New! Location Intelligence and GIS by K-Y Su and George Williams

Location intelligence has been important for human endeavors for centuries. With modern advances in information technology, location intelligence can be achieved by commercial businesses with the use of geographic information systems. A geographic information system (or GIS) is a relational database technology that enables both analysis and visualization of geographic, demographic, and other types of geospatial data.

The technology was first introduced in the 1970s and has evolved to provide scientists, engineers, and business analysts with a means by which to analyze their data through a customizable map and graphical user interface.

While all levels of government, military, engineering and scientific consultants, and academic organizations have been successfully using GIS for a variety of applications, commercial businesses have been slow to adopt the technology in order to provide better location intelligence for their business intelligence operations.

This 4 hour online training course, part of our Business Intelligence track provides an overview of GIS software with the goal of demonstrating how to use the technology to build location intelligence.

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