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eLearningCurve offers a comprehensive online education and certification program in various disciplines of information management, from fundamentals to advanced topics. New courses are developed and released on an on-going basis. You can purchase the courses individually or enroll in one of our Education Programs at a great discount. You can also cap your education with Certified Information Management Professional or Certified Data Steward designation by taking optional exams.

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Information Management Fundamentals Data Quality Fundamentals
Our Price: $530.00
Our Price: $400.00
Information Management Fundamentals - online training course Data Quality Fundamentals - cnline training course

Information Management is a broad and diverse field that encompasses 14 distinct disciplines. Even seasoned IM professionals don’t typically have knowledge of and experience in all of the disciplines. This 5.5-hour course provides a high-level view across the entire scope of information management.

Instructor: David Wells

Data quality is a large and complex field with many dimensions. This 4-hour course provides an overview of the field of data quality with the goal of building strong foundational knowledge, inlcuding terminology, concepts, principles, processes, and practices.

Instructor: David Wells

MDM Fundamentals and Best Practice Data Governance Fundamentals
Our Price: $380.00
Our Price: $410.00
MDM Fundamentals - cnline training course Data Governance Fundamentals - online training course

This 4-hour course builds upon experiences of those who have implemented MDM. You will learn what MDM is all about - the terminology used, different styles and architectures of MDM, and the best (and worst) practices for MDM programs.

Instructor: Andy Hayler

This 4-hour course provides and overview of the disciplines of governing data, covers the essential components of an enterprise-wide program, and outlines a roadmap to execute a successful data governance program. An extensive case study illustrates data governance concepts, principles, and practices.

Instructors: Maria Villar and Theresa Kushner

Fundamentals of Data Modeling and Metadata Management Fundamentals of Business Intelligence
Our Price: $295.00
Our Price: $560.00
Fundamentals of Data Modeling and Metadata Management - online training course Fundamentals of Business Intelligence - online training course

This 3-hour course provides foundation knowledge about the most commonly used data modeling techniques: entity-relationship modeling and dimensional modeling. A similar foundation is built for metadata management with attention to common metadata purposes and metadata discovery methods.

Instructors: David Wells and Arkady Maydanchik

In this 5.5-hour course you will learn basic terminology, concepts, purpose and capabilities of BI, get introduced to the common challenges and risks encountered in BI implementations, and understand the role of people, information, technology and business objectives in BI success.

Instructor: Mark Peco

Data Stewardship Fundamentals Data Warehousing Fundamentals
Our Price: $370.00
Our Price: $550.00
Data Stewardship Fundamentals - cnline training course Data Warehousing Fundamentals - online training course

Data Stewards are important leaders in information management programs. This 3.5-hour course provides an overview of the concepts and practices of data stewardship. It covers topics ranging from basic terminology to types of data stewards and their implementation roles and responsibilities.

Instructor: Maria Villar

This 5.5-hour course presents a holistic view of data warehousing components, concepts, and definitions. From a systems-thinking perspective, you'll see a framework that describes the building blocks and their interactions to generate real and measurable business value.

Instructor: Mark Peco

Data Integration Fundamentals and Best Practices Big Data Fundamentals
Our Price: $500.00
Our Price: $350.00
Data Integration Fundamentals and Best Practices - online training course Big Data Fundamentals - online training course

This 5-hour course discusses architectures, requirements, methods, roles and activities of data integration that can be applied to achieve successful data integration projects for a variety of applications and circumstances.

Instructor: Dave Wells

This 3.5-hour online course addresses the technical community as well as the user community, providing guidance on how to penetrate and benefit the enterprise. This practical session will help you make the most of big data and make the best choices to ensure information remains an unparalleled corporate asset.

Instructors: William McKnight and Jake Dolezal

Building and Operating a Data Warehouse Introduction to NOSQL
Our Price: $445.00
Our Price: $360.00
Building and Operating a Data Warehouse - online training course Introduction to NOSQL - online training course

This 4.5-hour This course re-defines the scope of the “modern” data warehouse. The need for planning and the role of architecture are described and clarified, followed by a discussion about the challenges related to gathering useful information requirements. This is followed by a discussion of design approaches, development, testing and quality management techniques.

Instructor: Mark Peco

This 3.5-hour online course addresses the emerging class of NoSQL technologies for managing operational big data. This includes key-value, column stores, document stores and graph databases. Learn about the ideal workloads for NoSQL in enterprises and where NoSQL adds value to an enterprise information strategy. Learn how to get the projects started or dropping the “not in production” label.

Instructors: William McKnight

Analytics Fundamentals Best Practices in Data Resource Management
Our Price: $570.00
Our Price: $305.00
Analytics Fundamentals- online training course Best Practices in Data Resource Management - online training course

This 6-hour online course provides a foundation to understand the scope and the key success factors of analytics. Concepts and terminology are introduced, and scope of analytics is discussed to set context and provide a frame of reference for topics that follow.

Instructor: Mark Peco and Dave Wells

The data is one of the four critical resources in an organization, along with the financial resource, real property, and the human resource. This 3-hour course provides an in-depth analysis of the impact of data disparity on the organization, and outlines best practices for data resource management.

Instructor: Mike Brackett

Ensuring Data Quality in Data Integration Data Quality Assessment
Our Price: $525.00
Our Price: $575.00
Ensuring Data Quality in Data Integration - cnline training course Data Quality Assessment - online training course

Data errors multiply and spread like viruses through data consolidation processes and ongoing data interfaces. This 5-hour course discusses various practices that can be put in place to maintain high data quality through data integration.

Instructor: Arkady Maydanchik

This 6-hour course gives comprehensive treatment to the process and practical challenges of data quality assessment. It starts with systematic treatment of various data quality rules and proceeds to the results analysis and building aggregated data quality scorecard.

Instructor: Arkady Maydanchik

Data Profiling Data Parsing, Matching and De-duplication
Our Price: $515.00
Our Price: $435.00
Data Profiling - online training course Data Parsing, Matching and De-duplication - online training course

Data profiling is the process of analyzing actual data and understanding its true structure and meaning. It is one of the most common and important activities in information management. This 5-hour course teaches all practical skills necessary to succeed in a data profiling initiative.

Instructor: Arkady Maydanchik

To take advantage of the worldwide marketplace, businesses need to manage data globally. This reality poses very specialized and unique kinds of problems in data management. In this 4.5-hour course you will learn to identify and avoid the pitfalls of global information.

Instructors: Kathy Hunter, William McKnight, Henrik Sørensen

MDM: Selecting a Vendor Creating and Implementing a Data Strategy
Our Price: $390.00
Our Price: $350.00
MDM: Selecting a Vendor - online training course Creating and Implementing a Data Strategy - online training course

This in-depth 4-hour course takes the mystery, uncertainty, and guess-work out of selecting and purchasing MDM software products. Based upon a framework that describes the model of an ideal MDM product, you will learn about a structured process of product evaluation and selection.

Instructor: Andy Hayler

Today, if most CIOs are asked about their data asset, most would be forced to respond that there is no inventory of data, little is known about the quality of the data, and “there is no plan for the productive use of this asset.” This 3.5-hour course provides a plan to make effective use of the data.

Instructor: Sid Adelman