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CIMP Programs are popular around the globe, with 650+ certified professionals in 50+ countries. The table below lists individuals who demonstrated extensive expertise by passing one or more challenging certification exams.

Individuals listed as "CIMP" and "CIMP Ex" met all the requirements of the respective certification, including experience requirements for "CIMP Ex". Individuals listed as "CIMP +" have earned the CIMP designation and met the academic requirements, but had not yet fulfilled the experience requirements of CIMP Ex. Individuals listed as "In Progress" have successfully completed at least one exam and may go on to pursue the CIMP designation. To learn more about certification requirements visit the CIMP Rulebook.

An asterisk (*) next to certification indicates this student's certification term has expired. Please note, this does not necessarily mean that their certification is no longer valid. It simply means that we have not been able to verify their re-certification credentials.

This table is updated on a monthly basis. If you need to verify any information related certification please contact us at

NameCertification Track Cert Date Country
A, PadmajaCIMPIM Foundations17-OctINDIA
A, VinothIn Progress
Abad, Harry JamesIn Progress
Abu Obid Allah, WafaaCIMP *Master Data Management11-AprUnited Arab Emirates
Abugadallah, MohammedIn Progress
Ackerman, BrianCIMPData Quality12-DecUnited States
Ackey, DodeCIMPData Quality12-NovUnited States
Acosta, DayrinIn Progress
Adams, KatherineIn Progress
Adeva, ElenaIn Progress
Adeyosoye, RoyIn Progress
Adusumilli, RajaniCIMP *Data Quality11-AprIndia
Afable, MikIn Progress
Afolabi, AbimbolaCIMPData Quality17-AugCanada
Agarwal, GulshanIn Progress
Agarwal, NiranjanIn Progress
Agarwal, SheetalCIMPData Quality14-JulIndia
Agarwal, VishalIn Progress
Agas, HeideCIMP *Data Quality12-DecUnited States
Agas, HeideCIMP *Data Governance12-DecUnited States
Aggarwal, RajeevIn Progress
Agrawal, VipinCIMPData Quality14-DecIndia
Aguiar, JudyCIMPData Governance15-DecUnited States
Aguirre Garcia, AdrianaIn Progress
Aguja, ChiquiIn Progress
Ahrens, CourtneyIn Progress
Ahuanlla, ElenaCIMP *IM Foundations13-OctCanada
Airs, MarkIn Progress
Akeju, KoredeCIMPData Quality15-AugUnited States
Akintobi, OlufemiIn Progress
Al Ansari, WafaIn Progress
Al Baloushi, KhaledCIMP *IM Foundations12-MarUnited Arab Emirates
Al Dablan, MuneerahCIMP +Data Modeling & Metadata15-FebSaudi Arabia
Al Dablan, MuneerahCIMP *IM Foundations15-JanSaudi Arabia
Al Dablan, MuneerahCIMPData Quality15-FebSaudi Arabia
Al Dablan, MuneerahCIMPMaster Data Management15-FebSaudi Arabia
Al Dobaib, SulimanCIMPIM Foundations15-JanSaudi Arabia
Al Hanaei, AmeenaIn Progress
Al Hosani, SalemIn Progress
Al Muhanna, IbraheemCIMPIM Foundations15-FebSaudi Arabia
Al Oud, KhuloudCIMP *IM Foundations15-JanSaudi Arabia
Al Oud, KhuloudCIMP *Data Quality15-FebSaudi Arabia
Al Oud, KhuloudCIMP *Data Modeling & Metadata15-FebSaudi Arabia
Al Oud, KhuloudCIMP *Master Data Management15-FebSaudi Arabia
Alarcon, AuroraCIMPMaster Data Management15-JulUnited States
Alawani, ShrihariCIMPData Quality16-JanINDIA
Albert, MaryanneCIMP ExData Quality12-NovUnited States
Albert, MaryanneCIMPData Governance12-NovUnited States
alde, Jeremy AnnIn Progress
Alderson, RobertCIMPData Governance16-Nov
Alejo, TaniIn Progress
Alexander, BruceIn Progress
Alfaro, JenniferCIMP *Data Quality12-JunCosta Rica
Ali, TabassumIn Progress
ALibrahim, MosabCIMP ExData Quality17-NovKuwait
Allakki, SandeepCIMP ExData Quality12-DecUnited States
Allakki, SandeepCIMPData Governance12-DecUnited States
Allakki, SandeepCIMPIM Foundations15-AprUnited States
Allamaneni, JwalaIn Progress
Allemann, KerryCIMPData Quality17-SepSouth Africa
Allen, TroyIn Progress
Allport, ChristianIn Progress
Almasi, SzabolcsCIMP *Data Quality13-JunHungary
Al-Medaires, AbdulazizCIMP *IM Foundations15-JanSaudi Arabia
Almutairi, SoudIn Progress
Alonzo, ChesterIn Progress
Alp, SuleCIMP Ex*IM Foundations13-JanCanada
Alsabak, AudayIn Progress
Alshihabi, OmarIn Progress
Alsol, John AbrahamIn Progress
Alstead, LynnCIMPData Integration17-MayUnited States
Altabtebai, LamyaIn Progress
Alvarez Corona, Juana JanettCIMP Ex*Data Quality14-JanMexico
Alvestad, NicoleCIMPData Quality12-DecUnited States
Amam, SritejaIn Progress
Amanullah, SuhailIn Progress
Amaranayani, VikasIn Progress
Amick, JoelIn Progress
Anand, AbhishekhIn Progress
Anandalai Nagarajan, SrinathIn Progress
Anbalahan, SivamalarCIMP *Data Quality13-DecMalaysia
Ancheta, Cayzel MayIn Progress
Andrade, RomanCIMP ExData Quality12-JanMexico
Andrade, RomanCIMPData Governance12-JanMexico
Andrade, RomanCIMPBusiness Intelligence15-MarMexico
Andrzejczak, BartlomiejIn Progress
Anguiano Gómez, Adriana CeciliaIn Progress
Animwaah, BervelynIn Progress
Ansari, ThameemIn Progress
Anumalasetti, SudheerIn Progress
Apthorpe, LyndonIn Progress
Apuang, AlvinIn Progress
Aquino, EmilyCIMPData Quality14-DecUnited States
Aquino, EsterIn Progress
Arang, Kristine GraceIn Progress
Arano, BernadetteIn Progress
Arciga, RJCIMPData Quality18-FebPhilippines
Arida, AngelicaIn Progress
Arikan, BurakCIMPData Modeling & Metadata15-MayUnited States
Arinduque, HazelIn Progress
Arriola, ChristianCIMPData Quality14-FebPhilippines
Arroyo-Lee Sing, ReneeCIMPData Governance15-DecUnited States
Ashburn, LauraIn Progress
Ashour, AbdelkarimIn Progress
Aude, DonCIMPData Quality15-DecUnited States
Augustyniak, MichalCIMPData Quality16-FebPOLAND
Aure, KringIn Progress
Avila, JonathanIn Progress
Awingan, JoyCIMP *Data Quality13-AugThe Philippines
Axibal, EdelizaIn Progress
Ayzenberg, EugeneCIMP *Data Quality14-DecUnited States
Baball, KevinCIMPData Quality12-SepUnited States
Baca, LynneIn Progress
Bader, DinaIn Progress
Bafna, RahulCIMPData Quality17-NovIndia
Bagchi, SusmitaIn Progress
Baha Eldin, IsmailIn Progress
Bahri, ZakCIMPBusiness Intelligence15-NovUnited States
Bailey, RandyIn Progress
Bajamunde, RenanIn Progress
Balakrishnan, Ashok KumarIn Progress
Balbarona, RienaIn Progress
Baldan, LeighIn Progress
Baldioceda, LouisIn Progress
Baldwin, CharlesIn Progress
Baldwin, JesseIn Progress
Baliga, GaneshCIMP *Master Data Management13-DecIndia
Ballesteros, ChristianCIMP *Data Quality14-JanPhilippines
Ballot, AnnaCIMPData Quality17-OctIreland
Bandal, AdonisIn Progress
Banson, Mary JaneIn Progress
Banuls, LuisCIMPData Quality12-JulUnited States
Barber, AndriaCIMP ExData Quality16-MayUnited States
Barber, AndriaCIMPIM Foundations16-AprUnited States
Barber, AndriaCIMPMaster Data Management16-MayUnited States
Barber, AndriaCIMPData Integration16-JunUnited States
Barber, AndriaCIMPData Warehousing16-JunUnited States
Barna, AndreiIn Progress
Barot, KaushikCIMPData Governance13-JulIndia
Barrett, JamesIn Progress
Barry, JustinIn Progress
Bartczak, GustavoCIMP *IM Foundations14-JanUnited States
Basa, SuzetteIn Progress
Basha, NowshadIn Progress
Basibas, RhanceeIn Progress
Basnet, KamanaIn Progress
Basu, SumandaCIMP ExData Quality12-OctUnited States
Basu, SumandaCIMPData Governance11-OctUnited States
Bauman, LynnCIMPData Quality12-JunUnited States
Bautista, ApolonioIn Progress
Beach, AnnCIMP *Data Quality10-FebUnited States
Bebnowski, TomaszCIMPData Quality13-DecPoland
Beck, KathyCIMPMaster Data Management13-OctCanada
Beeram, PraveenaIn Progress
Begnini, FilippoIn Progress
Begoc, ErwanCIMPMaster Data Management15-JunFrance
Beiersdorf, DeborahIn Progress
Belang, ThatoCIMPData Governance17-DecSouth Africa
Belanger, DeniseIn Progress
Belmonte, NatashaIn Progress
Benedict, Diane VirginiaIn Progress
Benito Patricio, AntonioCIMPBusiness Intelligence16-JanMéxico
Benski, DawidIn Progress
Benson, NildaIn Progress
Bentley, LisaIn Progress
Berman, JeannetteCIMPData Quality16-AugUnited States
Bermio, KateIn Progress
Bernard, FrederickCIMPData Governance16-NovUnited Kingdom
Berry, AmitIn Progress
Berry, RyanCIMP ExData Governance17-MayUnited Kingdom
Bespalova, SvetlanaIn Progress
Bess, DevinCIMPData Warehousing15-OctUnited States
Betancourt, GustavoIn Progress
Bettaglio, RobertoCIMPData Quality17-Aug
Bhagwat, MandarIn Progress
Bhandaru, AdityaIn Progress
Bhasin, SumeetCIMP ExData Quality17-JanUnited States
Bhatnagar, AjayIn Progress
Bhatt, AshishIn Progress
Bhatt, AsitCIMPData Quality17-NovUnited States
Bhomia, SiddharthaIn Progress
Bibi, JedidaCIMPBusiness Intelligence17-JanSouth Africa
Bicak, TomasCIMPData Quality15-SepIreland
Bieniek, MarcinCIMPData Quality14-DecPoland
Bihari, MariannaCIMPMaster Data Management17-SepHungary
Bin Amer Bilwail, AhmedIn Progress
Bin Hulaiyel, AbdulazizCIMP *IM Foundations15-JanSaudi Arabia
Binarao, Buddy JamesCIMPData Quality15-OctPhilippines
Bishop, DianeCIMPData Quality15-AugUnited States
Bishop, EzekielIn Progress
Bisht, SiddharthIn Progress
Blanco Flores, EnriqueCIMPData Quality16-OctUnited States
Blank, MichaelCIMP *Data Quality13-JulUnited States
Blay, LisaIn Progress
Bluma, KristineIn Progress
Bobak, AngeloCIMP +Master Data Management15-AprUnited States
Bobak, AngeloCIMPData Quality15-AprUnited States
Bodden, DavidIn Progress
Bodura, JoannaCIMPData Quality12-DecPoland
Boehm, ChristopherIn Progress
Boehme, HeatherIn Progress
Boerrigter, DanielleCIMPData Governance16-MarUnited States
Bogusz, MarcinIn Progress
Bonafede, MikeIn Progress
Bongalon, MilanieIn Progress
Boniecki, LukaszCIMPData Quality17-OctPoland
Boone, MyehshaIn Progress
Booth, MarcusIn Progress
Booth, MichelleIn Progress
Borkowski, MaciejCIMPBusiness Intelligence17-DecPoland
Bostwick, GreggCIMP ExMaster Data Management13-MayUnited States
Botos, PeterIn Progress
Boucher, PhilipCIMPData Quality16-JunUnited States
Boudreaux, KyleIn Progress
Bowen, PaulaIn Progress
Bowes, MischaCIMPMaster Data Management16-DecUNITED KINGDOM
Bowling, AlanIn Progress
Boyd, JasonCIMPData Quality15-AugUnited States
Bradley, AlistairCIMP *Data Quality13-MarUnited States
Brady, AmandaIn Progress
Brahler, KristenIn Progress
Bramson, BrianCIMPData Quality11-JunUnited States
Branca, YolandaIn Progress
Brand, DirkIn Progress
Branham, DeanneIn Progress
Brasse, AntonioIn Progress
Braxton, DonaldCIMP ExData Quality16-FebUnited States
Breugem, MarcIn Progress
Brevik, SarahIn Progress
Briody, NeillCIMPData Quality15-JanIreland
Briones-Lucas, Therese AmaraIn Progress
Brookman, MichaelIn Progress
Brooks, LisaCIMP *Data Quality12-SepUnited States
Brown, CamilleIn Progress
Brown, KevinCIMP *Data Integration11-FebUnited States
Brown, LaurieCIMP *Master Data Management13-MayUnited States
Brown, MayishaIn Progress
Brown, StuartCIMP ExData Governance13-MarAustralia
Brown, TsahaiCIMPData Quality12-SepUnited States
Buffington, DebraCIMP *Data Quality15-FebUnited States
Bugasto, CriseldaIn Progress
Bulauitan, TheresaCIMPData Governance15-JanCanada
Burke, EllenCIMP *Data Modeling & Metadata15-FebIreland
Burke, Mary KayIn Progress
Burlacu-Timofte, AncaIn Progress
Burns, LaurenCIMP *Data Quality11-DecUnited States
Burrill, SanthaCIMPMaster Data Management16-JunCanada
Burroughs, SheilaCIMPIM Foundations17-Aug
Burton, JackieIn Progress
Busto, Anthony JohnCIMPData Quality13-JulThe Philippines
Butler, AnnieIn Progress
Butters, JohnCIMPData Governance15-FebEngland
Cabalang, Lizette JoyIn Progress
Cabanawan, Carlo LuigiIn Progress
Cabardo, JannetteCIMPData Quality15-AugPhilippines
Cabe, Edgar JeffersonIn Progress
Cabrera, IsaacCIMPMaster Data Management13-NovCanada
Cabrera, IsaacCIMPData Quality17-JulCanada
Cabrera, JulioCIMPData Modeling & Metadata12-DecUnited States
Cabrido, PierreIn Progress
Caggainello, DavidCIMPData Quality17-DecUnited States
Cain, KimberlyIn Progress
Calvo, AlbertoCIMPData Quality12-AprCosta Rica
Camacho, NataliaIn Progress
Cambridge, StacyIn Progress
Cameron, SuzetteCIMPData Quality11-DecUnited States
Campbell, LyndaIn Progress
Campbell, MonicaCIMPData Quality12-SepUnited States
Campos Correa, AdrianaIn Progress
Capulong, CarolIn Progress
Caravella, JosephIn Progress
Cardiello, JoeIn Progress
Cardoso, EliaIn Progress
Carletti, AlessandroIn Progress
Carlson, KarolynIn Progress
Carlson, RobertCIMPIM Foundations13-AprUnited States
Carriere, NicoleCIMP ExData Quality13-FebCanada
Cartier, AntonyIn Progress
Caruso, BiancaIn Progress
Caruso, DeborahCIMPData Quality17-Sep
Casabuena, IanIn Progress
Case, EthanIn Progress
Cashyn, TeresaCIMP *Data Quality12-DecUnited States
Castanho, MarceloIn Progress
Castano, SusanaIn Progress
Castens, SusieIn Progress
Castillo, OliveIn Progress
Castillo Asuncion, LynleeIn Progress
Cayabyab, NoelIn Progress
Cedillo de los Santos, PamelaCIMPIM Foundations15-NovMEXICO
Celi, CieriCIMPData Quality14-OctThe Philippines
Cempron, Rachel TanyaIn Progress
Centeno, Baby-AngelineIn Progress
Chacon, MarcoCIMPData Quality11-JulUnited States
Chai, Hsin YiIn Progress
Chalasani, HemanaliniIn Progress
Chalifour, JasonIn Progress
Chan, VictoriaIn Progress
Chaney, SusanIn Progress
Chang, HenryCIMPData Quality17-Jan
Chang, TommyIn Progress
Chapman, BarbaraIn Progress
Chapman, MattCIMP +IM Foundations16-DecUnited States
Chapman, MattCIMP +Data Modeling & Metadata17-FebUnited States
Chapman, MattCIMPData Quality17-FebUnited States
Chapman, MattCIMPData Integration17-FebUnited States
Chatterjee, ArijitCIMPData Quality14-AugSingapore
Chaudhry, YasarCIMPData Quality11-DecUnited States
Chavan, VaishaliIn Progress
Chavez, VeronicaIn Progress
Chavva, SrinivasCIMPData Quality12-SepUnited States
Chen, CeleneIn Progress
Chen, IvyIn Progress
Chen, JessicaCIMPData Quality14-DecUnited States
Cheng, GenevieveCIMP *Data Quality14-JanThe Philippines
Chhina, BeerinderCIMPData Quality14-NovCanada
Chiang, PeterIn Progress
Chick, TeresaIn Progress
Chidanand, RachanaCIMPData Governance16-MayUnited States
Chinnachamy, TamilinianCIMP *Master Data Management12-SepUnited States
Choa, RaymondIn Progress
Chodosz, DorotaIn Progress
Chow, SarahIn Progress
Chow, Wai PunCIMPData Quality17-AugSingapore
Chowdhury, JullyCIMPData Warehousing17-NovSingapore
Christakos, PaulIn Progress
Christensen, JeffCIMPMaster Data Management15-Apr
Christensen, MajaIn Progress
Chughtai, KamranCIMPData Governance12-JulEngland
Chung, Kris YCIMPIM Foundations13-MayUnited States
Ciaccia, RinoIn Progress
Ciancio, AnthonyIn Progress
Cierkonski, MichalCIMPData Quality15-FebPoland
Ciperski, BlakeCIMPData Quality12-NovUnited States
Clark, MelissaIn Progress
Clayton, CarolineCIMP *IM Foundations14-OctUnited Kingdom
Cline, JosephCIMP *Master Data Management10-OctUnited States
Co, WalterIn Progress
Coetzer, SarelIn Progress
Cola Yadavanarayanan, HemalathaIn Progress
Collins, JamesCIMP *Data Quality14-AugIreland
Connelly, ShawnCIMPData Quality13-OctUnited States
Connolly, ElaineIn Progress
Cordero Grau, SergioIn Progress
Coronel, RicardoIn Progress
Corrigan, ChristopherCIMPData Governance12-AugUnited States
Corrigan, PaulIn Progress
Cortes, RhinaCIMPData Quality14-NovUnited States
Couillard, FrancoisIn Progress
Counce, DavidCIMP *Data Quality11-DecUnited States
Cox, NickIn Progress
Cramer, MarkIn Progress
Crane, DavidIn Progress
Creek, StephenIn Progress
Crookes, CarolCIMPMaster Data Management17-AugUnited Kingdom
Cruz, Marvin JosephIn Progress
Cruz, Renato Jr.In Progress
Cruz, Zheela MarieIn Progress
Cuevillas, KristineIn Progress
Cully, CarolCIMP *Data Governance12-JanUnited States
Curley, EmilyCIMPIM Foundations12-DecUnited States
Curran, BrianCIMPData Quality16-MayUnited Kingdom
Curtis, TalithaIn Progress
Custodio, LuisIn Progress
Czechowski, AndrzejCIMP *Data Governance12-NovPoland
Czyz, AnnaCIMP *Data Quality14-JunPoland
Dagerman, LisaIn Progress
Dagnone, DonaldoCIMP *Data Quality13-MayBrazil
Dagnone, DonaldoCIMPMaster Data Management17-MarBrazil
Dajoya, KatherineIn Progress
Daltrey, JulieCIMP ExData Quality17-MarGREAT BRITAN
Daltrey, JulieCIMPMaster Data Management17-MayGREAT BRITAN
Daltrey, JulieCIMPData Governance17-AugGREAT BRITAN
Daltrey, JulieCIMPIM Foundations17-SepGREAT BRITAN
Daltrey, JulieCIMPData Modeling & Metadata17-SepGREAT BRITAN
Daniels, SusanIn Progress
D'Antonio, MichaelIn Progress
Dao, DebbieIn Progress
Dara, VenkataIn Progress
Darson, SarahCIMPData Quality17-JunUnited States
Daruvala, MerziIn Progress
Das, SuvenduCIMPData Quality11-AugIndia
Davis, AdamIn Progress
Davis, JennaCIMPData Warehousing15-OctUnited States
Davis, KatherineIn Progress
Daware, ShriramCIMPIM Foundations16-JulINDIA
Dawson, JamesCIMP ExData Quality12-SepEngland
Dawson, JamesCIMPData Governance12-SepEngland
De Beer, HannesCIMPMaster Data Management14-SepSouth Africa
De Castro, Teresa AnnIn Progress
De Keyzer, MichielCIMPData Governance10-NovBelgium
De Los Santos, ChimensyIn Progress
De Luna, ArnaleeIn Progress
De Poerck, BrunoCIMPBusiness Intelligence14-JunUnited Kingdom
DeBique, RoseIn Progress
deBoer, GaryIn Progress
Decca, ShaileshIn Progress
Deffendall, GaryCIMP *Master Data Management14-MayUnited States
Deffendall, GaryCIMP *Data Quality14-OctUnited States
Dehgan, NahidIn Progress
Dehnad, DariusCIMP *Data Quality14-MayUnited States
DeJohn, SusanCIMP *IM Foundations14-OctUnited States
DeKenipp, PatCIMP ExData Quality11-OctUnited States
DeKenipp, PatCIMPData Governance11-OctUnited States
del Nido, LuisIn Progress
Delacruz, RonCIMPData Quality12-DecUnited States
Delacruz, RonCIMPData Governance14-NovUnited States
Delacruz, RonCIMPIM Foundations17-JunUnited States
Delaney, JamesIn Progress
DelBianco, StevenCIMPData Governance11-NovUnited States
Delen, HenriksenIn Progress
Delery, KianaCIMPData Integration17-DecUnited States
Delgado, MaribelIn Progress
Della Torre, JuanIn Progress
Dell'arciprete, ValeriaIn Progress
delos Reyes, RichardCIMPData Quality15-MayPhilippines
Deltufo, CarolIn Progress
Denyer, PeterIn Progress
Descalsota, AngelineIn Progress
Deshmukh, PradipIn Progress
Desmarais, YvetteIn Progress
Desorcy, DavidIn Progress
DeVenuti, JosephCIMPData Governance16-Aug
Devi, ArunaIn Progress
Dey, SaugatCIMPIM Foundations14-AprAustralia
Dey, SaugatCIMPData Quality14-SepAustralia
Dey, SaugatCIMPMaster Data Management14-SepAustralia
Dhillon, ReshamIn Progress
Di Vito, AlejandraIn Progress
Diaz, WandaCIMPData Quality15-AprUnited States
Diaz Velazquez, DanielCIMP ExData Modeling & Metadata16-OctMexico
Diaz Velazquez, DanielCIMP ExData Warehousing16-SepMexico
Diaz Velazquez, DanielCIMPData Quality16-FebMexico
Diaz Velazquez, DanielCIMPData Integration16-JulMexico
Dibuseng, PetrusCIMPData Governance17-JunSouth Africa
Dillidurai, JagannathIn Progress
Dimapilis, MeiIn Progress
Dimayuga, JhoanaIn Progress
Dimitrion, GenevyIn Progress
Distelhorst, SherryIn Progress
Dittmeier, KeithCIMPData Quality16-MayUnited States
Dizon, JonnaIn Progress
Dogan, ErkanCIMPData Governance18-FebTurkey
Doherty, ChristopherIn Progress
Doku, RudiIn Progress
Dollentas, Jomar ChristianIn Progress
Domante, JohnCIMPData Governance17-MayUnited States
Donegan, DarrenIn Progress
Dong, WeiCIMP *Data Quality12-SepUnited States
Dongre, KushalCIMPIM Foundations17-DecIreland
Dooling, ElizabethIn Progress
Doraibabu, BalajiIn Progress
Doran, GregIn Progress
Dorsey, JaiIn Progress
Doyle, JamesCIMP ExIM Foundations12-SepCanada
Doyle, LauraIn Progress
Drapp, PaulaIn Progress
Draycott, PaulIn Progress
Drozd, DeeCIMPData Governance15-JunUnited States
Du, HongCIMPBusiness Intelligence17-NovUnited States
Dudley, SpencerIn Progress
Duffy, JosephCIMP ExData Quality13-SepUnited States
Duffy, JosephCIMP ExIM Foundations14-AugUnited States
Duffy, JosephCIMPData Governance14-JanUnited States
Duffy, JosephCIMPMaster Data Management14-JanUnited States
Dumitrache, RamonaIn Progress
Dumitru, MihaelaCIMPData Quality13-DecPoland
Dunn, JamesIn Progress
Dunn, RobertIn Progress
Durango, LilliamCIMPData Quality13-AugUnited States
Durka, DariuszIn Progress
Dutton, RyanCIMPBusiness Intelligence15-AugUnited States
Duvvuri, ShravanIn Progress
Eberle, JulianCIMP +Data Quality15-SepIreland
Eberle, JulianCIMPData Modeling & Metadata15-MarIreland
Ecarma, VictorIn Progress
Echaves, JohnIn Progress
Eckrich, RebeccaCIMPIM Foundations15-NovUnited States
Eday, NarasimhaIn Progress
Edwards, MichaelCIMPData Governance16-AprUnited States
Egge, DavidCIMPMaster Data Management11-MarUnited States
Egland, SusieIn Progress
Ehrler, KenIn Progress
Eicke, AndrzejIn Progress
Eid, AhmedIn Progress
Eilers, KarolineIn Progress
Elhauz, NisrineCIMPData Modeling & Metadata11-MarUnited Arab Emirates
Elizondo, MarioIn Progress
Ellinger, StephenCIMPIM Foundations16-Aug
Embree, SheilaCIMPData Governance17-Aug
Emmerich, HeatherCIMPData Governance14-AugUnited States
Ennis, ArleneCIMPIM Foundations14-FebIreland
Erenfryd, Alan MichelCIMPData Quality16-DecARGENTINA
Escano, WalterIn Progress
Escorza Morales, EdgarCIMPData Governance17-SepMexico
Esguerra, JosephIn Progress
Esmale, JeffersonIn Progress
Essa, OssamaCIMPData Quality12-JanUnited States
Estopo, AgnesIn Progress
Estrada, OctavioCIMPData Governance12-AprMexico
Estupinan, JoseIn Progress
Etor, Ruby AnnIn Progress
Eusebio, Alexis FroilanIn Progress
Eustachiewicz, AnnaIn Progress
Eversole, AngieIn Progress
Fagnoni, JosephCIMP ExData Quality13-AprUnited States
Fagnoni, JosephCIMPData Governance12-MarUnited States
Fagnoni, JosephCIMPMaster Data Management12-DecUnited States
Faherty, PeterIn Progress
Fann, DaraIn Progress
Farmer, KimberlyCIMPData Governance12-MarUnited States
Fatalla, KurtIn Progress
Fauver, JamesIn Progress
Fazel, FarazIn Progress
Fedewa, JaneIn Progress
Fekete, CsongorIn Progress
Ferbish, JeromeIn Progress
Fernandes, JuliusIn Progress
Ferrante, JanineCIMPData Quality12-JanUnited States
Ferrell-Schultheis, LindaCIMP ExData Quality13-JulUnited States
Figueroa, RodolfoIn Progress
Fillner, LayceIn Progress
Fine, GregCIMPData Quality16-Nov
Finney, MatthewCIMPIM Foundations16-DecUNITED STATES
Firican, GeorgeCIMPData Governance14-JunCanada
Fischer, ChristianCIMPData Integration15-JunGermany
Fisher, CindyCIMPBusiness Intelligence14-DecUnited States
Fisher, DwightIn Progress
Fisher, MichaelCIMP *Data Quality11-MayUnited States
Fitzpatrick, ChrisIn Progress
Flagg, JonathanCIMPData Quality11-JulUnited States
Flesher, KeithCIMPData Quality16-JunUNITED STATES
Flock, AmandaCIMPData Quality17-Jul
Floyd, SallyCIMP ExMaster Data Management17-MayUNITED KINGDOM
Fojtik, RachelIn Progress
Fong, DanielCIMPData Governance13-AugUnited States
Forkosh, AlexanderIn Progress
Forrosuelo, Eden RoseIn Progress
Foster, LaniIn Progress
Franck, JessicaIn Progress
Frankel, ElliotCIMP Ex*Data Governance13-FebUnited States
Frankel, ElliotCIMP *Data Quality12-DecUnited States
Frazee, TimIn Progress
Frederiksen, ThomasCIMPData Quality16-AugDenmark
French, CrisstoferCIMP *Master Data Management15-JanUnited States
Frias, JeannCIMPIM Foundations13-FebMexico
Frohman, NicholasCIMPData Quality14-DecUnited States
Frost, GandiIn Progress
Fryt, MaciejIn Progress
Fu, JennyIn Progress
Fuerte, JojoCIMP +Data Quality13-SepThe Philippines
Fuerte, JojoCIMPData Governance18-MarThe Philippines
Fulda, GordonIn Progress
Fuller, LindaCIMPData Governance15-AugUnited States
Funk, ChristopherCIMP *Data Quality14-MayUnited States
G, GopinathIn Progress
G, KanagarajIn Progress
G J, ManindharIn Progress
Gage, NeilCIMPData Governance17-JunSouth Africa
Gajdacz, AnitaIn Progress
Galbraith, JonathonIn Progress
Gamali, TamerIn Progress
Gamboa, Mary RoseIn Progress
Gangisetti, SandhyaIn Progress
Garbarino, GaryIn Progress
Garbutt, JamesCIMPData Modeling & Metadata14-JulAustralia
Garcia, OanaCIMPData Quality11-JulUnited States
Garcia, Sophia Ma. CarmelaIn Progress
Garcia, Ulises HernandezIn Progress
Garcia Aburto, Jose LuisIn Progress
Garcia Navarro, AnaCIMP *Data Quality14-AugUnited States
Gato, CarlosCIMP +Data Quality15-AugUnited States
Gato, CarlosCIMPMaster Data Management16-JulUnited States
Gawaran, JennIn Progress
Geddes, WilliamCIMPData Quality14-JunUnited States
Georgie, ShirleyIn Progress
Gervase, RebeccaIn Progress
Ghandour, MohamedIn Progress
Ghotra, SukhpreetCIMP *Data Quality14-NovUnited States
Giannattasio, MichaelIn Progress
Gibbons, ChrisIn Progress
Gibson, JoshuaIn Progress
Gibson, KeelyCIMPData Quality11-OctNew Zealand
Girard, RichardIn Progress
Giron, Gian PaulIn Progress
Glennon, LindaIn Progress
Glover, JohnIn Progress
Goda, SudheerIn Progress
Goh, Ek Leen JerrinIn Progress
Goh, Sok KimIn Progress
Goh, WoeiIn Progress
Goksoy, ElifIn Progress
Goli, SurendraIn Progress
Gomez, BelkysCIMPBusiness Intelligence17-Sep
Gomez, MadelaineIn Progress
Gomez, MathieuCIMP *Data Quality13-NovUnited States
Gomez Guerrero, HectorIn Progress
Gonzales, KevinIn Progress
Gonzales, MelanieIn Progress
Gonzalez, EnidIn Progress
Gonzalez, Juan PabloCIMPBusiness Intelligence16-MayUnited States
Gonzalez Beas, RobertoIn Progress
Gonzalez Brenes, AndresIn Progress
Gonzalez Calvo, MagallyIn Progress
Gonzalez Costes, Alejandro LuisCIMP ExData Quality12-OctMexico
Gonzalez Costes, Alejandro LuisCIMPData Governance12-OctMexico
Good, MikeCIMPData Quality11-NovUnited States
Goodchild, DrewIn Progress
Goon, DanIn Progress
Gopalakrishna Pillai, HarikrishnanCIMP *Data Quality14-JanMalaysia
Gordon, LarissaIn Progress
Gottschalk, MariusCIMPData Governance16-MayGermany
Gould, DanielIn Progress
Govender, KevinIn Progress
Govi, BalaCIMPData Quality13-FebUnited States
Grabowiecka, LucynaCIMPData Governance16-DecPOLAND
Granese, BobCIMPData Quality11-JulUnited States
Grangeon, MartineCIMPData Governance12-DecUnited States
Grant, DionnaCIMPData Quality16-AprUnited States
Grant, KortneyIn Progress
Grantham, DonnaIn Progress
Graves, DonnaCIMPData Quality13-AugUnited States
Grebasch, DennisCIMP ExData Modeling & Metadata17-JanFinland
Grebennikov, DmitriyIn Progress
Green, CharllyCIMPIM Foundations13-DecUnited States
Green, LindaIn Progress
Greenberg, DavidIn Progress
Greene, DonIn Progress
Gridneva, TatyanaIn Progress
Grisanti, StephenCIMP *Data Quality12-JulUnited States
Grobler, NatalieCIMPIM Foundations18-Jan
Grobler, NatalieCIMPData Governance18-Jan
Grobler, NatalieCIMPData Quality18-Mar
Grodecki, MaciejIn Progress
Gschweng, ShaunCIMPData Governance18-JanUnited States
Guerrero Lopez, Ana LauraIn Progress
Guilli, AlexandreIn Progress
Guinto, JoashIn Progress
Guldiken, BurcuIn Progress
Gummagatta, MaheshIn Progress
Gundersen, AlexaCIMPMaster Data Management17-Nov
Gunia, RoseIn Progress
Guntaka, NikhilaIn Progress
Gunter, DanielCIMP ExMaster Data Management17-MarUnited States
Gutierrez, AlbertoIn Progress
Gwatkin, DonnaIn Progress
Hadginikitas, TerryCIMPData Quality13-DecUnited States
Hajek, PetrCIMP ExData Quality12-MarCzech Republic
Hajek, PetrCIMPData Governance12-FebCzech Republic
Hajjiri, KhuloudIn Progress
Hameed, TahirIn Progress
Hamilton, JustinCIMPData Quality11-SepUnited States
Hamilton, MarkIn Progress
Han, Shun ChouIn Progress
Hanna, HughIn Progress
Hanna, JessicaCIMPData Governance12-JunUnited States
Hanners, LoriCIMPData Quality16-AprUnited States
Hardouin, IsabelleIn Progress
Hardwick, JoyCIMPData Governance17-DecUnited States
Harlock, GlenIn Progress
Harloff, AmyIn Progress
Harries, NeilIn Progress
Harrison, WilliamIn Progress
Hartland, AndyCIMP ExData Governance16-NovUNITED KINGDOM
Hartland, AndyCIMPIM Foundations17-JunUNITED KINGDOM
Hasan, KaziCIMPData Quality17-Aug
Hashmi, ShahabIn Progress
Hasnik, ZuleykaCIMP *Data Quality12-SepUnited States
Hawkins, GretchenCIMPIM Foundations15-AprUnited States
Hay, JenniferIn Progress
Hayashi, JoanneIn Progress
Healy, GrainneIn Progress
Heaney, JamesCIMP *Data Quality11-OctUnited States
Hebsgaard, GitteCIMPMaster Data Management16-OctDenmark
Hegde, RaviIn Progress
Heien, ChristopherCIMP ExData Quality12-JulUnited States
Heien, ChristopherCIMPData Governance14-JanUnited States
Heintz, LenoraIn Progress
Hempfield, ClarenceCIMPData Quality11-DecUnited States
Hender, MatthewIn Progress
Henley, ToddCIMPData Governance14-JunUnited States
Henry, VanithaIn Progress
Hensley, DavidCIMPData Governance16-AprUnited States
Hepburn, CyleCIMPData Governance16-JulUnited States
Hernandez, HaydeIn Progress
Hernandez, KorashIn Progress
Hernandez, MiguelIn Progress
Hernon, DanIn Progress
Herrera, HaroldIn Progress
Herrera, MarioCIMPData Quality13-NovUnited States
Herrmann, RayIn Progress
Hicks, DavidCIMPData Quality14-JanUnited States
Hijjawy, BasharCIMP ExData Governance17-JunKUWAIT
Hild, MichaelIn Progress
Hilmes, DemetriusCIMPData Quality12-FebUnited States
Hilton, NoahIn Progress
Hipolito, Richelle AizaIn Progress
Hishon, WilliamIn Progress
Ho, CynthiaCIMPMaster Data Management16-JunCanada
Ho, PriscillaCIMPIM Foundations13-AprUnited States
Ho, Wei CheongIn Progress
Hobbs, LeeCIMPData Modeling & Metadata17-AugUnited Kingdom
Hobbs, LetiziaIn Progress
Hoffpauir, JenniferCIMPData Quality17-Oct
Hogewoning, DirkCIMPMaster Data Management15-JanCanada
Holland, ReyanaIn Progress
Holland-Hibbert, SusanCIMPIM Foundations12-MayCanada
Holloman, MichaelCIMP *Data Quality12-JunUnited States
Hollon, AnnCIMP ExData Governance16-AprUnited States
Holm, FransCIMP ExData Governance17-FebDENMARK
Holmsgaard, JaneIn Progress
Hoovler, MichaelIn Progress
Hopkins, StevenIn Progress
Horton, DarylCIMP ExData Quality14-MayUnited States
Horton, DarylCIMPData Governance14-MayUnited States
Houhoulis, AdamCIMP ExIM Foundations15-JulUnited States
Houston, BenitaIn Progress
Howard, RussellIn Progress
Hoy, JonathanIn Progress
Hubbard, KyleIn Progress
Hudson, SherrieCIMPData Governance11-JunUnited States
Huerta, JorgeCIMPData Quality16-JulARGENTINA
Huerta, VicenteCIMPData Modeling & Metadata17-Oct
Hughes, DavidCIMP +Master Data Management13-NovUnited States
Hughes, DavidCIMPData Quality13-NovUnited States
Hughes, DavidCIMPData Modeling & Metadata13-NovUnited States
Hughes, ElaineCIMPData Governance16-MayUnited States
Hughes, HollyIn Progress
Hughes, NickCIMP ExData Governance14-JunJapan
Hughes, NickCIMPData Quality14-JunJapan
Hughes, PamelaIn Progress
Hull, AlfredIn Progress
Hunt, RichardIn Progress
Hurley, ThomasIn Progress
Huth, DavidIn Progress
Huynh, JadeCIMPBusiness Intelligence14-DecUnited States
Hvam, BetinaIn Progress
Iallonardo, JosephIn Progress
Ifidon, OlaCIMPIM Foundations16-DecCanada
Igbinomwanhia, ChristopherIn Progress
Ilyas, MohamedIn Progress
Imran, MuhammadIn Progress
Imre, BalazsCIMPData Quality12-FebHungary
Ingle, UtkarshIn Progress
Inguva, PadmaIn Progress
Ioshpa, LanaIn Progress
Isaacs, SheikCIMPData Governance15-NovUnited States
Isaacs, SheikCIMPIM Foundations18-MarUnited States
Isaacs, SheikCIMPData Modeling & Metadata18-MarUnited States
Isbel, JerryCIMPIM Foundations17-JulUnited States
Isdell, FrankCIMP ExData Quality12-JunUnited States
Isdell, FrankCIMPData Governance13-JunUnited States
Ismail, AhmadIn Progress
Ivanauskas, PaulCIMPData Quality12-JulUnited States
Ivanauskas, PaulCIMPData Governance12-JulUnited States
Ivanov, LouCIMPData Quality12-DecUnited States
Izquierdo, CeciliaCIMP ExData Quality12-AugMexico
Jabir, MohammadIn Progress
Jablonski, MateuszCIMP +Data Quality11-NovPoland
Jablonski, MateuszCIMPData Governance11-DecPoland
Jachimczyk, AleksandraIn Progress
Jackson, GayleCIMPData Modeling & Metadata15-MarUnited States
Jacob, Jinoo PIn Progress
Jacobsen, PeterIn Progress
Jagannathan, RajIn Progress
Jagger, JeeteshIn Progress
Jain, ManojCIMP ExData Quality17-JunUNITED KINGDOM
Jain, ManojCIMP ExIM Foundations17-AprUNITED KINGDOM
Jain, ManojCIMPData Integration16-JunUNITED KINGDOM
Jain, ManojCIMPMaster Data Management16-JunUNITED KINGDOM
Jain, ManojCIMPData Warehousing17-JanUNITED KINGDOM
Jain, ManojCIMPData Governance17-MayUNITED KINGDOM
Jain, ManojCIMPData Modeling & Metadata18-JanUNITED KINGDOM
Jain, Nitin KumarIn Progress
Jalding, TatianaCIMPData Quality17-AprCanada
Janas, SlawomirIn Progress
Janiec, GrzegorzCIMPData Quality17-SepPoland
Janse van Rensburg, YvetteCIMP ExMaster Data Management17-JunSouth Africa
Jaucian, JoyIn Progress
Javier, IrisCIMPData Governance17-AugPhilippines
Jawad, HarithIn Progress
Jayagobinathan, VivekIn Progress
Jegamathi, GeetaCIMP *Data Quality13-DecIndia
Jegamathi, GeetaCIMPBusiness Intelligence15-MarIndia
Jenkins, TimothyCIMPData Governance13-AprUnited States
Jenkins, TimothyCIMPIM Foundations13-AugUnited States
Jenkins, TimothyCIMPBusiness Intelligence15-AprUnited States
Jensen, TammyIn Progress
Jesensky, MarekCIMPData Quality12-NovCzech Republic
Jesensky, MarekCIMPData Governance15-AugCzech Republic
Jeyasingh, PaulCIMPMaster Data Management12-AprUnited States
Jeziorski, LukaszCIMPData Quality17-OctPoland
Jimenez, JimmyIn Progress
Johansen, JesperIn Progress
Johnson, AndrewIn Progress
Johnson, DarrenIn Progress
Johnson, FrancineIn Progress
Johnson, MelissaCIMPIM Foundations15-DecUnited States
Jonckheer, NikkiCIMPData Governance14-NovSouth Africa
Jones, EricIn Progress
Jones, KariIn Progress
Josef, Dawn CharlotteIn Progress
Joshi, PradeepCIMP *Data Quality11-AprIndia
Josue, Anna MarinellaIn Progress
Jothieswaran, KarthickeyanIn Progress
Joy, NithinCIMPData Quality13-DecMalaysia
Joyce, IanCIMPData Quality11-SepUnited States
Jugulum, RajeshCIMPData Quality11-JunUnited States
Jumaa, Jumaa MuhammedCIMP +Data Modeling & Metadata16-Dec
K, KalirajIn Progress
K, SenthilnathanCIMP *Data Quality13-OctIndia
Kaczynska, Sylwia MalgorzataIn Progress
Kaim, SebastianCIMPData Quality14-MayPoland
Kaim, SebastianCIMPBusiness Intelligence15-FebPoland
Kaim, SebastianCIMPIM Foundations15-AugPoland
Kaimal, SandeepCIMPData Governance13-AprIndia
Kalikiri, SandeepCIMPData Quality15-MayIndia
Kalinin, XeniyaCIMP ExData Quality17-OctUnited States
Kalinin, XeniyaCIMPData Governance17-OctUnited States
Kalisz, MichalIn Progress
Kalyanasundaram, VenkatesaIn Progress
Kamalanathan, HemanthkumarIn Progress
Kamath, VinayakCIMPData Quality15-JunUnited States
Kampen, PaulCIMPData Quality14-OctUnited States
Kanagala, PushpaIn Progress
Kanbas, YagmurIn Progress
Kancite, MaritaCIMPIM Foundations12-NovLatvia
Kandasamy, TamilarasuIn Progress
Kandel, LaxmiCIMPData Quality17-AprUnited States
Kandhaswamy, KalicharanIn Progress
Kandula, KishoreIn Progress
Kanga, AnahitaIn Progress
Kanhere, AnandCIMPData Governance18-AprIndia
Kannan, SairamIn Progress
Kapadia, HemalIn Progress
Kaplan, VedatCIMP *Data Quality11-DecUnited States
Kar, SwayampravaIn Progress
Karam, GeorgeIn Progress
Karnavat, SudipkumarCIMPMaster Data Management12-JunUnited States
Karsten, JohanIn Progress
Karunakaran, VanideviIn Progress
Karuppannan, SukumarCIMPData Quality16-DecMalaysia
Kaslow, RoseCIMPData Quality16-DecUnited States
Kasprzycki, RobertCIMPData Quality14-JulPoland
Katz, CharlieCIMPData Quality11-NovUnited States
Katz, CharlieCIMPData Governance11-DecUnited States
Kawada, YonetaroCIMP ExBusiness Intelligence15-JanJapan
Kawada, YonetaroCIMPData Warehousing15-MayJapan
Kazan, LinaIn Progress
Keesler, SeanIn Progress
Keith, StephanieCIMPData Quality12-DecUnited States
Kele, GaborIn Progress
Kelkenberg, JoshuaCIMPData Quality15-AugUnited States
Kelley, MatthewCIMPData Quality12-DecUnited States
Kelley, RyanIn Progress
Kelly, KevinIn Progress
Kennedy, KathleenCIMPData Quality11-JunUnited States
Khabra, DalbirjitIn Progress
Khan, IqbalCIMP *Data Quality12-JanUnited States
Khan, MuhammadCIMP *IM Foundations13-SepUnited States
Khan, NaziaCIMPIM Foundations16-DecUAE
Khan, NidaCIMPData Modeling & Metadata17-Dec
Khanna, VikramCIMPData Quality14-DecUnited States
Kharitonov, AnatolyCIMPData Governance11-OctRussia
Khiroya, AmishIn Progress
Khulbe, SanjayIn Progress
Khurana, KapilCIMPData Quality13-DecUnited States
Kian, JeffCIMPIM Foundations14-MaySouth Africa
Kilfeather, ColmIn Progress
Kim, YounghwaCIMPData Quality17-DecSingapore
Kincade, KerryIn Progress
Kindlon, EmilyIn Progress
Kindya, NancyIn Progress
King, ErikkaIn Progress
King, JimmyCIMP *Data Quality11-NovUnited States
Kingston, DawnCIMPData Governance15-FebUnited States
Kinser, RyanCIMP *IM Foundations13-JunUnited States
Kizelnik, AkivaIn Progress
Kizhakkedoth, RanjithIn Progress
Kleine, MartinIn Progress
Klimenko, OlegCIMPData Quality11-JulUnited States
Klos, MichalCIMPData Quality14-OctPoland
Knorr, MichaelIn Progress
Knowles, HeatherCIMP ExData Governance18-FebUnited States
Ko, EricIn Progress
Kocijan, KristinaCIMPData Quality15-NovCROATIA
Kocijan, KristinaCIMPData Governance15-DecCROATIA
Kompella, JayaCIMPData Quality16-NovINDIA
Kosior, PiotrCIMP *Data Quality13-DecPoland
Kotaprolu, SrinivasIn Progress
Koul, ShivaniIn Progress
Kranth, RaviIn Progress
Krawczyk, PawelCIMP +Data Quality12-DecPoland
Krawczyk, PawelCIMPData Governance13-DecPoland
Krinninger, ScottCIMPData Quality12-NovUnited States
Krinninger, ScottCIMPData Governance14-JulUnited States
Krinninger, ScottCIMPIM Foundations15-FebUnited States
Krinninger, ScottCIMPMaster Data Management15-AprUnited States
Krueger, DonnaCIMPData Governance17-MarUnited States
Kruger, Van ZylCIMPMaster Data Management14-JunSouth Africa
Kruidhof, OlafCIMPIM Foundations17-JunThe Netherlands
Krupp, YuriIn Progress
Kruszek, MagdalenaIn Progress
Ku, JoannaIn Progress
Kuchipudi, PhanindraIn Progress
Kulkarni, MeenaCIMPIM Foundations16-DecINDIA
Kulkarni, MukundCIMPData Quality12-Oct
Kulkarni, MukundCIMPMaster Data Management12-Dec
Kumar, AmitCIMPIM Foundations13-OctSingapore
Kumar, Amit23In Progress
Kumar, AshishCIMP *Data Quality14-SepIndia
Kumar, AshokIn Progress
Kumar, MonikaIn Progress
Kumar, PrashanthIn Progress
Kumar, ShambhaviCIMPData Quality17-DecSingapore
Kumar S, RajeshCIMPData Modeling & Metadata15-OctIndia
Kumar S, SureshIn Progress
Kunz, TomIn Progress
Kuppan, SaravananIn Progress
Kurmane, JunonaIn Progress
Kuskowski, LukaszIn Progress
Kwater, MarcinCIMPBusiness Intelligence14-OctPoland
Kyaw, OkkarCIMPData Quality14-MaySingapore
Labasa, GarryIn Progress
Labossiere, GilbertIn Progress
Labossiere, KarenCIMPData Governance17-SepUS
Lacar, KristineIn Progress
Laher, SajidIn Progress
Lahouaoui, AbdellahIn Progress
Lai, SimonIn Progress
Lakshmikandan, ThangaveluCIMPData Quality13-NovMalaysia
Lalan, PriyaCIMP *IM Foundations13-AugIndia
Lalani, HafeezCIMPData Quality12-MayCanada
Lamano, RodneylynIn Progress
Lammer, PeterCIMPIM Foundations14-JunHong Kong
Lamtran, CamthiCIMPData Quality15-OctSingapore
Lanch, VictorIn Progress
Lanczak, TomaszIn Progress
Landers, RhondaCIMP *Data Quality11-DecUnited States
Lang, AlexIn Progress
Langston, JessicaIn Progress
Lashley, TanishaIn Progress
Lauricella, NancyIn Progress
Lazor, MarkCIMP *Data Governance12-JanUnited States
Lee, KimCIMPData Quality11-DecUnited States
Legere, JohnIn Progress
Lehman, JordanCIMPData Quality13-JanUnited States
Lehman, JordanCIMPMaster Data Management13-OctUnited States
Lelejko, PiotrCIMPData Quality13-AprPoland
LeMay, DonaldCIMPData Governance17-SepUnited States
Lemoine, MarthaCIMPMaster Data Management12-JulCanada
Leons, RemingtonIn Progress
Leorda, DanaIn Progress
Lerenman, SannaIn Progress
Leung, WinnieIn Progress
Leus, AngelicaIn Progress
Leverette, ThomasCIMPData Governance17-DecUnited States
Liddawi, RamziIn Progress
Lim, LyraCIMP *Data Quality13-JanThe Philippines
Lim, MarinethIn Progress
Limina, BreanaCIMP *Data Quality14-OctUnited States
Lindsted, HelleCIMP ExData Governance15-MayDenmark
Lindsted, HelleCIMPData Quality11-FebDenmark
Lindsted, HelleCIMPMaster Data Management14-AugDenmark
Lingappa, PurusothamanCIMPData Quality16-OctUnited States
Little, JeffIn Progress
Liu, CathyCIMPMaster Data Management16-Dec
Lizarraga, DomingoIn Progress
Lobo, JulioIn Progress
Loctionova, TatyanaCIMPData Quality12-DecRussia
Lohigorry, MagdalenaCIMPIM Foundations15-JunColombia
Long, SarahIn Progress
Longaza, JeraldIn Progress
Lopez, LiezelIn Progress
Lopez, MariluCIMP ExData Governance13-MayMexico
Lopez, MariluCIMPData Quality12-DecMexico
Lopez, MariluCIMPIM Foundations14-JunMexico
Lopez, SandraCIMPData Quality16-NovUnited States
Lopukhin, AlexeyCIMPData Governance13-AprUnited States
Lorkanchanakul, YupaIn Progress
Loughran, SarahIn Progress
Louis, GemimaCIMPData Quality15-JanUnited States
Louvan, SovannaryCIMPData Quality14-NovUnited States
Lowinger, DaveIn Progress
Luck, KarinCIMPIM Foundations17-Aug
Luevit, SamCIMP *Data Quality14-NovUnited States
Lui, KenIn Progress
Luiz, ThomasIn Progress
Lumanog, MarkIn Progress
Lutter, SteveCIMP ExIM Foundations13-OctUnited States
Lutter, SteveCIMP ExData Modeling & Metadata13-SepUnited States
Lutter, SteveCIMP ExData Quality13-OctUnited States
Lutter, SteveCIMP ExData Governance14-FebUnited States
Lutter, SteveCIMP ExMaster Data Management14-JanUnited States
Lutter, SteveCIMP ExBusiness Intelligence13-NovUnited States
Lutter, SteveCIMPData Warehousing15-MayUnited States
Lyn, KatherineCIMPData Quality17-MarUnited States
Mac, MaciejIn Progress
Mada, DayakarCIMPMaster Data Management16-JunUnited States
Madabattula, MurthyIn Progress
Maddali, VenkataIn Progress
Madsen, Karen Lise MosekjaerCIMP *IM Foundations13-NovDenmark
Maduba, GodfreyIn Progress
Maerten, Jean-ChristopheIn Progress
Magaldi, MauricioCIMPData Governance13-SepBrazil
Magboo, Javic KayeIn Progress
Maglaya, ManfredIn Progress
Magnus, CarolIn Progress
Mahadevan, HariharaCIMP *Data Quality13-NovMalaysia
Mahmoud, DaliaIn Progress
Maiti, SwapanIn Progress
Majeski, AmyIn Progress
Majkowski, MaciejCIMP ExData Quality13-OctPoland
Mal, ShampaIn Progress
Malate, Mary GraceIn Progress
Male, Romina KateIn Progress
Malecka, AleksandraCIMPData Quality17-OctPoland
Malhi, ArvinderCIMPBusiness Intelligence15-FebUnited States
Malhotra, RahulCIMP *Business Intelligence14-DecIndia
Malik, GauravCIMPMaster Data Management12-MayUnited States
Malik, ManalIn Progress
Malone, AlbertIn Progress
Mamedov, JoelCIMPData Modeling & Metadata11-SepUnited States
Manani, EllaIn Progress
Manas, AriCIMPData Quality14-OctUnited States
Mani, JayanthiIn Progress
Manoharan, Ashok PrabhakarIn Progress
Marasia, JenniferCIMPData Quality12-JulUnited States
Marasia, JenniferCIMPData Governance14-MayUnited States
Marcelo, MorrisIn Progress
Marcus, MichelleIn Progress
Marella, LakshmiIn Progress
Mariano, KhalilIn Progress
Mariano, Maria ElenaCIMP ExData Quality14-DecThe Philippines
Marichetty, SomnathIn Progress
Marin, MarivelCIMP ExData Quality11-NovUnited States
Marin, MarivelCIMPData Governance15-AprUnited States
Mark, EditCIMPData Quality16-JanHUNGARY
Marshall, GaryCIMPData Governance15-MarEngland
Martin, JacquesCIMP *Master Data Management11-NovCanada
Martin, MicheleCIMPMaster Data Management13-AugBelgium
Martin, MicheleCIMPData Integration14-DecBelgium
Martin, SharlaIn Progress
Martinez Cruz, GiovanniIn Progress
Mascarenhas, ShaneIn Progress
Mascarina, Niccolo AndreIn Progress
Masekar, SurajIn Progress
Massaro, MarkIn Progress
Mathew, Allen BIn Progress
Matienzo, MelanieIn Progress
Mationg, FrancisIn Progress
Matura, LeslieIn Progress
Maung, IanCIMPData Modeling & Metadata12-AprUnited States
Maydanchik, ArkadyCIMP ExData Quality11-DecUnited States
Maydanchik, OlgaCIMP ExData Quality11-OctUnited States
Maydanchik, OlgaCIMP ExData Governance12-FebUnited States
Maydanchik, OlgaCIMP ExIM Foundations12-AugUnited States
Maydanchik, OlgaCIMPMaster Data Management15-AprUnited States
Mayorov, DmitriyIn Progress
McCord, JimCIMP *Data Quality13-MarUnited States
McDonald, ColleenIn Progress
McEachen, AngusCIMPData Quality12-JunEngland
McElfresh, SamanthaIn Progress
McGee, MichaelIn Progress
McGonigal, Stephen AnthonyCIMPIM Foundations17-MarNetherlands
McGrath, CarolCIMPIM Foundations18-JanNew Zealand
McKinlay, MelitaIn Progress
McLean, JacquiIn Progress
McLellan, GerryIn Progress
McNamara, JohnIn Progress
Mehboob, WaqarCIMPMaster Data Management12-FebCanada
Meigel, JudyIn Progress
Meka, ArchanaIn Progress
Mekgwe, BoitumeloCIMPBusiness Intelligence17-JanSouth Africa
Melissas, MariaIn Progress
Melitante, CeazarIn Progress
Mendelsohn, ArnoldCIMPData Quality11-AugUnited States
Mendieta, AlejandroIn Progress
Mendoza, Jenard KenrickIn Progress
Mendoza, KeithIn Progress
Mendoza, PauloIn Progress
Mesfin, ZenashIn Progress
Messick, MatthewIn Progress
Metodieva, EmiliaCIMPData Quality11-SepUnited States
Michie, DavidCIMP *Master Data Management14-MayUnited States
Mikl, RostislavIn Progress
Miller, BillieIn Progress
Miller, EricaIn Progress
Miller, MargaretIn Progress
Miller, SusanCIMPData Governance17-AprUnited States
Millican, BarbaraIn Progress
Milmeister, NonnaIn Progress
Min, Ho SengIn Progress
Miskiewicz, JakubIn Progress
Miszczuk, TomaszCIMP *Data Quality12-DecPoland
Mitbawkar, MitaliIn Progress
Mitchell, ReginalCIMPData Quality15-OctUnited States
Mitchell, ShaunCIMPData Quality12-AugUnited States
Mk, AbhishekCIMPData Quality15-AugIndia
Mohammad, HamadIn Progress
Mohammad, TanveerIn Progress
Mohammed, ZohebCIMPData Modeling & Metadata15-NovCANADA
Mohney, TinaCIMPData Governance17-Aug
Mohta, VenkateshCIMPData Quality13-AugIndia
Mokoena, MphoIn Progress
Møller, MichaelCIMPData Governance16-MayDenmark
Molnar, AdamCIMPData Warehousing18-FebHungary
Moncada, JuanCIMP *Data Quality12-DecUnited States
Montalvo, ArielaCIMPData Quality12-DecUnited States
Montero Quer, IgnacioIn Progress
Mooney, RobertCIMPMaster Data Management15-FebIreland
Mooney, RobertCIMPData Quality15-MarIreland
Moore, YvonneCIMPMaster Data Management12-MayUnited States
Morales, ManuelIn Progress
Morales, VanessaIn Progress
Morgan, AndreIn Progress
Morgan, BrianCIMP ExData Governance17-MarEngland
Morgan, GerardIn Progress
Mortimore, AnthonyCIMP *Master Data Management13-AprAustralia
Mortson, GregCIMPData Quality12-MayCanada
Moseley, JeffCIMPIM Foundations17-FebUnited States
Mostfa, YassinCIMPIM Foundations14-JanThe Netherlands
Motammari, VikramIn Progress
Moura, TatianaCIMPData Quality11-DecUnited States
Mueller, ErinCIMPData Governance17-AprUnited States
Muirhead, AndrewCIMPData Governance18-FebUnites States
Muldowney, MatthewCIMPData Quality13-MayUnited States
Mulligan, KevinIn Progress
Munoz, LaurenIn Progress
Muntges, JohnIn Progress
Murali, GururaajanIn Progress
Muralidhar, NagamaniIn Progress
Murphy, GlynCIMPIM Foundations15-MayIreland
Murphy, GlynCIMPData Governance15-AugIreland
Murphy, GlynCIMPData Quality16-JunIreland
Murphy, KristinaCIMPData Governance12-MarUnited States
Murphy, MichaelCIMPData Governance16-JunUnited States
Murray, HeatherIn Progress
Murray, MaureenIn Progress
Mussett, NeilCIMPData Quality12-AugUnited States
Muthu, ChandraCIMPData Quality16-SepUnited States
Muthuswamy, NalayiniIn Progress
Mvelase, BusisiweCIMPData Governance18-MarSouth Africa
Nabor, AileenIn Progress
Nainani, RakhiIn Progress
Nair, JiteshIn Progress
Nair, MaheshCIMPMaster Data Management17-Aug
Naklicki, BartlomiejCIMP *Data Quality14-NovPoland
Nalakath, BinseerIn Progress
Nale, DattatrayIn Progress
Nannarone, FredCIMPMaster Data Management13-AprUnited States
Nannarone, FredCIMPData Quality13-JunUnited States
Nannarone, FredCIMPData Governance13-JulUnited States
Napaton, RodelIn Progress
Narayanan, PrabuIn Progress
Nasar, SorayaIn Progress
Nath, MadhumitaIn Progress
Nath, Shiva VrataIn Progress
Natividad, JenniferIn Progress
Natrayan, ThulasimaniIn Progress
Navaneethakrishnan, VenkatIn Progress
Nayak, NevilIn Progress
Nayak, RussaIn Progress
Nazarea, MarianneCIMPData Quality12-JulThe Philippines
Neal, AlanCIMPData Governance15-MarEngland
Neal, AngelaIn Progress
Neasy, JosephIn Progress
Neely, CristianCIMP *Master Data Management13-AprUnited States
Neilson, StuartCIMPData Quality13-MarUnited States
Nelson, DougIn Progress
Nelson, RussCIMP *Data Quality14-JunUnited States
Nery, RicardoIn Progress
Ng, CatherineIn Progress
Ng, JasonCIMPData Quality17-Mar
Nguyen, DannyIn Progress
Nichols, KeshaCIMP ExData Quality16-SepUnited States
Nichols, KeshaCIMPIM Foundations16-AprUnited States
Nichols, KeshaCIMPData Governance16-SepUnited States
Nichols, WilliamCIMPData Quality13-DecUnited States
Nichols, WilliamCIMPMaster Data Management13-DecUnited States
Nielsen, Kasper KronmannIn Progress
Nims, PamIn Progress
Nirmal Raj, RobertIn Progress
Nobles, CraigIn Progress
Noelle, ChristophCIMPData Governance17-JanUnited States
Nogas, Mark GabrielIn Progress
Nolan, SuzanneCIMPData Quality14-JanUnited States
Nordgren, SebastianCIMPData Quality11-AugUnited States
Nordtorp, RuneCIMPData Governance16-NovDenmark
Northrup, NancyIn Progress
Nuestro, KarenCIMPData Quality16-FebTHE PHILLIPINES
Nunez, MaribelCIMPData Quality16-Dec
Nxumalo, ThabileCIMPData Governance16-JanSOUTH AFRICA
Nyazema, MiltonCIMP *Data Quality12-NovUnited States
Oberemok, AndreyCIMP *Data Governance11-OctRussia
Oberemok, AndreyCIMPIM Foundations14-JulRussia
Obregon, AngelCIMPData Quality13-MarUnited States
O'Brien, BrendanCIMPData Governance16-DecIreland
O'Brien, JeannineCIMPData Quality17-JulUnited Sttates
Ocampo, DonIn Progress
Occiano, EvelynIn Progress
Ockers, AndreaCIMP +IM Foundations13-JunUnited States
Ockers, AndreaCIMPData Governance15-MayUnited States
O'Connor, KevinCIMPData Governance17-MayIreland
Odegaard, ScottIn Progress
Ogabang, DongIn Progress
O'Gorman, AnneCIMPData Quality13-DecUnited States
O'Gorman, AnneCIMPData Governance14-NovUnited States
Ohlin, BoelCIMP *Master Data Management12-FebSweden
Ojha, MehaCIMPData Quality16-JunINDIA
Okoko, MichaelCIMP *Data Quality13-OctKenya
Olds, JohnCIMPData Governance14-JunUnited States
Oleksy, MateuszIn Progress
Oliu, AndrewCIMPBusiness Intelligence15-JanUnited States
Olszewski, MarcinCIMPData Quality17-SepPOLAND
Ong, JefferyIn Progress
Ooi, MingIn Progress
Orcales, FrelaineIn Progress
Orias, CindyCIMPData Quality15-MarPhilippines
O'Riordan, GeraldCIMPData Modeling & Metadata15-JulIreland
Orlian, MosheCIMPData Governance12-SepUnited States
Ortega, TaliaCIMPData Quality17-Apr
Osborne, JannIn Progress
Osborne, JasonIn Progress
Ostiguy, MartineIn Progress
O'Sullivan, AinsleyIn Progress
O'Sullivan, DermotIn Progress
O'Sullivan, SeanCIMPData Quality12-OctEngland
Overpeck, ChuckIn Progress
P, MurugesanIn Progress
Pacek, JaroslawCIMP ExData Quality12-AprPoland
Pacek, JaroslawCIMPData Governance12-AprPoland
Paerregaard, JesperIn Progress
Pagoulatos, GeorgeCIMPData Quality13-JunUnited States
Palacios, RicardoIn Progress
Palani, KesavanIn Progress
Palo, JihanIn Progress
Panday, VipulIn Progress
Pandey, LokeshIn Progress
Pandian, KavyaIn Progress
Panini, SampathCIMP *Data Governance15-JanUnited States
Panjwani, SavitaCIMPIM Foundations13-MayIndia
Panong, ElsieIn Progress
Papaeconomou, DeborahCIMPData Governance17-Nov
Papangelis, NikolaosCIMPData Quality17-AprUnited States
Paquet, DavidIn Progress
Paras, ZhalimarIn Progress
Parekh, ChintanIn Progress
Parga O'Sullivan, AlfredoCIMP ExData Quality12-JunIreland
Parsons McCain, HeatherCIMPIM Foundations15-AprUnited States
Parwani, KaranIn Progress
Pascual, GeoffreyCIMPData Quality13-JunThe Philippines
Paskins, ChrisIn Progress
Pasman, ArnoIn Progress
Pastrana Jimenez, Alejandro JoseCIMP *Data Governance12-AprMexico
Paszkowski, MichalCIMPData Quality13-AprPoland
Patel, AnandIn Progress
Patel, ChaitaliIn Progress
Patel, HiralIn Progress
Patel, NikshanIn Progress
Pathak, Harish ChandraIn Progress
Pathak, VikasIn Progress
Patil, UmeshIn Progress
Patricia, JulietCIMPData Governance16-OctSINGAPORE
Pattani, SmrutiIn Progress
Patwardhan, SandeepCIMPData Modeling & Metadata14-JanUnited States
Paul Raj, Jeba ShylinIn Progress
pawlicki, JakubCIMP Ex*Data Integration15-Jul
pawlicki, JakubCIMPData Warehousing15-May
Pawlicki, ArkadiuszCIMPData Quality13-DecPoland
Pawlowski, KrzysztofIn Progress
Payan, CitlalliCIMPData Quality15-FebUnited States
Paylor, AlanIn Progress
Payne, KarinIn Progress
Pazik, PiotrCIMP ExData Quality12-DecPoland
Pazik, PiotrCIMPData Governance12-DecPoland
Pednekar, PrashantCIMPIM Foundations13-JulUnited States
Penarubia, Philip MichaelIn Progress
Pereira, CarlaCIMPIM Foundations17-JanPortugal
Perez, JacobCIMPData Governance16-JulUnited States
Perez, MatildeIn Progress
Perez Perrillat, Maria Del CarmenIn Progress
Perfeito, RichardCIMPData Quality13-DecUnited States
Peri, S V Satya MadhavaIn Progress
Perucci, PhilipCIMPData Modeling & Metadata12-NovUnited States
Pester, ChadIn Progress
Peterfeso, TerriIn Progress
Peters, JeremyCIMPData Quality12-NovUnited States
Peters, JeremyCIMPMaster Data Management13-SepUnited States
Peterson-Evers, LanayaIn Progress
Petrasuc, LauraIn Progress
Pettigrew, KimberlyCIMPData Quality17-SepUnited States
Pfeiffer, WillIn Progress
Pham, DennisIn Progress
Phillips, Mary A.In Progress
Pinto, CanuteCIMPMaster Data Management12-NovUnited States
Piragua Castillo, SeryeinIn Progress
Pise, JayantIn Progress
Pispidikis, TedIn Progress
Pizzardi, NellaCIMPData Governance13-MayCanada
Pl, AnnamalaiIn Progress
Plante, AndreCIMP ExIM Foundations12-MarCanada
Pleczynski, PiotrCIMPData Quality13-AprPoland
Ponniah, Lenin BabuIn Progress
Poole, CarolCIMP *Data Quality15-FebUnited States
Poon, JasonCIMPIM Foundations18-MarUnited States
Porter, SusanCIMPData Quality16-JunUnited States
Porterfield, BrendaCIMPData Modeling & Metadata16-OctCanada
Postaire, Jean-FrancoisIn Progress
Pothula, SuryaIn Progress
Potnuru, SumanthCIMPData Quality14-AugUnited States
Potter, SaraCIMPBusiness Intelligence14-NovUnited States
Pousson, DominiqueIn Progress
Power, DanIn Progress
Powers, ChrisIn Progress
Pradeep, JulieIn Progress
Pramanik, NibeditaCIMPMaster Data Management16-MayUnited States
Prat, JosephCIMP *Data Quality11-AugUnited States
Pratt, RhondaIn Progress
Pregizer, MarleneIn Progress
Price, RogerCIMPData Governance13-AugUnited States
Pruszko, JoannaIn Progress
Psotny, DusanCIMP ExData Quality12-DecCzech Republic
Psotny, DusanCIMPData Governance14-AprCzech Republic
Psotny, DusanCIMPMaster Data Management14-JunCzech Republic
Pugalendi, SelviIn Progress
Purse, DylanIn Progress
Quek, MarcIn Progress
Quiriones, JeffreyIn Progress
Quiros, RobertoCIMPData Quality13-JanCosta Rica
R, DheenadhayalanIn Progress
R, Saravana KumarCIMP ExData Quality15-FebIndia
Radics, ZoeCIMPData Quality13-DecEngland
Raftopoulou, NellyCIMPIM Foundations13-OctThe Netherlands
Ragas, RonCIMPIM Foundations17-JulPhilippines
Raghfar, MahdiCIMP ExData Quality15-MayUnited States
Raheem, MohammedCIMPIM Foundations17-Sep
Rahim, MubinaCIMPData Quality15-JanCanada
Rahmani, TarannoomCIMPIM Foundations13-MayIndia
Rajakumar, RamyaIn Progress
Rajasekar, Vinoth KumarIn Progress
Rajasree, GovindaIn Progress
Raju, HarishIn Progress
Ramachandra, HariIn Progress
Ramachandran, RajiCIMPData Quality11-AprUnited States
Ramavath, AnandIn Progress
Ramchandani, PurviCIMP ExData Quality12-NovUnited States
Ramchandani, PurviCIMP ExMaster Data Management12-NovUnited States
Ramchandani, SanjayCIMPData Quality12-JulUnited States
Ramchandani, SanjayCIMPIM Foundations12-DecUnited States
Ramirez, Anthony NinoIn Progress
Ramirez Garcia, RocioCIMP *Data Quality13-FebMexico
Ramkumar, ThalapathiIn Progress
Ramos, MicheleIn Progress
Ramos, RalphIn Progress
Rampura, KumarIn Progress
Rangel Saldana, Paul EduardoCIMP *Data Modeling & Metadata13-AugMexico
Rao, RaghuramIn Progress
Rao, SubbaCIMPData Quality15-OctUnited States
Rapaka, RaniIn Progress
Rappa, JanetIn Progress
Ravichandran, HarikrishnanIn Progress
Ravilla, MadhuIn Progress
Rayburn, MelissaCIMP *Data Modeling & Metadata12-AugUnited States
Rebello, KarlIn Progress
Reddy, LowkyaIn Progress
Reed, DavidCIMP ExData Modeling & Metadata13-MarUnited States
Reed, TracyIn Progress
Rehman, ArifCIMP *Data Governance12-OctEngland
Reid, AndrewIn Progress
Reid, TracyCIMP ExIM Foundations16-MayUnited States
Reinhard, DanielCIMPData Governance15-AprUnited States
Reitano, SteveIn Progress
Reitmeier, TaylorCIMP +Data Quality16-NovUNITED STATES
Reitmeier, TaylorCIMP +Data Governance17-AugUNITED STATES
Rempel-Mroz, TerryIn Progress
Renner, DeborahCIMPData Quality11-OctUnited States
Requirme, Jo AnneIn Progress
Reseke, CamillaCIMPData Quality17-NovDenmark
Reyes, FayeCIMPData Quality17-DecPhilippines
Reyes Felipe, Maria GuadalupeIn Progress
Rhode, MikeIn Progress
Ricafrente, AmicelIn Progress
Richison, TimothyIn Progress
Rich-Shea, LewisIn Progress
Rickaby, ChadCIMPMaster Data Management12-DecCanada
Riley, LoisIn Progress
Rini, WoodyCIMPData Warehousing15-OctUnited States
Rio, ChimberlyIn Progress
Ritter, JosIn Progress
Rivera, ChristianCIMP *Data Quality12-AprCosta Rica
Robb, SandyIn Progress
Roberson, WaltIn Progress
Roberts, DeniseIn Progress
Roberts, LeslieIn Progress
Robertson, JessicaCIMP *IM Foundations14-JulCanada
Robinson, ShavayCIMPData Quality16-MarUnited States
Robledo, PaulinaIn Progress
Roche, ThomasIn Progress
Rodgers, DianaCIMPData Quality13-NovUnited States
Rodriguez, ErnestoCIMP *Data Governance12-SepUnited States
Rodriguez, HeidyCIMPData Quality12-JulCosta Rica
Rodriguez, NoraIn Progress
Rogel, BuendaIn Progress
Rogers, KayIn Progress
Roiz Aguirre, David AlfredoIn Progress
Rolen, SedhaIn Progress
Roman, Ma. Gianina BeaIn Progress
Romero, GabrielaIn Progress
Ronsberg, RandallIn Progress
Rosado, OttoIn Progress
Rosales, TaniaCIMPData Quality14-DecUnited States
Rose, ThomasIn Progress
Rosenbaum, DoraIn Progress
Rossano, TraceyIn Progress
Rossberg, DennisCIMPData Quality13-AprIreland
Rossi, MichelleCIMPIM Foundations13-JunUnited States
Roy, PeterIn Progress
Rubino, JohnCIMPData Quality12-SepJohn D. Rubino
Rufo, EdelyneIn Progress
Rupard, JohnIn Progress
Rusch, DennisCIMPData Quality15-JulUnited States
Rusch, DennisCIMPData Governance16-JanUnited States
Russow, BrentIn Progress
Ryan, DiarmuidIn Progress
Ryan, MicheleIn Progress
Ryan, NeilCIMP *Data Governance13-AugIreland
Rychwalski, LukaszIn Progress
Rydberg, ReneIn Progress
Rynkiewicz, FrancisIn Progress
S, NishaCIMP *Data Quality14-OctIndia
Saboo, SamarthIn Progress
Sadowski, RafalIn Progress
Sagayaraj, HenryIn Progress
Sahib, DavidCIMPIM Foundations15-AprUnited States
Saifuddin, KartinaCIMPData Quality12-SepUnited States
Saifuddin, KartinaCIMPData Governance17-AugUnited States
Sajjad, HussainCIMPIM Foundations16-MarUnited States
Salamani, RachelCIMP ExData Governance15-MarUnited Arab Emirates
Salameh, FatenIn Progress
Salazar, DanielCIMPData Quality17-JunUnited States
Saldanha, GodfreyIn Progress
Salerno, NicoleIn Progress
Salman-Manesh, JalehCIMPMaster Data Management13-JulCanada
Salman-Manesh, JalehCIMPData Modeling & Metadata15-MarCanada
Salman-Manesh, JalehCIMPData Quality15-JunCanada
Salman-Manesh, JalehCIMPData Governance16-SepCanada
Saludes, RoxanneIn Progress
Salva, KeraldIn Progress
Salvon, ThomasIn Progress
Sampson, DavidCIMP ExIM Foundations15-AprCanada
Sanders, JaneIn Progress
Sanders, ShayIn Progress
Sands, RussellCIMP *IM Foundations14-AugUNITED KINGDOM
Sands, RussellCIMPBusiness Intelligence16-OctUNITED KINGDOM
Sansonetti, StephenIn Progress
Sant'Anna, LuizCIMPData Governance11-NovSpain
Sant'Anna, LuizCIMPData Quality11-DecSpain
Santiago, Cherry AnnIn Progress
Santiago, WandaCIMPData Quality15-OctUnited States
Santos, ChristianIn Progress
Santos, DhengIn Progress
Santos, ErnieIn Progress
Santos, ImmanIn Progress
Saoud, MurshedIn Progress
Sarangapani, UdayCIMPData Quality13-NovUnited States
Sarao, StephenIn Progress
Sarda, ShashiIn Progress
Sarkar, ChiranjibCIMPData Modeling & Metadata15-JulIndia
Sarmiento, MarsCIMPData Governance16-JulPhilippines
Satwase, JitendraCIMPData Quality17-MayUnited States
Savasta, LauraIn Progress
Save, NayanaIn Progress
Sawant, AmolCIMP *Data Quality12-DecIndia
Sayed, Mohammed TariqCIMP ExMaster Data Management16-JunKUWAIT
Sayed, Mohammed TariqCIMPData Modeling & Metadata16-JunKUWAIT
Sayed, SajidCIMPData Quality13-DecUnited States
Schabert, CaryIn Progress
Schmidt, PamelaCIMPData Quality12-SepUnited States
Schneider, ScottCIMPData Quality17-Jul
Schoonover, JonathanCIMP +Master Data Management16-DecUnited States
Schuetter, AltaIn Progress
Schwartz, ShawnCIMPIM Foundations15-DecUnited States
Scott, OlenaCIMPData Quality17-NovAustralia
Scruggs, CharlesCIMPIM Foundations17-AugUnited States
Sears, BarryCIMPData Governance13-DecUnited States
See, Johann KenricIn Progress
See, SusanIn Progress
Seggoju, Pavan KumarCIMPData Quality14-JulIndia
Segismundo, LeoCIMPData Quality17-MayPhilippines
Seliga, PrzemyslawCIMP Ex*Data Quality13-JanPoland
Semenov, RomanIn Progress
Senghera, GurdeepCIMPMaster Data Management13-AugCanada
Senter, ChristinaIn Progress
Sepp, KevinIn Progress
Serafinski, BoguslawCIMP ExData Quality14-OctPoland
Serafinski, BoguslawCIMPData Governance14-OctPoland
Serluco, JamesCIMPData Quality12-SepUnited States
Serluco, YvetteCIMPData Quality12-SepUnited States
Seshadri, SathishkumarIn Progress
Seto, ElizabethCIMPData Quality17-MayUnited States
Severinovskaya, MarinaCIMP ExData Governance12-SepUnited States
Severinovskaya, MarinaCIMP ExIM Foundations15-AprUnited States
Severinovskaya, MarinaCIMPMaster Data Management12-MayUnited States
Severinovskaya, MarinaCIMPData Quality12-JunUnited States
Severinovskaya, MarinaCIMPData Modeling & Metadata12-AugUnited States
Sexton, SusanIn Progress
Shah, BharatiIn Progress
Shah, PareshIn Progress
Shah, RajanIn Progress
Shah, RishiCIMPData Quality15-AugIreland
Shankar, MrinalIn Progress
Shanmugasundaram, ThirusenthilCIMPData Governance17-NovSingapore
Sharland, AndrewCIMP *Data Governance12-JunEngland
Sharma, DharmpalCIMPData Modeling & Metadata14-JanUnited States
Sharma, LokeshCIMPIM Foundations17-OctSingapore
Sharma, SatyendraIn Progress
Shastry, SubriCIMP ExIM Foundations13-AugUnited States
Shaw, MarkCIMPIM Foundations13-NovCanada
Shaw, ShrutiCIMP Ex*Data Modeling & Metadata13-JulUnited States
Shehab, MarwaIn Progress
Shek, ColinCIMPIM Foundations17-SepUnited Kingdom
Shen, LanghiCIMPMaster Data Management16-AugCanada
Shen, Liam WeeIn Progress
Shenkin, BrianIn Progress
Sherman, DouglasCIMP ExData Quality11-NovUnited States
Sherman, DouglasCIMPData Governance11-NovUnited States
Shetty, ManoharIn Progress
Shewangizaw, DerejeIn Progress
Shi, ChuanCIMP ExData Quality14-AprUnited States
Shi, JiaCIMPData Quality13-JulUnited States
Shi, LisaCIMPData Quality13-JulUnited States
Shiffman, NathanielCIMPData Governance14-MayUnited States
Shih, EricCIMP *Data Quality15-JanUnited States
Shimpi, PoojaIn Progress
Shimshi, FayeCIMP ExData Quality13-AprUnited States
Shimshi, FayeCIMPData Governance12-OctUnited States
Shinde, GaneshIn Progress
Shinde, SandeshIn Progress
Shinozaki, HenrikIn Progress
Shldenova, ZhannaCIMP *Data Modeling & Metadata13-JunAustralia
Shouman, MohamedIn Progress
Shuai, FrankieCIMPData Quality16-MaySingapore
Shubert, KarenIn Progress
Siddiqui, KhayyamIn Progress
Silva, Laura JimenaIn Progress
Simkin, MilaIn Progress
Simwa, RogerCIMP +Data Quality12-JulUnited States
Simwa, RogerCIMP +Data Governance13-AugUnited States
Singh, GulrajCIMPData Quality12-DecEngland
Singh, JagmeetCIMP ExData Quality12-JanUnited States
Singh, JagmeetCIMP ExIM Foundations12-MarUnited States
Singh, JagmeetCIMP ExData Governance12-MarUnited States
Singh, JagmeetCIMP ExMaster Data Management12-SepUnited States
Singh, JagmeetCIMP ExData Modeling & Metadata11-NovUnited States
Singh, JagmeetCIMPData Warehousing15-MayUnited States
Singh, JoshuaCIMPData Modeling & Metadata14-DecUnited States
Singh, RabindraIn Progress
Singhvi, RohitCIMPData Quality15-AugIreland
Singson, Rupert JohnIn Progress
Sitkiewicz, SebastianCIMPData Quality12-NovPoland
Sivanandan, SimlaCIMPData Quality14-DecUnited States
Sivasankaran, ShineIn Progress
Siwek, KacperCIMPData Quality14-AprPoland
Siwek, KacperCIMPBusiness Intelligence14-AugPoland
Siwek, KacperCIMPData Modeling & Metadata14-AugPoland
Siwek, KacperCIMPMaster Data Management15-MarPoland
Sjostrom, IngerIn Progress
Skewes, CinnamonCIMPData Quality12-JulUnited States
Slattery, SusanCIMPData Quality12-OctUnited States
Slezewick, AlanCIMP *Data Modeling & Metadata12-AugUnited States
Smagorinsky, DavidCIMPData Quality15-OctUnited States
Smeltere, IlzeCIMPData Quality11-MarLatvia
Smit, AdeleIn Progress
Smith, BrockIn Progress
Smith, CourtneyCIMPData Governance16-OctUnited States
Smith, CourtneyCIMPData Quality17-SepUnited States
Smith, HelenIn Progress
Smith, LisaCIMP *Data Quality12-AugUnited States
Smith, MichaelIn Progress
Smith, MikeIn Progress
Smith, StephanieIn Progress
Smith, StuartCIMP *Data Quality13-JunEngland
Smith, VickyIn Progress
Smolarczyk, MariuszCIMPData Quality15-JanPoland
Snoek, CharleneIn Progress
Snyder, SeanIn Progress
Sobkowiak, MarcinCIMPData Quality17-SepPoland
Solhiem, SonyaIn Progress
Somasundaram, LeelaCIMPData Quality12-JunUnited States
Somera, Steven ScottIn Progress
Sonawane, TusharCIMPData Quality15-DecUnited States
Sood, AksheyCIMPData Quality14-FebUnited States
Sorrentino, JanetCIMPData Governance14-JanUnited States
Sortemos, AstridCIMP ExData Governance17-DecDenmark
Sortemos, AstridCIMPData Quality17-DecDenmark
Spalding, DesireeCIMPData Quality16-JunUnited States
Squires, AaronCIMP *Data Governance12-OctEngland
Sreejay, Kadampatta ManaIn Progress
Sreekala, AnidollCIMPData Quality15-AprPoland
Sridharan, Prasanna GaneshIn Progress
Srilakshmi, DivyaCIMP *Data Quality12-DecEngland
SrinivasaRao, VankayalaIn Progress
Sripada, JyotsnaCIMPData Quality18-FebUnited States
Sripada, JyotsnaCIMPData Governance18-FebUnited States
St Jean, BrianCIMPData Quality11-DecCanada
St.Cyr, DouglasCIMPIM Foundations16-JanUnited States
Staines, JonCIMPData Quality17-Oct
Stala, MarcinIn Progress
Stambolija, DarioIn Progress
St-Amour, MichelIn Progress
Stangierska, EwaIn Progress
Stark, KerriIn Progress
Steele, ArthurIn Progress
Stefan, RichardCIMP ExData Quality13-JunCzech Republic
Stegall, ErikCIMPData Quality14-NovUnited States
Stelzer, KellyCIMPData Governance16-SepUnites States
Stephens, ScottCIMP *Data Governance12-FebUnited States
Stewart, ElizabethCIMPBusiness Intelligence14-DecUnited States
Stone, CarrieCIMP *Data Quality14-DecUnited States
Stormo, BrianIn Progress
Stoyanov, IvayloIn Progress
Strauss, AnjaCIMPData Modeling & Metadata17-FebDenmark
Street, TimothyIn Progress
Streittmatter, KevinCIMPIM Foundations17-Aug
Streubert, MatthewCIMPData Quality13-DecUnited States
Strout, MatthewCIMPData Quality17-OctUnitedStates
Su, DavidCIMPData Governance15-OctUnited Kingdom
Suarez, Anne Lorraine SuarezIn Progress
Subbaraman, RajmohanIn Progress
Subramanian, RajagopalIn Progress
Sujka, MarcinCIMP ExData Quality12-DecPoland
Sujka, MarcinCIMPData Governance12-NovPoland
Sujka, MarcinCIMPIM Foundations14-AugPoland
Sullivan, DanCIMPData Quality16-AprUnited States
Sun, BoCIMP *Data Quality14-JanUnited States
Sunderland, AngusCIMPData Governance16-SepIRELAND
Suram, HemalathaCIMPData Modeling & Metadata18-Apr
Surine, RonIn Progress
Sutcliffe, IanCIMPMaster Data Management14-JanSwitzerland
Suzuki, JuliaIn Progress
Swaminathan, KarthikCIMPData Quality11-SepIndia
Swientek, AnnaIn Progress
Switzer, AliceIn Progress
Sy, BrianCIMPData Quality12-JunThe Philippines
Sy, BrianCIMPData Governance14-NovThe Philippines
Syed, Khaja PeerIn Progress
Szafarz, RadoslawCIMPData Quality13-MayPoland
Szlachta, MichalIn Progress
Tabi, Mary GraceIn Progress
Talbot, JohnCIMPData Modeling & Metadata17-MayUnited Kingdom
Tamlyn-Hayden, JaneIn Progress
Tammineni, DasaCIMPData Quality15-JunUnited States
Tan, LeesinIn Progress
Tan, Margaret ChuaIn Progress
TANGIRALA, BHARGAVA RAMCIMPData Quality13-NovUnited States
Tapia Ramirez, GustavoIn Progress
Tarnowski, AdamIn Progress
Tatel, CreselIn Progress
Tatke, AnishCIMP ExData Quality16-FebIndia
Tatke, AnishCIMPMaster Data Management16-AugIndia
Tautges, MichaellaCIMPIM Foundations15-DecUnited States
Tavares Cardenas, PatriciaCIMP Ex*Data Governance15-JanMexico
Teixeira, AllanCIMP ExData Modeling & Metadata17-Jun
Teixeira, IsraelCIMPData Modeling & Metadata14-MayBrazil
Tejada, Karen EvalemIn Progress
Tellez Ramirez, Jorge AlbertoCIMP ExData Quality12-AprMexico
Telukuntla, RajCIMPData Governance12-JulUnited States
Teng, LeiCIMPMaster Data Management17-FebSingapore
Terapane, BrianIn Progress
Ternullo, SalvatoreIn Progress
Terres, AgustinCIMPData Quality17-DecMexico
Terron Castaneda, AlbertoCIMP *IM Foundations13-OctMexico
Thammaboosadee, SotaratCIMPData Governance17-OctThailand
Thangamoni, BalmahendranIn Progress
Thatavarthy, KrishnaCIMPData Governance18-Mar
Thejaswi, RajIn Progress
Therien, SylvainCIMP ExData Quality16-MarCanada
Therien, SylvainCIMPData Governance16-MarCanada
Thill, LarryIn Progress
Thiruppathi, KumaresanIn Progress
Thomas, LijiCIMPData Quality15-AugIndia
Thomas, MathewCIMPMaster Data Management15-JanCanada
Thomas, NaomiIn Progress
Thompson, BarbaraCIMPData Quality17-Aug
Thompson, CraigIn Progress
Thompson, DavidIn Progress
Thompson, WendyCIMPData Quality13-JanUnited States
Thorne, ChristopherCIMP ExIM Foundations14-FebCanada
Tiley, LucilleCIMP ExData Quality13-AugUnited States
Timkee, RyanCIMPData Quality15-JanUnited States
Tinkham, RussellCIMP ExData Governance17-AugUnited States
Tiwari, SmitaIn Progress
Tomas, BiancaIn Progress
Tong, PeterCIMP *IM Foundations14-FebDenmark
Torres Cadena, EduardoCIMP *Data Quality12-MayMexico
Towner, SteveIn Progress
Tozer, PaulaIn Progress
Tran, LauraCIMPData Quality17-DecUnited States
Trask, JonCIMPData Governance17-SepCanada
Treumann, DesireeIn Progress
Trucchia, Damian AlbertoIn Progress
Tsianaxis, VangelisIn Progress
Tubilah, Mohammed FarisIn Progress
Turman, AshleyCIMPIM Foundations15-SepUnited States
Tuvilleja, MichelleCIMPData Quality15-OctPhilippines
Twardzik, ShannonIn Progress
Tylke, SusanIn Progress
Tyrrell, AngelaCIMPIM Foundations15-SepAustralia
Tyszczuk, MarcinCIMPData Quality15-JanPoland
Tytus, PeterIn Progress
Tyynela, RonCIMP ExData Modeling & Metadata14-DecCanada
Uber, KenCIMPData Quality14-OctUnited States
Ulyanov, EgorCIMP ExIM Foundations14-JanRussia
Ulyanov, EgorCIMPData Governance12-JunRussia
Ulyanov, EgorCIMPData Quality13-NovRussia
Ulyanov, EgorCIMPData Modeling & Metadata13-DecRussia
Ulyanov, EgorCIMPMaster Data Management13-DecRussia
Ulyanov, EgorCIMPData Warehousing15-MayRussia
Umdekar, KavitaCIMPData Quality13-MayUnited States
Unni, SandeepIn Progress
Uppari, VeeranjaneyuluIn Progress
Urrutia, DarianaCIMP ExData Quality15-SepMexico
Urrutia, DarianaCIMPData Governance15-JulMexico
Urusov, MaksimCIMPData Quality15-AprRussia
Urvantsev, VladimirIn Progress
Uys, CelesteIn Progress
Valaie, FredIn Progress
Vale, JosephCIMP ExData Modeling & Metadata14-MayIreland
Vale, JosephCIMPData Quality14-AprIreland
Valencia, Luis FernandoIn Progress
Valtchanov, RossenCIMPData Governance11-DecEngland
Van Der Lans, AnjaIn Progress
Van Gorp, RitaCIMP ExIM Foundations12-SepBelgium
Van Gorp, RitaCIMPData Governance12-MarBelgium
Van Gorp, RitaCIMPData Quality14-JanBelgium
Van Norden, LaureIn Progress
Van Roekel, JohnCIMP *Business Intelligence14-DecUnited States
Van Wazer, VictoriaCIMPMaster Data Management15-JunUnited States
Vanaraja, SathishkumarIn Progress
Vandenbroucke, OlivierCIMP +IM Foundations15-NovIreland
Vanderwijngaart, Ben WijngaartIn Progress
Vargas, MariaCIMP *Data Quality14-JanUnited States
Vargas, Tonie RoseIn Progress
Vasey, DeniseCIMPData Governance17-JunCanada
Vasey, DeniseCIMPMaster Data Management18-MarCanada
Vashist, NeerajCIMP *Data Quality14-MarCanada
Vasil, JosephIn Progress
Vaswani, KabirIn Progress
Vaughn, RhondaIn Progress
Vavra, AntoninCIMP ExData Quality13-JanCzech Republic
Veary, FionaIn Progress
Vegh, DavidIn Progress
Velayutham, JothimaniIn Progress
Velazquez, LisaIn Progress
Velez, PatricioCIMPData Quality14-JulUnited States
Veloso, Karissa AngeliIn Progress
Venkatesan, AnandIn Progress
Vennam, VenuIn Progress
Verheijen, MichelIn Progress
Vertyagin, AlexanderCIMP ExData Quality11-DecRussia
Vertyagin, AlexanderCIMPData Governance11-DecRussia
Vice, PatriciaCIMPData Governance16-AugUnited Kingdom
Vieleers, KickCIMPData Quality17-AugThe Netherlands
Viet Anh, NguyenIn Progress
Vigil, DanielIn Progress
Vijay, DeepaIn Progress
Vika di Panzu, Muanda SergeIn Progress
Villa, JaysonIn Progress
Villavicencio Jiménez, LourdesCIMPData Quality15-DecMexico
Virskaya, MariaCIMP *Data Quality12-DecRussia
Visvanathan, VikiIn Progress
Viswanathan, VivekIn Progress
Vithala, SatyaCIMPData Governance11-DecUnited States
Vivas, BulaklakIn Progress
Vogelsang, Thomas WiisIn Progress
Voight, PatriciaCIMP ExData Quality15-MarUnited States
Wakhu, PeterIn Progress
Walewski, PawelCIMP +Data Quality12-DecPoland
Walewski, PawelCIMPData Governance13-DecPoland
Walimbe, AjinkyaCIMPData Quality16-AprINDIA
Wallace, AaronCIMPData Quality12-MayUnited States
Wang, HarveyCIMPMaster Data Management15-MarCanada
Wang, XiaobingCIMPMaster Data Management16-MarUnited States
Warburton, JustinCIMP *Data Governance12-JanWales
Ward, JohnIn Progress
Warrier, VenuIn Progress
Watson, PaulIn Progress
Watson, WendyCIMP ExData Quality17-AprUnited States
Watson, WendyCIMP ExData Governance17-AprUnited States
Watson-Alimonda, WhitneyCIMPData Integration17-MarUnited States
Waugh, CaseyIn Progress
Weed, JessicaIn Progress
Wei Sim, ChangIn Progress
Wells, ChrisCIMPData Quality15-FebJapan
Westray, JudithCIMP +Data Quality15-JanUnited States
Wheatley, GrahamCIMP *Master Data Management12-AugCanada
White, CourtneyIn Progress
Whynacht, JanetIn Progress
Wiaczek, RobertIn Progress
Widota, MarekIn Progress
Wieckowski, MariuszCIMPData Quality13-FebPoland
Wiescher, GaryCIMPData Governance17-DecUnited Kingdom
Wieselmann, LukeIn Progress
Wightman, AndrewCIMP Ex*IM Foundations15-MarCanada
Wilder, JoshIn Progress
Wildrick, CynthiaCIMPData Quality15-JanUnited States
Wildrick, CynthiaCIMPData Governance15-JanUnited States
Williams, FelicityIn Progress
Williams, JohnCIMPMaster Data Management15-OctUnited States
Williamson, DanIn Progress
Wine, ScottIn Progress
Winhard, LiselotteCIMPMaster Data Management17-JanDenmark
Wisbar, SteveIn Progress
Wise Joseph, DonnaIn Progress
Wolff, KimberlyCIMPData Modeling & Metadata17-FebUnited States
Wolmarans, DirkCIMPMaster Data Management17-FebSouth Africa
Wolodkowicz, RichardIn Progress
Wong, Shay YinCIMPData Quality14-NovMalaysia
Wood, KathleenCIMPData Governance15-JulUnited States
Wood, MatthewCIMPData Modeling & Metadata18-FebUnited States
Wright, AndreaCIMPData Quality15-JanUnited States
Wright, EmilyCIMPData Quality16-MayUnited States
Wu, JieIn Progress
Wurlod, RayIn Progress
Wyman, MikalCIMP ExData Modeling & Metadata13-DecUnited States
Wysocki, KarolCIMPData Quality17-MayPoland
Wysopal, DariuszIn Progress
Xie, HuizhiCIMPData Quality11-JunUnited States
Xu, BeihuaIn Progress
Xu, XiaocunIn Progress
Yadav, SheelaIn Progress
Yang, XumingIn Progress
Yang, ZhebeiCIMP +Data Quality15-MarUnited States
Yang, ZhebeiCIMP *Master Data Management14-JunUnited States
Yao, XiaoquanCIMP *Data Modeling & Metadata14-MayCanada
Ye, JeffreyIn Progress
Yebuah, KevinCIMPData Quality14-NovUnited States
Yong, StevenIn Progress
Young, NicoleIn Progress
Younglove, CraigIn Progress
Youngs, SarahCIMPData Governance14-AugUnited States
Yousef, KhalidIn Progress
Yu, Rachel MaeCIMPData Quality15-MarPhilippines
Yurick, AdamCIMPData Modeling & Metadata15-JanUnited States
Yusouf, Mohamed SaleemIn Progress
Zambrano, Kristen NicoleIn Progress
Zambre, PrashantCIMPData Modeling & Metadata16-JulINDIA
Zambre, PrashantCIMPData Governance18-JanINDIA
Zapanta, Jhicelle AnneIn Progress
Zapart, DamianCIMPMaster Data Management15-OctIRELAND
Zargari, SaeedIn Progress
Zelman, MaciejCIMPData Quality15-JunPoland
Zhao, Bao GangCIMPIM Foundations17-DecSingapore
Ziritt-Hauser, GabriellaIn Progress
Zoilo, MichelleIn Progress
Zoleta, Hiromi AnnIn Progress
Zubel, MartaCIMP *Data Quality14-MayPoland
Zubel, MartaCIMP *Data Governance15-JanPoland
Zukowski, JakubIn Progress
Zukulis, SandisCIMPData Quality12-DecLatvia
Zych, MarkCIMPData Quality16-DecUnited States