Beyond Business Intelligence by Barry Devlin

New Business Demands New Thinking

Beyond Business Intelligence, the first course of the series Business Information – The Next Iteration, by Dr. Barry Devlin introduces new thinking about the nature of people, processes, and information and how they interact.

The three are inseparable. People process information, and what they do with information is the thing that matters most.

This 3-hour online training course, part of our Business Intelligence track, will help you rethink how we process information and set the stage to move beyond Business Intelligence – not to replace BI but to expand, extend, and complement with capabilities that move to the next generation of information processing.

Considering experiences of the past, business pressures in the present, and technology trends that are shaping the future, Dr. Devlin describes a new architecture that responds to today’s information demands and is able to scale and adapt to the business needs of the future.

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Conference Plus

Industry conferences offer networking, immersion, ability to meet the experts face-to-face, and share lots of information with many different people, but they also have drawbacks. eLearningCurve offers superior tutorial capabilities with a large selection of courses, from many of the same world-leading instructors you can meet at the best conferences. Combining conferences and eLearning brings together the best of both worlds – Conference Plus.

If you or a colleague attend an approved live event, you may be eligible for a discount on eLearningCurve courses and packages. You can save up to 20% on online courses and 5% on packages related to the subject of the conference. For more information and a list of approved events please visit our Conference Plus page.

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