Conference Plus: E-learning coupled with live events is a powerful combination.

Both live events and e-learning offer unique ways for students to interact and learn. Get networking, immersion, and face to face time with experts at live events, and get flexibility, convenience, and the ability to replay content for maximum retention with e-learning.

When you attend an approved live event eLearningCurve will give you 20% off on online courses or 5% off of package pricing for you and your colleagues!

If you are planning to attend a live event, consider using e-learning to:

  • Brush up on the fundamentals before you attend the event to reinforce concepts and knowledge
  • Build upon basic knowledge and delve deeper into topics you learned about at a live event
  • Cost-effectively bring the rest of your team up to speed on things you learned at a conference
  • Demonstrate the depth of your learning with a CIMP certification earned online

eLearningCurve offers superior tutorial capabilities with a large selection of courses, from many of the same world-leading instructors you can meet at the best conferences, developed using best instructional design techniques, and the ability to listen to the material multiple times at your own pace. Combining conferences and e-learning brings together the best of both worlds – Conference Plus.

Upcoming Event

We're pleased to announce that several eLearningCurve instructors are speaking at Enterprise Data World:

Dave Wells: Pattern Spotting: Seeing the Real Meaning in Data Visualizations

William McKnight: Raising the Information Management Maturity Curve

Steve Hoberman: Advanced Data Modeling Challenges Workshop

John Ladley: You CAN Be Successful in Data Governance: Best Practice Tips and Takeaways

Thomas Redman: The Data Provocateurs’ Boot Camp

Use discount code ELC to save up to $200 on the lowest available fee. If you register by this Friday, March 3rd, you’ll save an extra $200 with Early Bird discounts – making it a total of $400 in savings.