

We often think of data visualization as simply the creation of charts and graphs, something that most people can do with a few quick clicks in Excel. But it takes more than that to create effective visuals.

We need two kinds of data visualization skills. We need the skills to create visuals, the equivalent of writing, and we need the skills to understand those visuals, the equivalent of reading.

In this short video clip Dave Wells discusses data visualization skills, with an emphasis on reading and interpreting visuals.

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Customer Story

"My company purchased this training when I first started in Data Quality…I found the courses extremely relevant and they filled in all the blanks and completed the big picture that I needed to move forward as a Data Quality Professional. The tests were very challenging and certainly provided validation that I had learned the material. I feel there is no question that I’m prepared for more complex and in-depth projects now."

Kenneth Uber, CIMP – Data Quality, United States

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