Analytics-based Enterprise Performance Management

Many organizations are far from where they want and need to be with improving performance, and they apply intuition, rather than hard data, when making decisions. Enterprise and corporate performance management (EPM/CPM) is now viewed as the seamless integration of managerial methods.

Each method can be turbocharged by embedding in them business intelligence (BI) and business analytics (BA) of all flavors. These can include correlation, segmentation, associations, and regression analysis and especially predictive analytics.

This 4-hour online course
describes how to implement the full vision of analytics-based enterprise performance management to improve organizational performance.

You will learn:

  • How to view enterprise and corporate performance management (EPM/CPM) as the seamless integration of managerial methods rather than as a process
  • How business analytics is an advance over business intelligence and where Big Data fits in
  • How to identify and differentiate strategic KPIs in a balance scorecard and operational performance indicators (PIs) in dashboards
  • How to properly calculate product, service-line, channel, and customer profitability for analysis, insights and actions
  • How to perform “predictive accounting” for capacity-sensitive driver-based budgets / rolling financial forecasts, what-if analysis, and outsourcing decisions
  • How to overcome implementation barriers such as behavioral resistance to change and fear of being held accountable

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