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The CDS Program is popular around the globe. In its fourth year, there are nearly 300 certified professionals and over 800 students from 35+ countries.

Individuals listed as "CDS Associate", "CDS" and "CDS Ex" met all the requirements of the respective certification, including experience requirements for "CDS Ex". Individuals listed as "CDS +" have earned the CDS designation and met the academic requirements, but had not yet fulfilled the experience requirements of CDS Ex. Individuals listed as "In Progress" have either earned at least one CDS credit or successfully completed the Data Stewardship Fundamentals course and may go on to pursue the CDS designation. To learn more about certification requirements visit the CDS Rulebook.

An asterisk (*) next to certification indicates this student's certification term has expired. Please note, this does not necessarily mean that their certification is no longer valid. It simply means that we have not been able to verify their their re-certification credentials.

This table is updated on a monthly basis. If you need to verify any information related certification please contact us at

NameCertification Cert Date Country
A, PadmajaCDS16-JulINDIA
Abugadallah, MohammedIn Progress

Ackerman, BrianIn Progress

Ackey, DodeIn Progress

Adeva, ElenaCDS16-JunIreland
Afolabi, AbimbolaIn Progress

Agarwal, GulshanIn Progress

Agarwal, NiranjanIn Progress

Agarwal, SheetalIn Progress

Agas, HeideCDS Associate*13-SepUnited States
Agrawal, VipinIn Progress

Aguiar, JudyIn Progress

Ahuanlla, ElenaCDS Associate*13-SepCanada
Akeju, KoredeIn Progress

Al Ansari, WafaCDS Associate*14-SepUnited Arab Emirates
Al Dablan, MuneerahIn Progress

Al Hanaei, AmeenaCDS *13-OctUnited Arab Emirates
Al Oud, KhuloudIn Progress

Alarcon, AuroraIn Progress

Albert, MaryanneCDS16-MarUnited States
alde, Jeremy AnnIn Progress

Alderson, RobertIn Progress

Alfaro, JenniferIn Progress

Ali, TabassumCDS16-FebUnited States
ALibrahim, MosabIn Progress

Allakki, SandeepCDS Ex13-DecUnited States
Almasi, SzabolcsIn Progress

Alp, SuleCDS Associate*13-SepCanada
Alsabak, AudayIn Progress

Altabtebai, LamyaCDS Associate16-Jun
Alvarez Corona, Juana JanettIn Progress

Alvestad, NicoleIn Progress

Amanullah, SuhailCDS Ex16-OctKUWAIT
Anbalahan, SivamalarIn Progress

Ancheta, Cayzel MayIn Progress

Andrade, RomanIn Progress

Ansari, ThameemIn Progress

Anumalasetti, SudheerIn Progress

Apuang, AlvinIn Progress

Aquino, EmilyIn Progress

Arano, BernadetteIn Progress

Arikan, BurakIn Progress

Arriola, ChristianIn Progress

Arroyo-Lee Sing, ReneeIn Progress

Ashour, AbdelkarimCDS Associate16-Jul
Aude, DonIn Progress

Augustyniak, MichalIn Progress

Aure, KringIn Progress

Awingan, JoyCDS13-DecThe Philippines
Ayzenberg, EugeneIn Progress

Baball, KevinIn Progress

Bader, DinaCDS13-SepUnited Arab Emirates
Bafna, RahulIn Progress

Bajamunde, RenanIn Progress

Baliga, GaneshIn Progress

Ballesteros, ChristianIn Progress

Banson, Mary JaneIn Progress

Barber, AndriaIn Progress

Barot, KaushikCDS Associate16-MayIndia
Barrett, JamesCDS18-Mar
Barry, JustinCDS17-NovUnited States
Basa, SuzetteIn Progress

Basnet, KamanaIn Progress

Basu, SumandaIn Progress

Bauman, LynnCDS13-DecUnited States
Bebnowski, TomaszCDS13-DecPoland
Beck, KathyIn Progress

Begoc, ErwanIn Progress

Belang, ThatoIn Progress

Belanger, DeniseIn Progress

Benedict, Diane VirginiaCDS16-MarUnited States
Benson, NildaCDS Associate16-Nov
Berman, JeannetteIn Progress

Bermio, KateIn Progress

Bernard, FrederickIn Progress

Berry, RyanCDS Associate17-MayUnited Kingdom
Bettaglio, RobertoIn Progress

Bhasin, SumeetCDS17-JanUnited States
Bhatnagar, AjayCDS16-AprUnited States
Bhatt, AsitCDS17-NovUnited States
Bicak, TomasIn Progress

Bieniek, MarcinIn Progress

Bihari, MariannaIn Progress

Bin Amer Bilwail, AhmedCDS13-NovUnited Arab Emirates
Binarao, Buddy JamesCDS Associate18-MarPhilippines
Bishop, DianeIn Progress

Blanco Flores, EnriqueIn Progress

Blank, MichaelIn Progress

Blay, LisaCDS Associate17-Apr
Bobak, AngeloIn Progress

Bodura, JoannaIn Progress

Boehme, HeatherCDS15-DecUnited States
Boerrigter, DanielleCDS16-MarUnited States
Boone, MyehshaIn Progress

Bostwick, GreggIn Progress

Bowes, MischaIn Progress

Boyd, JasonIn Progress

Bradley, AlistairCDS Associate15-JulUnited States
Brady, AmandaCDS16-Aug
Brahler, KristenCDS16-MarUnited States
Braxton, DonaldIn Progress

Brevik, SarahIn Progress

Briody, NeillIn Progress

Briones-Lucas, Therese AmaraIn Progress

Brown, StuartCDS Associate*13-SepAustralia
Brown, TsahaiIn Progress

Buffington, DebraIn Progress

Bulauitan, TheresaIn Progress

Burke, EllenIn Progress

Burke, Mary KayIn Progress

Burlacu-Timofte, AncaCDS14-SepRomania
Burns, LaurenIn Progress

Burrill, SanthaIn Progress

Busto, Anthony JohnIn Progress

Butters, JohnCDS Associate*15-FebEngland
Cabardo, JannetteIn Progress

Cabe, Edgar JeffersonIn Progress

Cabrera, IsaacIn Progress

Cabrera, JulioIn Progress

Caggainello, DavidIn Progress

Cain, KimberlyIn Progress

Calvo, AlbertoIn Progress

Cameron, SuzetteIn Progress

Campbell, LyndaCDS17-FebCanada
Campbell, MonicaIn Progress

Campos Correa, AdrianaCDS Associate*14-Apr
Cardoso, EliaCDS Associate*14-Feb
Carriere, NicoleIn Progress

Caruso, DeborahIn Progress

Case, EthanCDS Associate18-Jan
Castillo Asuncion, LynleeCDS16-JunUnited States
Celi, CieriIn Progress

Cempron, Rachel TanyaIn Progress

Chacon, MarcoIn Progress

Chalifour, JasonCDS15-DecUnited States
Chan, VictoriaIn Progress

Chang, HenryCDS17-Oct
Chang, TommyIn Progress

Chapman, BarbaraIn Progress

Chapman, MattIn Progress

Chatterjee, ArijitIn Progress

Chaudhry, YasarIn Progress

Chavez, VeronicaIn Progress

Chen, CeleneCDS16-AprUnited States
Chen, IvyCDS16-JanUnited States
Cheng, GenevieveIn Progress

Chick, TeresaCDS18-MarUnited States
Chidanand, RachanaIn Progress

Chinnachamy, TamilinianIn Progress

Chow, Wai PunCDS17-AugSingapore
Christensen, MajaIn Progress

Chughtai, KamranCDS Associate*13-SepEngland
Ciancio, AnthonyIn Progress

Cierkonski, MichalIn Progress

Ciperski, BlakeIn Progress

Collins, JamesIn Progress

Connelly, ShawnIn Progress

Corrigan, ChristopherCDS Associate*13-SepUnited States
Cortes, RhinaCDS14-NovUnited States
Couillard, FrancoisIn Progress

Counce, DavidIn Progress

Crookes, CarolIn Progress

Cruz, Renato Jr.In Progress

Cuevillas, KristineIn Progress

Cully, CarolIn Progress

Czechowski, AndrzejIn Progress

Czyz, AnnaIn Progress

Dagerman, LisaIn Progress

Dagnone, DonaldoIn Progress

Daltrey, JulieIn Progress

Daniels, SusanCDS15-DecUnited States
Darson, SarahIn Progress

Daruvala, MerziCDS13-SepUnited Arab Emirates
Dawson, JamesCDS13-DecEngland
De Beer, HannesIn Progress

De Castro, Teresa AnnIn Progress

De Keyzer, MichielIn Progress

Deffendall, GaryCDS *14-SepUnited States
Dehgan, NahidIn Progress

DeKenipp, PatIn Progress

Delacruz, RonCDS Associate*14-NovUnited States
Delaney, JamesCDS17-FebUnited States
DelBianco, StevenIn Progress

Delgado, MaribelCDS Associate17-Jul
Della Torre, JuanIn Progress

delos Reyes, RichardCDS15-DecPhilippines
Deltufo, CarolCDS16-Nov
Desmarais, YvetteCDS17-NovUnited States
Desorcy, DavidCDS Associate16-Aug
DeVenuti, JosephIn Progress

Dey, SaugatIn Progress

Diaz Velazquez, DanielIn Progress

Dibuseng, PetrusIn Progress

Dimitrion, GenevyCDS15-JunUnited States
Distelhorst, SherryCDS14-JunUnited States
Dittmeier, KeithIn Progress

Dogan, ErkanIn Progress

Doherty, ChristopherIn Progress

Domante, JohnIn Progress

Dooling, ElizabethCDS Ex17-MarUnited States
Doraibabu, BalajiCDS17-NovUnited States
Doran, GregIn Progress

Dorsey, JaiIn Progress

Doyle, JamesCDS Associate*13-SepCanada
Doyle, LauraCDS17-Aug
Drapp, PaulaIn Progress

Drozd, DeeCDS15-JunUnited States
Duffy, JosephCDS Ex14-MayUnited States
Dumitrache, RamonaCDS Associate16-Jun
Dumitru, MihaelaIn Progress

Durango, LilliamCDS Associate15-SepUnited States
Duvvuri, ShravanCDS17-MarUnited States
Eberle, JulianIn Progress

Edwards, MichaelCDS Associate16-MarUnited States
Egland, SusieIn Progress

Eid, AhmedCDS Associate16-Jun
Eilers, KarolineIn Progress

Elhauz, NisrineIn Progress

Embree, SheilaCDS Associate17-Jun
Emmerich, HeatherCDS Associate*14-AugUnited States
Escorza Morales, EdgarIn Progress

Esmale, JeffersonIn Progress

Estopo, AgnesIn Progress

Estrada, OctavioIn Progress

Eusebio, Alexis FroilanIn Progress

Fagnoni, JosephIn Progress

Farmer, KimberlyCDS Associate*13-SepUnited States
Fatalla, KurtIn Progress

Fedewa, JaneCDS Associate16-Sep
Fekete, CsongorIn Progress

Ferrante, JanineIn Progress

Ferrell-Schultheis, LindaIn Progress

Fillner, LayceCDS *14-MarUnited States
Fine, GregIn Progress

Firican, GeorgeCDS14-JunCanada
Fisher, MichaelIn Progress

Flesher, KeithIn Progress

Floyd, SallyIn Progress

Fong, DanielCDS Associate*13-SepUnited States
Foster, LaniCDS16-NovUnited States
Franck, JessicaCDS *14-AprUnited States
Frankel, ElliotCDS *13-SepUnited States
French, CrisstoferIn Progress

Frias, JeannIn Progress

Frost, GandiIn Progress

Fuerte, JojoCDS16-FebThe Philippines
Fuller, LindaCDS15-AugUnited States
Funk, ChristopherIn Progress

Gage, NeilCDS Associate17-JunSouth Africa
Gajdacz, AnitaCDS Associate17-Apr
Galbraith, JonathonCDS Associate18-Jan
Gamali, TamerCDS Associate16-Jun
Gamboa, Mary RoseIn Progress

Garbutt, JamesIn Progress

Garcia, OanaIn Progress

Garcia, Sophia Ma. CarmelaIn Progress

Gato, CarlosIn Progress

Geddes, WilliamIn Progress

Georgie, ShirleyCDS13-OctUnited Arab Emirates
Ghandour, MohamedCDS Associate16-Jun
Ghotra, SukhpreetIn Progress

Giannattasio, MichaelCDS17-NovUnited States
Glennon, LindaCDS15-DecUnited States
Glover, JohnIn Progress

Gomez, MathieuCDS *13-NovUnited States
Gonzales, KevinIn Progress

Gonzalez Costes, Alejandro LuisCDS Associate*13-SepMexico
Good, MikeIn Progress

Goodchild, DrewIn Progress

Goon, DanIn Progress

Gopalakrishna Pillai, HarikrishnanIn Progress

Gordon, LarissaCDS16-Nov
Gottschalk, MariusIn Progress

Gould, DanielCDS Associate17-Aug
Govender, KevinCDS Associate16-Sep
Grabowiecka, LucynaIn Progress

Grant, DionnaIn Progress

Graves, DonnaIn Progress

Grebasch, DennisIn Progress

Green, LindaCDS Associate16-Jun
Grisanti, StephenIn Progress

Grobler, NatalieCDS Ex18-Jan
Gschweng, ShaunIn Progress

Gundersen, AlexaIn Progress

Gunia, RoseIn Progress

Gunter, DanielIn Progress

Hadginikitas, TerryIn Progress

Hajek, PetrIn Progress

Hameed, TahirCDS *13-JunUnited States
Han, Shun ChouCDS18-JanSingapore
Hanna, JessicaCDS Associate*13-SepUnited States
Hardwick, JoyCDS17-DecUnited States
Hartland, AndyCDS Associate16-OctUNITED KINGDOM
Hasnik, ZuleykaIn Progress

Hawkins, GretchenCDS +15-AprUnited States
Hay, JenniferCDS Associate*13-SepUnited States
Healy, GrainneIn Progress

Hebsgaard, GitteIn Progress

Heien, ChristopherCDS Associate*14-JanUnited States
Henley, ToddCDS Associate*14-AprUnited States
Hensley, DavidCDS Associate16-AprUnited States
Hepburn, CyleCDS17-MarUnited States
Hernandez, HaydeIn Progress

Herrera, HaroldCDS Associate16-Sep
Herrera, MarioCDS Associate18-AprUnited States
Hicks, DavidIn Progress

Hijjawy, BasharCDS Associate17-JunKUWAIT
Hilmes, DemetriusIn Progress

Hishon, WilliamCDS16-JunCANADA
Ho, CynthiaIn Progress

Ho, Wei CheongIn Progress

Hoffpauir, JenniferCDS17-Oct
Hogewoning, DirkIn Progress

Holland-Hibbert, SusanCDS Associate*13-SepCanada
Hollon, AnnCDS Associate15-DecUnited States
Holm, FransCDS Associate16-NovDENMARK
Horton, DarylCDS14-MayUnited States
Houston, BenitaCDS14-AprUnited States
Howard, RussellCDS16-MarUnited States
Hudson, SherrieIn Progress

Huerta, VicenteIn Progress

Hughes, DavidIn Progress

Hughes, HollyCDS16-MayUnited States
Hughes, NickCDS14-JunJapan
Hull, AlfredIn Progress

Hurley, ThomasIn Progress

Hvam, BetinaIn Progress

Ilyas, MohamedCDS Associate16-Jul
Imran, MuhammadIn Progress

Imre, BalazsCDS13-DecHungary
Inguva, PadmaIn Progress

Isaacs, SheikCDS17-DecUnited States
Isdell, FrankCDS Associate*13-SepUnited States
Ismail, AhmadIn Progress

Ivanauskas, PaulIn Progress

Ivanov, LouIn Progress

Izquierdo, CeciliaIn Progress

Jabir, MohammadCDS *13-OctUnited Arab Emirates
Jablonski, MateuszCDS Associate*13-SepPoland
Jagannathan, RajCDS16-AprUnited States
Jagger, JeeteshCDS16-AugUnited States
Jalding, TatianaIn Progress

Janiec, GrzegorzCDS Associate18-MarPoland
Janse van Rensburg, YvetteIn Progress

Javier, IrisCDS17-AugPhilippines
Jenkins, TimothyIn Progress

Jesensky, MarekIn Progress

Johnson, AndrewCDS17-FebUnited Kingdom
Johnson, MelissaCDS +15-DecUnited States
Jonckheer, NikkiCDS Associate*14-OctSouth Africa
Jones, KariIn Progress

Josue, Anna MarinellaIn Progress

Joy, NithinIn Progress

Jumaa, Jumaa MuhammedIn Progress

K, SenthilnathanIn Progress

Kaim, SebastianCDS15-AugPoland
Kaimal, SandeepIn Progress

Kalikiri, SandeepCDS Associate17-AugIndia
Kalinin, XeniyaCDS Associate17-OctUnited States
Kamath, VinayakIn Progress

Kampen, PaulCDS14-OctUnited States
Kanbas, YagmurCDS Associate*13-Dec
Kancite, MaritaCDS Associate*13-SepLatvia
Kanhere, AnandCDS18-AprIndia
Kapadia, HemalCDS16-MarUnited States
Karuppannan, SukumarIn Progress

Kaslow, RoseIn Progress

Kasprzycki, RobertIn Progress

Katz, CharlieIn Progress

Keith, StephanieIn Progress

Kelkenberg, JoshuaIn Progress

Kelly, KevinCDS18-MarUnited States
Kennedy, KathleenIn Progress

Khan, IqbalIn Progress

Khan, NaziaCDS16-OctUAE
Khan, NidaIn Progress

Khanna, VikramIn Progress

Kharitonov, AnatolyIn Progress

Kim, YounghwaCDS17-DecSingapore
Kincade, KerryIn Progress

Kindya, NancyCDS15-NovUnited States
King, JimmyIn Progress

Kingston, DawnCDS Associate*15-FebUnited States
Kizelnik, AkivaCDS Associate*14-JanUnited States
Kleine, MartinCDS16-AugGERMANY
Klos, MichalIn Progress

Knorr, MichaelIn Progress

Knowles, HeatherCDS Associate18-FebUnited States
Kocijan, KristinaCDS16-JunCROATIA
Kompella, JayaCDS17-JanINDIA
Kosior, PiotrCDS *13-DecPoland
Krawczyk, PawelCDS13-DecPoland
Krinninger, ScottCDS14-SepUnited States
Krueger, DonnaIn Progress

Kruger, Van ZylIn Progress

Ku, JoannaCDS17-Aug
Kulkarni, MukundIn Progress

Kumar, AshishIn Progress

Kumar, PrashanthIn Progress

Kumar, ShambhaviCDS17-DecSingapore
Kumar S, RajeshIn Progress

Kyaw, OkkarCDS14-SepSingapore
Labasa, GarryIn Progress

Labossiere, KarenIn Progress

Lakshmikandan, ThangaveluIn Progress

Lamano, RodneylynIn Progress

Lamtran, CamthiIn Progress

Landers, RhondaIn Progress

Langston, JessicaCDS17-Jul
Lee, KimIn Progress

Lehman, JordanIn Progress

Lelejko, PiotrIn Progress

LeMay, DonaldIn Progress

Leung, WinnieCDS17-OctAustralia
Leverette, ThomasIn Progress

Lim, LyraIn Progress

Limina, BreanaIn Progress

Lindsted, HelleIn Progress

Lingappa, PurusothamanIn Progress

Liu, CathyIn Progress

Lobo, JulioCDS Associate16-Jun
Loctionova, TatyanaIn Progress

Longaza, JeraldIn Progress

Lopez, MariluCDS Associate*13-SepMexico
Lopez, SandraIn Progress

Lopukhin, AlexeyCDS Associate*13-SepUnited States
Louis, GemimaIn Progress

Lui, KenCDS17-MayCanada
Luiz, ThomasCDS16-OctUnites States
Lutter, SteveCDS Ex15-JunUnited States
Lyn, KatherineCDS14-JulUnited States
Mada, DayakarIn Progress

Madabattula, MurthyCDS Associate17-Sep
Maddali, VenkataCDS Associate17-Sep
Maerten, Jean-ChristopheIn Progress

Magaldi, MauricioCDS Associate*13-SepBrazil
Mahadevan, HariharaIn Progress

Majkowski, MaciejIn Progress

Malik, ManalCDS17-FebUnited States
Manas, AriIn Progress

Marasia, JenniferCDS14-AugUnited States
Marcelo, MorrisIn Progress

Mariano, KhalilIn Progress

Mariano, Maria ElenaCDS14-DecThe Philippines
Marin, MarivelCDS13-DecUnited States
Mark, EditIn Progress

Marshall, GaryCDS Associate15-MarEngland
Mascarina, Niccolo AndreIn Progress

Massaro, MarkCDS16-FebUnited States
Matienzo, MelanieIn Progress

Matura, LeslieIn Progress

Maung, IanIn Progress

Maydanchik, OlgaCDS Ex13-SepUnited States
McGrath, CarolCDS Associate18-JanNew Zealand
McLean, JacquiCDS Associate17-Sep
Mendelsohn, ArnoldIn Progress

Mendoza, Jenard KenrickIn Progress

Metodieva, EmiliaIn Progress

Miller, SusanIn Progress

Millican, BarbaraCDS Ex17-DecUnited States
Miszczuk, TomaszIn Progress

Mitchell, ReginalIn Progress

Mk, AbhishekCDS Associate15-AugIndia
Mohammad, HamadCDS13-OctUnited Arab Emirates
Mohammad, TanveerCDS Associate16-Jul
Mohammed, ZohebIn Progress

Mohney, TinaIn Progress

Mohta, VenkateshIn Progress

Møller, MichaelIn Progress

Moncada, JuanIn Progress

Mooney, RobertCDS15-MarIreland
Morgan, BrianCDS Associate17-MarEngland
Motammari, VikramCDS Associate17-Feb
Moura, TatianaIn Progress

Mueller, ErinCDS Associate17-JanUnited States
Muirhead, AndrewIn Progress

Mulligan, KevinCDS16-DecUnited States
Murphy, GlynCDS16-JunIreland
Murphy, KristinaCDS Associate*13-SepUnited States
Murphy, MichaelCDS16-FebUnited States
Murray, HeatherCDS Associate18-MarCanada
Murray, MaureenCDS18-MarUnited States
Mussett, NeilIn Progress

Muthu, ChandraIn Progress

Mvelase, BusisiweIn Progress

Nabor, AileenIn Progress

Nair, MaheshIn Progress

Naklicki, BartlomiejIn Progress

Nalakath, BinseerIn Progress

Nale, DattatrayIn Progress

Nannarone, FredIn Progress

Napaton, RodelIn Progress

Narayanan, PrabuIn Progress

Natividad, JenniferIn Progress

Nazarea, MarianneIn Progress

Neal, AlanIn Progress

Neal, AngelaCDS Associate17-May
Neely, CristianIn Progress

Neilson, StuartIn Progress

Nelson, RussIn Progress

Ng, CatherineCDS Associate*14-May
Nichols, KeshaCDS16-SepUnited States
Nichols, WilliamIn Progress

Nims, PamCDS15-MarUnited States
Noelle, ChristophCDS Associate17-JanUnited States
Nogas, Mark GabrielIn Progress

Nolan, SuzanneIn Progress

Nordgren, SebastianIn Progress

Nordtorp, RuneCDS Associate16-JunDenmark
Nuestro, KarenIn Progress

Nunez, MaribelIn Progress

Nxumalo, ThabileIn Progress

Oberemok, AndreyCDS14-JulRussia
Obregon, AngelIn Progress

O'Brien, BrendanIn Progress

Occiano, EvelynIn Progress

Ockers, AndreaCDS Associate15-MayUnited States
O'Connor, KevinCDS Associate17-AprIreland
Ogabang, DongCDS17-Sep Philippines
O'Gorman, AnneIn Progress

Okoko, MichaelCDS15-NovKenya
Olds, JohnIn Progress

Orias, CindyCDS15-OctPhilippines
O'Riordan, GeraldIn Progress

Orlian, MosheIn Progress

Ortega, TaliaCDS17-Apr
O'Sullivan, SeanIn Progress

Pacek, JaroslawIn Progress

Panini, SampathCDS Associate*15-JanUnited States
Papaeconomou, DeborahCDS Associate17-Nov
Papangelis, NikolaosIn Progress

Paquet, DavidCDS16-MarUnited States
Paras, ZhalimarIn Progress

Parga O'Sullivan, AlfredoIn Progress

Pascual, GeoffreyIn Progress

Pasman, ArnoCDS Associate17-NovNetherlands
Pastrana Jimenez, Alejandro JoseIn Progress

Paszkowski, MichalIn Progress

Patel, ChaitaliCDS17-Jul
Patricia, JulietCDS Associate17-FebSINGAPORE
Patwardhan, SandeepIn Progress

Pawlicki, ArkadiuszIn Progress

Pawlowski, KrzysztofIn Progress

Payan, CitlalliIn Progress

Payne, KarinCDS Associate17-Apr
Pazik, PiotrIn Progress

Penarubia, Philip MichaelIn Progress

Perez, JacobIn Progress

Perfeito, RichardIn Progress

Pester, ChadIn Progress

Peters, JeremyIn Progress

Peterson-Evers, LanayaIn Progress

Phillips, Mary A.CDS18-MarUnited States
Pinto, CanuteIn Progress

Pispidikis, TedCDS17-JunCanada
Pizzardi, NellaIn Progress

Plante, AndreCDS Associate*13-SepCanada
Pleczynski, PiotrIn Progress

Poole, CarolIn Progress

Porterfield, BrendaIn Progress

Potnuru, SumanthCDS14-AugUnited States
Power, DanCDS17-Aug
Pramanik, NibeditaIn Progress

Prat, JosephIn Progress

Price, RogerCDS13-JunUnited States
Psotny, DusanCDS14-JunCzech Republic
Quek, MarcCDS Associate*14-Oct
Quiros, RobertoIn Progress

R, Saravana KumarCDS Ex15-DecIndia
Raghfar, MahdiIn Progress

Rahim, MubinaIn Progress

Ramchandani, PurviIn Progress

Ramirez, Anthony NinoIn Progress

Ramos, MicheleIn Progress

Rangel Saldana, Paul EduardoIn Progress

Rapaka, RaniIn Progress

Reed, DavidIn Progress

Rehman, ArifIn Progress

Reid, TracyCDS Ex16-MayUnited States
Reinhard, DanielCDS15-AprUnited States
Reitmeier, TaylorCDS18-MarUNITED STATES
Renner, DeborahCDS14-NovUnited States
Requirme, Jo AnneIn Progress

Reyes, FayeIn Progress

Rich-Shea, LewisCDS17-AugUnited States
Rickaby, ChadIn Progress

Riley, LoisCDS Associate17-Dec
Rivera, ChristianIn Progress

Robb, SandyIn Progress

Roberts, DeniseCDS14-SepUnited States
Robertson, JessicaCDS Associate*14-JunCanada
Rodriguez, ErnestoIn Progress

Rodriguez, HeidyIn Progress

Roman, Ma. Gianina BeaIn Progress

Rosales, TaniaIn Progress

Rossberg, DennisIn Progress

Rusch, DennisIn Progress

Ryan, NeilCDS Associate*13-SepIreland
Rydberg, ReneCDS Associate17-AugUnited States
S, NishaCDS Associate15-OctIndia
Sahib, DavidCDS15-JunUnited States
Saifuddin, KartinaCDS17-AugUnited States
Salamani, RachelCDS15-MarUnited Arab Emirates
Salameh, FatenCDS Associate*13-OctUnited Arab Emirates
Salazar, DanielIn Progress

Saldanha, GodfreyCDS +16-Feb
Salman-Manesh, JalehIn Progress

Saludes, RoxanneIn Progress

Salva, KeraldIn Progress

Salvon, ThomasCDS16-AprUnited States
Sampson, DavidCDS Associate*14-MayCanada
Sant'Anna, LuizCDS Associate*13-SepSpain
Santiago, WandaIn Progress

Saoud, MurshedIn Progress

Sarao, StephenCDS14-NovUnited States
Sarkar, ChiranjibIn Progress

Sarmiento, MarsCDS16-JulPhilippines
Savasta, LauraCDS16-Jan
Save, NayanaCDS13-SepUnited Arab Emirates
Sawant, AmolIn Progress

Sayed, Mohammed TariqIn Progress

Schneider, ScottIn Progress

Schoonover, JonathanIn Progress

Scott, OlenaIn Progress

Sears, BarryCDS Associate*13-NovUnited States
Seggoju, Pavan KumarIn Progress

Segismundo, LeoIn Progress

Seliga, PrzemyslawIn Progress

Senghera, GurdeepIn Progress

Senter, ChristinaCDS16-MarUnited States
Serafinski, BoguslawIn Progress

Serluco, JamesIn Progress

Serluco, YvetteIn Progress

Seto, ElizabethIn Progress

Severinovskaya, MarinaCDS13-SepUnited States
Shah, RishiIn Progress

Shanmugasundaram, ThirusenthilCDS17-NovSingapore
Sharland, AndrewIn Progress

Sharma, DharmpalIn Progress

Sharma, LokeshCDS Associate17-DecSingapore
Sharma, SatyendraCDS16-MarUnited States
Shaw, MarkCDS Associate*13-NovCanada
Shaw, ShrutiIn Progress

Shehab, MarwaCDS13-AugUnited States
Shenkin, BrianCDS16-JanUnited States
Sherman, DouglasCDS13-DecUnited States
Shewangizaw, DerejeCDS Associate16-Dec
Shi, ChuanIn Progress

Shi, JiaIn Progress

Shi, LisaIn Progress

Shiffman, NathanielIn Progress

Shimpi, PoojaCDS Associate18-Jan
Shimshi, FayeIn Progress

Shldenova, ZhannaIn Progress

Shouman, MohamedCDS Associate16-Jun
Shuai, FrankieIn Progress

Simwa, RogerCDS14-JanUnited States
Singh, GulrajIn Progress

Singh, JagmeetCDS Ex13-SepUnited States
Singh, JoshuaIn Progress

Singhvi, RohitIn Progress

Sitkiewicz, SebastianIn Progress

Sivanandan, SimlaIn Progress

Siwek, KacperIn Progress

Slattery, SusanIn Progress

Smagorinsky, DavidIn Progress

Smeltere, IlzeIn Progress

Smith, CourtneyCDS16-OctUnited States
Smith, MikeCDS Associate15-Dec
Smolarczyk, MariuszIn Progress

Sorrentino, JanetIn Progress

Sortemos, AstridCDS17-DecDenmark
Spalding, DesireeIn Progress

Squires, AaronCDS Associate*13-SepEngland
Sreejay, Kadampatta ManaIn Progress

Sreekala, AnidollIn Progress

Srilakshmi, DivyaIn Progress

Sripada, JyotsnaIn Progress

Staines, JonIn Progress

St-Amour, MichelIn Progress

Stark, KerriCDS16-MarUnites States
Stefan, RichardIn Progress

Stegall, ErikIn Progress

Stelzer, KellyCDS Associate16-JulUnites States
Stephens, ScottIn Progress

Stone, CarrieIn Progress

Stormo, BrianCDS Associate18-Feb
Strauss, AnjaIn Progress

Streubert, MatthewIn Progress

Strout, MatthewIn Progress

Su, DavidIn Progress

Sujka, MarcinCDS Ex14-AugPoland
Sullivan, DanIn Progress

Sunderland, AngusIn Progress

Suram, HemalathaIn Progress

Switzer, AliceCDS16-FebUnited States
Sy, BrianCDS15-OctThe Philippines
Szafarz, RadoslawIn Progress

Szlachta, MichalIn Progress

Tabi, Mary GraceIn Progress

Talbot, JohnIn Progress

Tamlyn-Hayden, JaneCDS Associate17-Sep
Tatke, AnishCDS15-OctIndia
Tautges, MichaellaCDS +15-NovUnited States
Tavares Cardenas, PatriciaCDS Associate*13-OctMexico
Teixeira, AllanIn Progress

Teixeira, IsraelIn Progress

Tellez Ramirez, Jorge AlbertoIn Progress

Telukuntla, RajIn Progress

Teng, LeiCDS17-FebSingapore
Terapane, BrianCDS16-FebUnited States
Ternullo, SalvatoreCDS17-AprUnited States
Terres, AgustinIn Progress

Thammaboosadee, SotaratIn Progress

Thatavarthy, KrishnaCDS Associate17-Dec
Thejaswi, RajCDS16-JunUnited States
Therien, SylvainCDS16-MarCanada
Thomas, LijiCDS Associate15-AugIndia
Thomas, MathewIn Progress

Thompson, BarbaraIn Progress

Thompson, DavidIn Progress

Thompson, WendyIn Progress

Thorne, ChristopherCDS Associate*13-DecCanada
Tiley, LucilleIn Progress

Timkee, RyanIn Progress

Tinkham, RussellCDS Associate17-AugUnited States
Torres Cadena, EduardoIn Progress

Tozer, PaulaCDS Associate17-Oct
Tran, LauraIn Progress

Trask, JonIn Progress

Tubilah, Mohammed FarisCDS Associate17-Feb
Turman, AshleyCDS +15-SepUnited States
Tuvilleja, MichelleIn Progress

Tyrrell, AngelaIn Progress

Tyszczuk, MarcinIn Progress

Tyynela, RonIn Progress

Uber, KenIn Progress

Ulyanov, EgorCDS13-NovRussia
Umdekar, KavitaIn Progress

Urrutia, DarianaCDS15-SepMexico
Urusov, MaksimIn Progress

Valaie, FredIn Progress

Vale, JosephIn Progress

Valtchanov, RossenIn Progress

Van Gorp, RitaCDS14-JanBelgium
Van Norden, LaureIn Progress

Van Wazer, VictoriaIn Progress

Vandenbroucke, OlivierCDS15-DecIreland
Vargas, MariaIn Progress

Vasey, DeniseIn Progress

Vasil, JosephCDS16-OctUnited States
Vavra, AntoninIn Progress

Vegh, DavidIn Progress

Velez, PatricioCDS14-JulUnited States
Veloso, Karissa AngeliIn Progress

Vertyagin, AlexanderIn Progress

Vice, PatriciaIn Progress

Vieleers, KickIn Progress

Vijay, DeepaIn Progress

Villa, JaysonIn Progress

Virskaya, MariaIn Progress

Vithala, SatyaIn Progress

Vivas, BulaklakIn Progress

Voight, PatriciaCDS Ex15-MarUnited States
Walewski, PawelCDS13-DecPoland
Wang, HarveyIn Progress

Wang, XiaobingCDS16-MarUnited States
Warburton, JustinIn Progress

Watson, WendyCDS17-MarUnited States
Waugh, CaseyCDS17-Feb
Wells, ChrisCDS15-FebJapan
Westray, JudithCDS16-JanUnited States
Whynacht, JanetCDS16-Feb
Wieckowski, MariuszCDS Associate18-MarPoland
Wiescher, GaryIn Progress

Wightman, AndrewCDS Associate*15-FebCanada
Wildrick, CynthiaCDS Associate*14-MayUnited States
Williams, JohnIn Progress

Williamson, DanIn Progress

Wolff, KimberlyIn Progress

Wolmarans, DirkIn Progress

Wolodkowicz, RichardCDS Associate*13-Dec
Wood, KathleenIn Progress

Wood, MatthewIn Progress

Wright, AndreaIn Progress

Wright, EmilyIn Progress

Wyman, MikalIn Progress

Wysocki, KarolIn Progress

Xie, HuizhiIn Progress

Xu, XiaocunCDS15-DecUnited States
Yang, ZhebeiCDS14-NovUnited States
Yao, XiaoquanIn Progress

Yong, StevenCDS Associate*14-Aug
Youngs, SarahIn Progress

Yousef, KhalidCDS Associate17-Mar
Yu, Rachel MaeIn Progress

Yurick, AdamIn Progress

Yusouf, Mohamed SaleemCDS Associate17-JunKuwait
Zambre, PrashantIn Progress

Zapanta, Jhicelle AnneIn Progress

Zapart, DamianIn Progress

Zelman, MaciejIn Progress

Zhao, Bao GangCDS17-DecSingapore
Ziritt-Hauser, GabriellaCDS17-Oct
Zubel, MartaCDS *15-JanPoland
Zych, MarkIn Progress