New! Data Mining Concepts & Techniques by Deanne Larson

Data mining originated primarily from researchers running into challenges posed by new data sets. Data mining is not a new area, but has re-emerged as data science because of new data sources such as Big Data.

This 3-hour online training course, part of our Business Intelligence track, will give you insight into the data mining process, explain models and algorithms, and give an understanding of how to match the right data mining models to the right problems.

You Will Learn:

  • The definitions of data mining and data science
  • The role of statistics in data mining
  • Machine learning concepts
  • To differentiate between supervised and unsupervised learning
  • The data mining process
  • How to conduct exploratory data analysis
  • To identify data mining models and algorithms
  • How to match the problem with the model
  • Model validation techniques
  • How to deploy data mining models

What People Are Saying About eLC

The course content was well organized, well-paced and had good depth of knowledge. The ability to take the course at my own pace and at a time suitable for me was of great help. I would recommend this training to anyone focusing on data management.

Geeta Jegamathi,
CIMP - Data Quality

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